I’ve seen it a thousand places a thousand times… There is no “back to normal” because we’re all going to come out of this pandemic completely changed. I definitely agree with that sentiment.

Kezzie came up with these post-isolation questions and Bev shared her answers the other day. I decided to play along because a) it looks fun and b) I’ve got nothing better to share after 3 weeks of doing nothing. Lol

1) Restaurant you would go out to…
The Dennison Yard, JNG, The Daily Grind… all local and delicious places ♥

2) Friend you would meet up with first…
My best friend’s girlfriend hasn’t met M yet and before this whole thing happened they had plans to fly up here from Florida so…. as soon as this is over I think they’re flying up to stay with us!

3) Place you would go…
Probably Target. Let’s be real.

4) Shop you would go to…
Target… Marshalls… HomeGoods… Although surprisingly I’m not dying to go because my bank account is pretty pleased with this isolation.

5) Food item you would buy/eat…
We’ve been able to get what we need but I’m looking forward to getting some steak and vegetables and beer, and having a cookout and bon fire with my family!

6) Cake you would eat…
I haven’t stopped eating cake 😬

7) Show you would/will go to see…
I’m dying to go to the movies. We’ve never been huge movie-goers but I want to get out and see something good. I might look for a play or two to attend, too! We actually have a performance center in our backyard- lol.

8) Concert you will go to watch…
We have no tickets on hand right now but there’s a summer country concert series at a nearby outdoor venue and I think we’re going to be getting ourselves some tix since I have a new appreciation for nights OUT.

9) Relative you will hug first…
My grandparents. K’s grandparents. No question.

10) Holiday you would go on…
We’re headed to Dallas in September to celebrate the wedding we had to miss in March. I’m also hoping for a trip in October for my 30th bday!

11) Other activity you would take part in…
I already have a haircut/coloring booked. I’m going to text my masseuse today to request an appointment once she’s back in business. I also want to take M to the park and the poor restless pups to daycare to play. And WORK.

M has 6 month pictures at the start of June. And we have some summer parties that we’re excited to go to!

12) Thing you would do at work…
Ahhhhh- I can’t wait to go back to my office and desk and work and coworkers. I miss going to work SO much. We have SO much to ship since all our customers (schools) shutdown before we closed the warehouse.

13) Item you would buy…
Truthfully, I don’t need to buy anything I can’t get now. That said, we’re going to need some baby gates soon. And baby proofing items. And a mop. LOL

Thank you for the questionnaire, Kezzie!

What are you all most looking forward to post-isolation?

(And happy birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law Lori!)

18 thoughts on “When It’s All Over…

  1. It is fun to think about what all we can be doing when we can do things again! I definitely want to hit up Target and HomeGoods! And the day I dont have to cook for just one meal we out for??? I will be dancing the whole way to and from! I just had a mop delivered recently after like a month of researching. Its the little things, you know? I am not going to lie though, I am going to have PTSD after all this and am super scared to enter the world again. I haven’t been anywhere since March 13!


    1. My dad just called me today and shouted, “I just want to go out to dinner on Friday nights like I used to!” I think we’re all losing it a little. It’s weird how we’re feeling more connected to people but… also so terrified of them! We’ve been to the store and now we’re back at work, but it’s limited staff and I’m mostly alone in my office all day.


  2. What a great list and idea! While I haven’t minded being home more, I really started to struggle with the prospect of having nothing on the horizon. So many of our plans have been cancelled through the summer, and we are so used to having things to look forward to. I think writing out a list like this would help me so much! Even the little things, like Target trips!, matter.


    1. It’s weird to look at my planner and see NOTHING. I’m so used to having a full schedule, especially during the summer. It’s our busiest time at work with labor and travel, and this year it’s totally empty with travel.


  3. I’m actually not looking forward to getting back to normal & out of isolation – people scare me at this point so I think i’m going to need help to motivate myself to get back out there & not be terrified of being around people. Its bad. I’m really terrified about it


    1. You’re not alone! Many people feel this way! I think it has a lot to do with who we love and who we’re afraid of infecting. It will definitely be a different experience once we’re all “released.”


  4. This was fun to read! Thank you for taking part. Bev let me know that you were joining in with this.
    Glad you are doing well for cake! I wish I had grandparents to hug!
    Hope that you are doing ok!


    1. Thank you for creating it! My grandparents have been struggling with their health (fortunately not COVID-19 related) so I will be SO grateful to see them!


  5. I hope your friend’s girlfriend gets to meet M soon.

    I can have cake if I make it myself. I saw earlier that Jan has added “chocolate!” to the list for our next supermarket trip – complete with exclamation mark. The important things in life. Lol.


    1. Me too!! They’re so sad to see her grow and grow without them getting to be around.

      Haha! K has been eating lots of pudding, Jello, and poptarts lately. Lol


  6. I am so ready to be able to eat IN a restaurant, see family and friends, and go to the movies. Summer is a great time for the movies and I really miss it! I had a couple plays that were cancelled, as well as some other events I had signed up for, so I’m bummed about that and I’m ready for events to actually go on!



    1. Me too!
      I think our drive-in theater just reopened so I guess if we get desperate we could go, but I bet it’s going to be super super crowded… which is counterproductive. I wonder if any summer concerts will happen this year…….


  7. Fun! I’ll take an restaurant at this point. We’re trying to budget so I haven’t had take out in at least 6 weeks. And I hate cooking. My eyebrows need to be professionally done. I miss the movies too!


    1. Agreed. We’ve done a mix of takeout and cooking at home- but mostly cooking. I NEED my hair done soon… haha. I’m so close to chopping it myself.


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