Happy Tuesday!

I thought it’d be fun to blog about something not baby related, lol. I do have some parent/baby things on here, but whatever.


Starbucks Almondmilk Honey Flat White w/ Blonde Espresso
Oh my gosh… this drink is so good! It’s warm and creamy but not super sweet. So yummy & it’s dairy free and fairly low calories (if you care, ha).

The Ollie Swaddle
We used a few other swaddles before switching M to this one. It’s not cheap, but the first night she wore it she slept 5+ hours so…. I’ll take it. Sometimes she busts her arm out, but it usually holds all night. Also, once she can roll we can swaddle under the arms and keep using it. WIN.

The West Wing
Have you guys heard of this show? (I’m kidding… it aired 1999-2006.) All seven seasons are on Netflix. K and I are bingeing them for a second time right now. I will warn you… it will potentially make you more sad/angry/disgusted with our current administration. Ugh.

Taking Cara Babies
When I was asking for parenting/sleep advice Erin introduced me to Cara at Taking Cara Babies. After following her IG for a few weeks I decided to take her “Will I Ever Sleep Again” 0-12 week newborn sleep class. M is not a fussy baby, so I didn’t really need the calming lessons, but the schedule and tips and education has been invaluable!  Right now M eats at 8:30/9pm and then sleeps until 3am. She eats again and sleeps until 7am. One wake up at the age of 7 weeks? I’ll take it.

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton
I haven’t done much reading, but I’m currently working on this book. I am LOVING it so far. I will share my final thoughts on the next SUYB link up!

We are finally getting some snow and I am SO happy about it!

What are you loving lately?

18 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. At the weekend we went to somewhere just outsiders Basel but slightly higher up and found the tiniest bit of snow. None where we are yet though – it’s still too warm.

    I can’t wait for your thoughts on the book. I loved it so much!


    1. I’d love the option to pop up into the mountains for some snow 🙂 When I was younger we traveled to Switzerland during the summer and took a train up a mountain. My mom was totally unprepared and under dressed us. Haha. We had to buy oversized sweatshirts at the mountain top gift shop. LOL!


  2. I have The 7 1/2 Deaths on my Kindle and am hoping to read it next month! Glad to see another positive review of it! We’ve only gotten 5 days of snow this year so far, with the last dusting on Saturday. It’s weird because we had a snow day in October, which was super early for here!


  3. Love Evelyn Hardcastle! It was every genre packed into one lol.

    We liked the regular Halo swaddles and once he started busting out around 8 weeks(?), we just went straight to the small sleepsack. I tried the Zipadee Zip and he hated it.
    I didn’t discover Taking Cara Babies until 12 months. I refuse to go back and read anything for newborns. I don’t want to see all my mistakes 🙂


    1. It’s taking me a while to get through it but I’m enjoying it!
      She does great in her swaddle and rarely busts out. I’m thinking she’ll be in hers until she can roll. I’m curious to see if I’ll need/want to take her older kid classes. The newborn one has been a great tool for us.


  4. I’ve never seen one episode of The West wing & looking for a good long series to watch since my half marathon training has started = so lots of time on the treadmill. This may be just what I’m looking for!!!

    I’ve seen that drink at Starbucks & want to give it a try – glad to know you give it a thumbs up


  5. I don’t have Netflix right now (been just using Amazon Prime and Disney+) but it’s been so long since I re-watched West Wing for the 47th time. I really need to soon!


  6. Yay for reading – and really enjoying it! That swaddle sounds awesome, and I’m glad the class helped and M is sleeping fairly well. Not bad at all!! We haven’t really gotten a ton of snow around here – I’d like one big snow this year – at LEAST. It’s so pretty and cozy.



    1. It’s not super sweet and I really like it. I live in a pretty tiny town and we got a Starbucks a few years ago. So grateful! (Although my wallet isn’t too pleased. Haha.) Now we just need a Target…


  7. I haven’t read Evelyn, I’m not sure if I will?

    I have heard a lot of moms talk about the Taking Cara Babies sleep help. I’m glad you loved it!

    Very very very light on snow here this year.


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