Good morning. Let’s pretend M is napping and my cup of coffee is still warm ☺️

Is your cup full? It’s a high of 52º today so maybe you’d prefer something iced. This is Ohio, though, so we’re still kicking the day off with freezing temps.

If we were having coffee I’d ask about your upcoming travel plans. We’re supposed to fly to Dallas this month and bring M along but… I’m starting to buy into the whole coronavirus frenzy on top of flu season crude. She was fine during our San Antonio trip so I might be overthinking it. I don’t know… Jury’s still out.

If we were having coffee I’d keep on the travel topic and see what summer plans you have! We have been throwing around the idea of renting a beach house with my family & K’s family (at least his parents). We haven’t pulled the trigger on any of that yet. My hang up is spending money… we should really be saving money right now.

If we were having coffee I’d ask how your 2020 budget is going. My spending was so controlled during my maternity leave- it was great! Now that I’m back to work and out of the house more it’s been awful. For Lent I actually gave up frivolous spending. All groceries (except dog food & formula) must come from Aldi. No random purchases.

If we were having coffee I’d ask about your Easter plans. We always host a meal and I’m so excited for M to experience her first Easter! I mean… let’s be real: she has no idea what Easter is nor does she care that it exists, but I can overindulge in the holidays under the guise of her 😁 I broke my Lent spending freeze to help the Easter Bunny stock her basket (and the pups’). I want her to know Easter isn’t about a bunny & a basket, but I also want her to get a basket and believe in the bunny for a while. Lol

If we were having coffee I’d ask what you gave up for Lent. Or maybe what you took on for Lent. Or maybe you don’t celebrate Lent and you’ve got some spring cleaning chores you’re hoping to tackle. Share with me & we can try to keep one another accountable. Ha.

If we were having coffee chances are M would be starting to stir. You probably have things you need to get to, too. I’d offer you a to-go cup (you can return it on our next date) & send you off with a hug (viruses be damned).

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Have Coffee

  1. It’s cold and rainy here today so I’ll stick with the hot drink.

    Oh, plans. I remember when I could make those without worrying about whether they Will end up clashing with an appointment at the fertlity clinic. Lol. We can’t do an embryo transfer this month because we won’t be back from Poland in time. So any summer plans have to be put off until I either get pregnant or we run out of embryos and decide what to do next. Also, I can’t do anything in July ever because my colleague takes 3 weeks off then every single year. The beach house with family sounds like such a fun first holiday as parents.

    I have mostly banned myself from buying books this year, partly because I have too many but also to save money. I can buy up to 3 a month as long as I have good reasons. I don’t normally do Lent since I’m not religious but I love your idea of giving up frivolous spending. I may do that next year.

    Coronavirus… I keep seeing photos of empty shelves in Germany and I actually saw someone in a surgical mask here yesterday. Madness! So far Basel has a grand total of 3 cases and they were all in Italy together so I’m pretty sure the masks are unnecessary. I am definitely washing my hands more than usual though – every time I leave the house. And I’m still going to Poland. If I can’t for some reason I will actually cry!


    1. I’m sure it’s frustrating to match your schedule to a medical schedule. I can’t imagine. All worth it some day, but still very frustrating right now. My mom is pushing hard for the beach house so I plan to research it a bit today. Ha.
      Man… the corona thing is nuts. They’ve convinced me to not fly with M, though. K and I are still planning to fly next week (domestically).


  2. I haven’t personally taken a baby to the beach. I know a lot of mom friends who have. I don’t see the appeal? They can’t do anything. You have to haul all the gear? Like a special playpen/umbrella/stroller/etc. It just seems like a lot of work unless you really love the beach 🙂

    I gave up Facebook for Lent. I’m tossing around the idea of cutting off Instagram too.


    1. Hahaha- you’re not wrong. It is a lot of work. Fortunately my parents and in-laws would be along so we could a) leave M up at the house sometimes with someone or b) split the workload. Ha.

      I’d like to give up FB permanently someday. Ha.


  3. Virus be damned is right – I’m always hugging.
    I’m super excited about Easter too. Cant wait to see little Miss M’s Easter dress!!!


