Happy Birthday to my baby brother (tomorrow)!

Linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You?.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Reading… The Great Train Robbery (Crichton), A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Kemmerer), & A Dangerous Engagement (Weaver)

Watching… The Voice is a staple in our house. Although it’s weird watching live performances in the contestants’ living rooms. I’ve also been watching a lot of Mickey & the Roadsters, Mina Royal Detective, & Puppy Dog Pals. LOL

Listening to… my country playlists. They always get me jazzed up for summer.

Eating… lots of home cooked meals from K! He’s taken an interest in cooking and he has made some incredibly delicious dinners!

Drinking… lots of coffee. And I’ve been having an afternoon San Pellegrino. We have Blood Orange and Lemon. Aubrey got me hooked on these while we were visiting her in Tampa!

Wondering… what the country will look like in a month. Or two. Or six. It will be a different world, I think.

Praying… for family members that are battling health issues & trying to stay safe from this virus, blog friends who are going through rough times, and also patience, wisdom, & strength when it comes to raising M.

Planning… not much. Haha. Hopefully a trip to Dallas in September for a wedding reception, a trip to Florida to see Aubrey & Meg, and an October trip to celebrate my 30th.

Protecting… Enzo from Bristol the Pistol. She has so much energy since we’re stuck at home. She is always in the mood the wrestle. He is NOT. Lol

Playing… Animal Crossing: New Horizons on my Switch! (Does anyone else play??) Also playing online boardgames with my mom and brother nightly.

Looking forward to… leaving the house 😉 Trips to Target, meals in restaurants, coffee dates with friends, playdates at the park, family dinners… Some day, some day.

What’s currently going on in your life?

18 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I am soo ready to leave the house and just do normal things. I know the world is going to be really different, and that makes me anxious for sure. I was supposed to do a trip this Fall for my 30th, but I don’t know if it will happen. Hopefully early 2021 if nothing else!!



    1. Can you believe this was over a month ago? (#badblogger)
      It’s nice that we’re slowly starting to emerge into public but… I think it’s all going to look very different.


  2. Your dinners are looking fantastic! Yay for husbands who cook, haha.
    I wisssshhh I had a switch to play Animal Crossing! We had a Gamecube growing up and we played AC all day every day in the summer. I’m hoping when everyone goes back to work in a few months (?maybe?) someone will sell theirs on ebay for really cheap. 🤞


    1. Kyle has been doing a great job! And I’m so happy to have one less chore! (Although he doesn’t do dishes… grr. LOL)
      If and when you get one let me know and we can be friends! I played AC on Gamecube all. the. time. too!!


  3. All the coffee 🙂 Momma’s deserve ALL of it 🙂
    I’m so interested to see what the world looks like too…. at this point, its looking like everyone is STILL gonna be losing their mind. I keep saying it looks like we’re going back to teh WIld West where people feel like they can do whatever they want – especially if they have a gun. So scary & sad.


  4. Those meals look delish! Love it when other people cook haha. I think the world is going to be completely different and will never truly go back to what it was, but one can hope! We have a road trip to a campsite in July- fingers crossed it will reopen by then! I hope all of your trips work out!


    1. I hope you’re still planning on camping!

      Man… the world looks so different although some people are now acting like nothing has changed. Sigh.


  5. It’s definitely going to be different in a few months. Hell it’s different now.

    K can come cook here. I’m over it and I normally like it LOL


  6. I am also having an afternoon treat, mine is La Croix! I also sometimes have coffee in the afternoon. It’s weird to not be able to plan. M’s birthday is in July and we had all these plans for it and now it will probably just be the 3 of us at home. Which will probably be really nice just not what I envisioned. We were supposed to be on a big family trip this week and I’m super bummed we didn’t get to go. But I have been trying really hard to stay positive and find other things to look forward to!


    1. I crave coffee in the afternoons but it’d keep my up at night and I know it, lol.
      It’s odd and sad to cancel big plans. I hate that we haven’t seen much family or traveled or even attended the usually bbqs. I hope all that changes soon- although I’m not willing to risk our health because I’m inconvenienced or missing something. Sigh.


  7. That food looks delicious.
    Switzerland is starting to open a little but I don’t think things will be truly normal for a very long time. It’s definitely going to be a different world at the end of this.


  8. Love that the quarantine is bringing out K’s inner chef! Oh man, I hope you’re loving a Heart so Fierce and Broken. I really loved it – the whole series thus far. Yeah, it’s a crazy world and unfortunately, I think it’s going to get a bit crazier. I can’t wait to do normal things, like Target, eating AT a restaurant, being around people other than my co-workers, being able to do stuff (then choosing to stay home and read, LOL!) and traveling again. Of course, I dream about all those things then I think about the germs and such and just wanna hang with my cat. 😀


    1. Me too!
      It’s already such a different vibe from the first in the series. It’s taking me a while to read but that’s because of M. Lol
      Man… I want to venture out so badly but there’s no NEED for me to go places and I just haven’t decided that the risk outweighs the reward yet.


  9. OMG I can’t believe The Voice is still going live, from contestant’s living rooms. Talk about lemonade from lemons!!! (Can the Bachelor PLZ do that hahaha)


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