The world is depressing and heavy right now so today I’m sharing some recent conversations with K that are neither depressing nor heavy.

Me: How’s she doing?
K: Good. I’m a snot machine in the other hand.
Me: What color?
K: Clear.
Me: …that was a very “mom question” wasn’t it?
K: Yes. 

*while in the car*
Me: Uh oh.
K: What?
Me: I think I smell a poopy diaper.
K: … um no. That was me. I farted. 

Me: If you die first I’m putting mascara on you in your casket.
K: No you’re not.
Me: I am.
K: If you die first I’m having a party.
*a little context here: K has beautiful eyelashes. I’ve been asking to put mascara on them since we first started dating…*

Me: Why are you so testy tonight?
K: Because I made our daughter bleed while clipping her nails!
Me: Ok, but that’s not my fault. She’s fine. Don’t take it out on me.
K: I’m taking it out on everyone.
Me: Ok, well I’m going to go to laundry because it’s more fun than you right now. 

Find a reason to smile, friends. And wash your hands!

14 thoughts on “Chats with K

  1. Clipping Zoe’s nails when she was that little used to give me so much anxiety! Funny thing, she has never given me any problems with them though. I cut her one time, she had sneezed when I was cutting them once when she was a few months old. When I was around her age, I would run away screaming and crying like my parents were trying to kill me. It took both of them to do it, one had to hold me down.


    1. Hahaha- most parents have told us that they’ve snipped their kid once or twice. I’m too scared to do it- K is the official nail cutter. Hopefully M continues to be ok with it. She cried when K got her but she calmed down and went to bed pretty quickly that night. Lol. He was upset for days.


  2. Having a party… that escalated quickly LOL
    & tell K the best part of having a baby – you dont have to claim it man… always blame the baby for weird smells


  3. HAHAHA LOVE THESE!!!!! Devin and I have conversations about what we’d do if the other person died (I swear he’d get hit on by all the park moms because he’s such a catch haha).

    And thank you for sharing the lighter side of life.


    1. Hahaha- K would have no time to date. I always tell him that I never worry about him having an affair because a) he has no time and b) I’m with him ALL THE TIME. LOL
      If you can’t laugh about this stuff what can you do? 🙂


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