I went back to work (on a part time basis) yesterday. My maternity leave was on the short side- only 8 weeks- but that’s how it goes when your husband owns the business and you’ve both got more than just money invested. Anyway, while I was off work and changing diapers/holding a napping baby/giving a bottle I logged quite a few hours on Netflix & Hulu.

I don’t waste my time watching things I hate so I recommend all of these.

High Seas (Netflix)
I am IN LOVE with this series. It’s a Spanish period drama (the English is dubbed over but it has yet to bother me) and it is so so so good. I’ve binged both seasons and can’t wait for season 3 to be released. It’s about two sisters, set on a cruise ship just after WWII. Lots of mystery, romance, etc.

Once Upon A Time (Netflix)
I loved this series when it was on the air but I fell off the wagon around season 5. I decided to restart the series. The first few seasons are amazing but from what I remember things get meh around season 4… Maybe I’ll feel differently this time around but I’m only halfway through season 2 right now.

The West Wing (Netflix)
K and I decided to rewatch this series. We watch it together so we only watch in the evenings. I will always and forever recommend this series to everyone. It is the greatest. We’re currently on season 5 (but I’ve watched the whole series).

The Crown (Netflix)
I’m not obsessed like the rest of the world, but I enjoy watching an episode or two when I can actually focus. I’m still in season one.

Letterkenny (Hulu)
Unfortunately, I discovered this gem on the last day of leave. Fortunately, I have two days off a week to chill with M and be at home… so I can binge more episodes soon. It’s crude and weird and hilarious.

Holiday in the Wild (Netflix)
A super cheesy Christmas movie but it was cute. Plus it had elephants, Rob Lowe, and an adorable story.

Funny enough, I had a handful of shows I wanted to watch while on maternity leave but I didn’t start any of them. I was going to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Dolly Parton’s Heart Strings, & Schitt’s Creek (BUT I DIDN’T REALIZE IT WAS ON NETFLIX). Oh well. I’ll get to them eventually.

Have you watched any of these? If not, have I convinced you to start?


20 thoughts on “10 out of 10: Would Recommend

  1. I loved Once Upon a Time but also fell off the wagon at some point because it got too weird and repetitive. The first two seasons though were amazing.

    I tried an episode of High Seas and the dubbing was off-putting but maybe I’ll try again. It looks so good!


  2. I capital L-O-V-E loved Once Upon A Time when it was on! It was so cute, and different. Felt the same way though towards the end, it got kinda meh. That’d be a good one to rewatch though!


  3. I LOVED the first few seasons of OUAT but it did fall off. We stopped watching before the last season and just recently finished the last season because we felt we had to. Didn’t love it..haha.


    1. Yeah… I’m determined to finish it but I have a feeling I’m really going to dislike the last season or two. It went downhill when Frozen was introduced IMO.


  4. I’m so bad with watching shows. There are a couple that are still on regular TV that I keep up with, but I have soooo many others that I want to watch. I’m very curious about Schitt’s Creek. On Netflix, I’m on the fourth season of iZombie which I LOVE.



  5. West Wing forever. I stopped tracking how many times I watched it because it’s obscene. All the way through numerous times. Beginning to when Rob Lowe leaves even more times.


  6. I keep forgetting about Ms. Maisel too – I’m somewhere in the middle of season 2… Victoria is another one that I forget about – I’m like on episode 3 of season 2…
    I’ve got to add The West Wing.


  7. I started watching Holiday in the Wild, but got interrupted and haven’t gotten to pick it back up. Need to do that. I was watching Once Upon a Time, but sort of quit it and have never really thought about it again lol.


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