At the beginning of January I announced my Q1 Goals. Who knew the world would lose its mind and my life (& everyone else’s) would be completely flipped upside-down…

But, alas, here we are. The world must go on and so must my goals- mostly for the sake of my isolated sanity.

The first quarter of 2020 has been… well… this:

But I managed to cross off a few goals!

  • Figure out work schedule after maternity leave is over.
    I had this figured out until the world went to sh*t.
  • Travel to Texas (twice) & figure out summer vacation.
    We had to cancel the 2nd trip (#becauseCorona) and LOL on summer vacation.
  • Start an exercise plan once dr says ok.
  • Unbox and sort out pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • Get M on some kind of daily scheduleΒ 
    Best WIN of them all! Mainly because we’re stuck at home & I could work on this.

We plan on making that second Texas trip in September. Fingers crossed. It was for a family wedding. The couple still got hitched in their living room while live-streaming it for the rest of us. Very unique and badass, ha.
No exercise plan. I could blame the virus but… it’s me. I have been doing a few yoga classes, though. My studio is offering them for free online ❀

Okay, on to the next quarter

Q2 Goals

  • Photograph & post nursery
  • Summer trip (har har har)
  • Pay off one credit card/no spending on it
  • Move scrapbooking supplies to the basement
  • No fast food
  • Start an exercise plan

And there we have it! Linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You? today!

18 thoughts on “Q2 Goals

  1. I’m sure, with an infant, this has seemed especially crazy. I was so up and down during our baby’s first year…adding in a global pandemic wouldn’t have helped :/
    But the toddler is on a great schedule now that we’re stuck at home so that’s the plus side to all of this!


    1. Some days it feels like we have a pretty good handle on it. Some days she barely eats, throws a fit, and stays up until 11pm. Lol. What a crazy, crazy time.
      Yay for a schedule! That is SUCH a plus!


  2. I hope you get your trip in September! Hopefully now basically everyone is staying at home things will start to turn around and by September life will at least be semi-normal again.


  3. I hope you can go on your trip this September. I’m supposed to be planning for a Fall trip to Gatlinburg, but who knows if that will happen. I still plan to figure out what I want to do and see though, so I’m prepared whenever we get the chance. Obviously I can’t go to my dance classes, so I definitely need to figure out ways to get moving more!



  4. It really is easy to get them babies on a schedule when you DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE haha. Riley has somewhat of a system down now, and I distinctly remember how neither Aiden nor Emma began a real daily schedule til 5-6 months old. But Riley at 2 months is all, “excuse me mom I just take crib naps now, I’m def not gonna fall asleep in your arms or a swing or anywhere else”


    1. So true! I mean… she still throws it off nearly every day. Haha. Or we’ll get all the way to bedtime and she’ll REFUSE to sleep. Ughhhhh. Ha.
      M still sleeps in my arms half the time. And sometimes I get a 30 minute crib nap from her and sometimes I get a 2 hour one. Babies are crazy. Lol


  5. Hey – i’ll let you know that if you’re looking for an exercise plan -just because I tapped into it last week, I am loving Daily Burn… its free for 60 days too -This isnt like the push for like Beachbody stuff – LOL – but honestly, I’m just impressed with it in week 1 & its free man – try it out πŸ™‚
    Even though seriously, I’m sure having a baby & dogs & running after them is exercise enough. Just wait till M starts walking – WORKOUT DONE πŸ™‚
    I will say – being at home for over 2 weeks has helped me with the no credit card spending & no fast food. I’ll take that


    1. Thanks for the information!! I love doing yoga through my studio online but it’s tough to take live classes with a four month old. Haha. I might be able to handle doing stuff on my own time when she’s asleep or busy!
      We still get take out and I’ve leaned on Amazon a bit but I’m trying to cut that down!


  6. it’s so hard to make goals and plans and schedules right now. i’m definitely just trying to be kind to myself but also keep making goals so i feel like i am achieving something lol


    1. I’m mostly in that boat, too. Goals and lists make me happy, but my schedule is very much out of my control so when I can’t check stuff off I get frustrated and upset. Double edged sword, for sure.


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