Happy Thursday! Joining Kristen for the What’s New With You? link up.

I haven’t done one of these posts since August 2019. Yikes.

Reading… a few different books and making 0 headway on any of them. Sigh. Currently reading The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle when I get a minute or two to crack it open.

Watching… The Today Show every single morning. Haha. Followed by Hoda & Jenna and then The Kelly Clarkson Show. Plus these shows.

Eating… whatever we have in the house. Grocery shopping takes a little more effort now so our cupboards (& fridge) are usually bare. We still have some goodies left from The Great Aubrey Stock of 2019 so we’re alright.

Drinking… all the coffee. Lol

Planning… M’s baptism! She’s getting baptized this Sunday and we’re treating friends, family, and parishioners to donuts and coffee afterward. Fun fact: The minister baptizing M is the same one who baptized K and married us 6+ years ago.

Traveling to… San Antonio, TX soon! It’s a work trip but I don’t know how much working I’ll be required to do. M is coming along, too. So are my mom and dad. In March we’re headed back to Texas (Dallas) for a family wedding. K’s parents are coming on that trip. Having family around for M’s first few trips is a relief.

Looking forward to… summertime. I’ve never been excited about summer (I’m a fall/winter lover) but I can’t wait to swim and go on walks and sit outside with M.

Praying about… literally everything. Lol.

Enjoying… Miss M and all her developments. She figured out how to smile a few weeks ago but it was elusive. Now she freely gives them to K and I. I LOVE it. Every single day she’s more alert and I love love love it.

TL;DR… I live on coffee now. More so than before. 😆

Tell me what’s new with you!

26 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I loved Evelyn Hardcastle! I had no idea what was going on half the time (definitely didn’t figure out who was going to kill her) but it was so much fun to read.

    We regularly eat whatever we happen to have in that’s easy to prepare but in my case I’m just lazy. At least you have a good reason for it.


    1. We’re terrible about eating at home. Or we used to be… We still go out but it’s way less effort to scratch something up here than to pack everyone up and go. Lol.


  2. Those baby smiles are the best ever!!! Sounds like you guys have some fun trips coming up! It will definitely be nice to have family around to help out for sure.


    1. Absolutely the best! She is SO smiley during her middle of the night diaper change/feeding and it makes it so pleasant.
      I’m so glad we’ll have our parents around! Haha!


    1. So big!! When she was a little younger I would hold her and read aloud. Or if she slept on me I’d read. But now she requires a little more interaction and gets bored with me reading a book with no pictures. Lol.


  3. Ahhh – my heart smiled about M’s baptism… what a joyous day!!!!
    DRINK ALL THE COFFEE my friend!!! Survival mode is a real thing!


    1. We’re excited 🙂 We don’t really have a home church right now but I’m happy that our pastor is interim-ing at a local church. I think we’ll be going to a large “warehouse church” regularly soon but it’s important for me to have her baptized Lutheran ❤
      All the coffee. Seriously. Ha!


  4. I need that mug though. Couldn’t agree more – ha!
    Is the Today Show one of your maternity leave shows? It’s so funny, when I was on my maternity leaves,I watched A TON of TV since I felt glued to the couch, and I had “maternity leave” shows. They’re shows that I didn’t normally watch, but starting watching them since I was home all the time. It was the best!


  5. You’re adorable (and so is M!). I’m glad you have family going with you on trips – I’m sure that will help a lot! I’m with you on winter. I normally don’t mind it but it’s kicked my butt the past couple of years!


  6. I love the Kelly Clarkson Show! I’m glad that family is coming on your first couple trips this year, so you have help with M. That has to feel nice. I hope M’s baptism goes well this weekend, and how fun it’s the same person who baptized K and married you two. Nice tradition. 🙂



  7. You look amazing, first of all! And I have been trying to read and making 0 headway, too. How special that the minister baptizing sweet Maddie has been there for other milestones in your lives!!!! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Ugh… reading is something I really really want to do, but when I get a minute I feel like I should be doing laundry or bottles or cleaning. I kicked this guilt before I had a kid but now my time feels even MORE valuable. Sigh. Or sleeping… sometimes sleeping trumps all of it. LOL


  8. Aww M is adorable! I’ve read a few of your blogs, I enjoy reading. I’m a first time mom as well! I’m excited for summer so I can take my little guy camping! He loves playing outside but it’s still so cold where I live. I’m in Reno nv.


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