How’s everyone doing? It’s been a long month. Or year. Or decade? The Roaring Twenties are nuts. Or I’m nuts. Or the world is nuts. I can’t keep track.

We’re doing ok but sometimes I feel like God had the wild idea to really TOSS me into motherhood. “OH, you’re nervous and introverted and unsure about sharing your life with a needy and helpless human for the rest of your days? LET’S KICK THIS OFF WITH SOME MANDATED QUARANTINE. Enjoy motherhood!”

I’m kidding. I am exhausted, covered in slobber (M’s & Bristol’s), and drained by the end of the day but I feel fortunate to have comfort and safety, as well as time to spend with M (& K & the pups). I’m not missing her big milestones and I think that’s incredible. I also know that people are risking their lives to help others. And some people have lost their life or their loved ones… so I am aware that this whole thing is not God testing me with trial-by-fire motherhood.

Alrighty. Enough bitching. I’m going to share some good things with you and then you’re going to do the same (in the comments)!

My best friend just asked me to be in her wedding!! I am SO excited. It’s next May so we have plenty of time to match our masks to our dresses. (JK PLEASE let this be over by then.) I can’t wait to shop with her and help her prep and plan the pre-wedding festivities. Oh yeah… I’m not just IN the wedding- I’m her matron of honor! I am so excited!!

Maddie can now roll over both ways with no hesitation. She’s now trying very very hard to crawl… GULP. She’s mostly just lays on her stomach, straightens her arms, or yells really loudly and kicks her legs. She hasn’t figured out that she needs to do all that at the same time… thankfully. She’ll be 5 months on May 4th. She needs to cool it.

Bristol and I went hiking at a local waterfall this past weekend. If you’ve watched my IG stories you might know that B-town is a total nut job. Well, turns out she’s a GREAT hiking buddy. She was easy to guide and she stayed with me (on a leash, obviously). She climbed rocks and jumped logs and splashed through the creek bed. She also didn’t bother the other hikers on the trail- didn’t even show interest in them. A+ for social distancing.

We took our 7 year anniversary pictures ON our anniversary! I don’t know if that’s ever happened. We had nothing better to do and it was a pretty day so we checked it off the list.

That about wraps it up for now. I’m forcing rainbow and sunshine today because it’s tough to wade through the crap sometimes. We have multiple loved ones out of a job, family members that have been hospitalized (fortunately NOT with covid-19), and tough business decisions. But there’s a lot of good out there, too.

Speak of… I’m just throwing around the idea of this, but would anyone be interested in a Pass the Good Stuff train? Essentially a small gift/goodies chain… I’d assign you someone to send a little happiness to. It could be a gift card for coffee, flowers, a new book… anything you want to send! (And someone would send you a special something, too.) Any takers?

Ok. Enough blabbering. Tell me about the good things in your life!

14 thoughts on “The Good, The Good, & The Good

  1. Bristol is the cutest.

    So many good things. So exciting to be in your friend’s wedding!

    I would love to join the train if anyone is willing to send to Switzerland? I can only send things I can fit in an envelope and throw in a post box because our post office is closed (except for picking up missed deliveries).


    1. It’s a good thing she’s cute because she is ornery. Ha. And very very hyper! The hike did her good!

      I will let you know about the goodness train!!


  2. Little Miss is determined to be on the move soon! Zoe never really care about crawling a whole lot. I feel like she only did it for a short while before she was up and walking. Once they are mobile, it is game over lol. Bristol wont know what hit her.


  3. How exciting to be in your best friend’s wedding! It’s so fun to be the maid/matron of honor. It’s a lot more emotional than you probably think too! Also, I love the pictures you shared in this post! I want to squeeze Maddies cheeks!! (In the not creepy old aunt way, ha!)
    Bristol looks so happy to be on a hike! I love hiking, and I wish we had some more scenic places to go locally,


    1. I’m sure I’ll cry like a baby at all the wedding festivities. I’ve never been a maid/matron of honor before and I’m SO excited! Maddie’s cheeks are SO squeezable! I do it every morning when I greet her in her crib! Ha!
      Bristol is a great hiker! That makes me so happy because Ly was, too. I’m glad to have a hiking buddy again.


  4. I love when I get out to hike with the dogs. It kept me sane when I had an infant at home.
    And yay for not missing milestones!


    1. It definitely helps clear your mind and get some exercise & fresh air. Enzo doesn’t love it unless it’s smooth and he can be off leash. This was Bristol’s first time and I’m so proud of how well she did!


  5. Aw, M is so cute! And congrats on being asked to be in your friend’s wedding! How exciting!!! I’m glad Bristol was a good hiking buddy, and ace at social distancing. 😉 And yes, I love the idea of a Goodness Train – I’d take part!



  6. What an honored job – MOH – so fun!
    I bet it’s so good for Bristol to get out & work off that energy
    I cant believe how big M is already looking!!!! I know its got to be exhausting – but also, what a special time that you get to spend all this time with her – catching all the fun little things about her


    1. I’m so excited!!
      Bristol was sleepy the whole day after that. It was marvelous!
      I can’t believe how much she’s growing. It’s like she’s a new, more independent person every single day. It kills me.


  7. Congrats to your friend and I’m sure you’ll be an awesome maid of honor! I feel like the baby stage ends up going by so fast! Hope you are having a great week!


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