  4. It’s so windy today that I was afraid that I was going to blow away to Oz when I stepped outside this afternoon! I have no travel plans at the moment, which is a real bummer. I need to make some, although I probably won’t do anything real big this year. This year is more about saving than spending. It’s not as much fun but that’s life, I guess! I was never huge into the Easter Bunny/candy aspect of Easter growing up but I loved the Easter dress and hat. The hat never fit right or stayed on long but I thought it was awesome. 😀


    1. Our year should be more about saving and less about spending/traveling… You have the right idea. Ha.
      I loved getting a new Easter (& Christmas) dress every year 🙂 I don’t want M to focus on the basket/gifts or the Easter Bunny… but I’m not going to deny her that part of Easter. She’ll just need to understand the reason for the season once she’s old enough 😉


  5. I’m right outside Cincinnati, so Ohio weather is basically my weather, and it’s so insane. Nice and warm, cold and rainy, back and forth…it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I don’t even know what’s going on! A couple people I know had work trips or conferences that were canceled because of the coronavirus, so it makes sense to be nervous. I hope it works out whatever you do. Renting a beach house this summer sounds awesome though. I’m slowly planning a trip to Gatlinburg with my mom and sister for my 30th birthday – we’re thinking sometime in the Fall. I don’t want to do a ton. I just want to relax and have a nice weekend.



    1. Ohio weather is nuts. Lol
      SO many things are being cancelled due to the virus. One of our HUGE competitions in Dayton was cancelled. It was supposed to happen in April. It’s a big blow to our industry 😦
      Gatlinburg in the fall would be BEAUTIFUL!


  6. All the best with your travel plans and that beach house idea sounds amazing.

    I’m trying to stay calm about the Coronavirus but when I go online and see so much panic it is difficult. This week the first case of the virus was reported here in South Africa. We’ve all been asked at work to be considerate and wash our hands regularly and I’m thinking “why hasn’t everyone been doing that already”.


    1. Thank you! I think so, too!

      The media makes it very, very easy to freak out. The US is losing its mind. I agree with you, though. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS, PEOPLE!


  7. My parents, brother, Nick, Amelia, and I are all planning a trip together this summer. I think it will be a great vacation for us. We aren’t sure where to go yet. My dream is to rent a beach house but I’m the only person who would want to just sit on the beach for a week, so I think we need to find somewhere with more things to do. I also really want to do something with just Nick and M for her birthday in July. We recently moved to a cheaper area and it’s making our budget look so much better. Before we wouldn’t have been able to afford any summer vacations. I feel like I don’t spend a lot of money being home with her, but I do have a weakness and that is buying M clothes. I have been given so many clothes and hand me downs but I really love buying her clothes. I need to stop!!! I don’t do Lent but I’m currently purging as much as possible as I set up our new house. I have donated so much stuff and it feels great. It also is making me feel like the house is neater and easier to clean!


    1. That sounds like an awesome vacation! You guys will have so much fun!! I like reading on a beach but I also love going and doing things. K prefers to sit around and relax. My dad and I are the busybodies. Ha.
      Yay for saving money!! (I buy M way too much stuff, too. Hahaha.) I want to go somewhere with K and M for my 30th birthday this fall. We’re starting to throw around some ideas 🙂
      Yay for purging! I’m trying to do the same thing! I don’t want M to live in a house of clutter. I want her to be able to live with less junk, too 😉


  8. Yeah, I am starting to buy into the whole corona virus thing too. Jerry is supposed to be flying to California in a couple of weeks to visit his mother, but we’ve started talking about canceling that. Too scary to think of him catching something and then bringing it home to the kids.


  9. lol travel. all the plans are very obviously all up in the air right now. good times. my budget… well. i’m still trying to figure out the whole single income thing which is all good and fine, i’ve been good with frivolous spending, but my car needed this or that, i had to replace something else… it’s tough. not fun lol. no easter plans here… what with not having any family here haha. man, my comment is SUCH a bummer isn’t it? hope you’re doing well with everything going on!


    1. I don’t blame you… It seems like all plans – travel, Easter, social life, etc. – are on hold for now. Until who knows when. UGH. Maybe this will at least help with your budget 😉 If you can’t go anywhere it’s tough to spend anything…. except for online shopping and takeout. LOL


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