Baby Talk: Recommendations (0-5 Months)

I know not all of you have kids/want kids/plan to raise any more small humans. BUT chances are you know someone who’s pregnant. Or someone who might get pregnant some day. Or maybe you do, in fact have small babies or are expecting one. Regardless, this post is for you.

Use it as advice, use it as a gift guide. Whatevs.

These items have been the BEST & I would 100% recommend them to any new
mom or dad!

M is a swaddle-loving baby. We were all sad when she started rolling and we had to leave her arms out. We still haven’t switched to a sleep sack yet because she likes the swaddle around her chest. Fortunately the Ollie Swaddle is versatile. It can wrap both arms, one arm (for the transition), or no arms. It’s a little pricey, but M sleeps the BEST with this swaddle- and trust me, we’ve tried others.
*here’s a referral link so you get 10% off and I earn $5

We were blessed with a verrrrry sleepy newborn. She would snooze at home, in the car, at restaurants, etc. Our portable Hushh sound machine was SO handy when we were on the go. (She has a sound machine in her bedroom, too.) Now Moo tries to fight sleep so we don’t get as many naps in public, but this was a life saver during the first few months. Now it goes with her to the baby sitters’ houses for nap time.

Finding things for babies to play with is hard. Fortunately, they just sleep & eat (& sometimes cry) most of the time. We found this play mat for M early on and it’s been a hit. From the start she loved the black and white images & mirror. Now she chews on the crinkly raccoon and kicks at the melodic porcupine. And it washes up so well! (Ask me how I know, lol… #spitupQueen)

These blinds have completely changed the game. We have cute striped curtains (as seen here) but they didn’t block the light for crap. I had a dark towel hanging in the window πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ These are paper & you cut them to the width of the window. They block ALL the light.

I wash a lot of bottles. I wish someone had thought to gift me latex gloves, lol. They cost $2. (I bought myself some finally.)

So far we’ve found two teethers that M absolutely loves. This strawberry teether is great because she’s able to grab on a very basic level and she can hold into this and bring it to her mouth. She can’t hold her Teething Egg yet, but it brings her SUCH relief when we hold it for her to rub her gums on. They actually have a grippie stick that I might buy so she can hold it herself.

(Not So) Pro Tip: SNAPS vs. ZIPPER Sleepers
People feel very strongly about this- mostly claiming zippers are best. I don’t completely agree. If you have a baby that HATES being cold, snaps are lovely because they allow you to open the bottom half of the outfit without freezing the baby. And they don’t bunch up like zippers sometimes to do… (A double zipper that unzips from the top AND bottom is the creme de la creme IMO.)

So right now, with the first five months under our belt, I can confidently and enthusiastically recommend these items! Did you have something that saved your sanity in the early stages of parenthood? Did I convince you to gift an expecting mama any of these things?

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  1. Nadine says:

    There are so many fun baby products out there!!! Zoe was not into swaddling, she had to have her arms free or she was mad. We did the sleep slack thing pretty early on! She really liked Sophie la Giraffe…even though I found it ridiculous to pay so much for what looks like a dog chew toy. Haha. The Oball was one of Zoe’s favorite baby toys, and we still have it today. She doesn’t grab it as much as she used to, but every now and then she wants to sit on the floor and roll it back and forth to me. I cant remember how old she was when we got the VTech Stroll and Discover, maybe around 8-9 months? She played with that thing for a solid 2 years and it is what helped her learn to walk.


    1. Audrey says:

      Swaddling saved our lives. I’m so glad M was into it. I’m going to have to look into the Oball! The Stroll and Discover, too. Maddie loves standing (with lots of support). I hope she doesn’t walk early but she seems to be pushing the limits, lol.


  2. Lauren Becker says:

    I always love seeing what works for parents and their kids – I definitely have a lot of friends who are having children still, so it’s good to keep in mind for gifts!! πŸ™‚



    1. Audrey says:

      I’m glad this is helpful! I plan to get expecting mamas lots of these things, too!


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