I don’t mean to be that guy, but how the eff is it July?

Linking up with Kristen today for What’s New With You?.

Welp… that quarter of 2020 was an interesting one, eh?

I would love to blame the items I didn’t check off on the state of the world, but I would’ve been equally successful (or… not, rather) either way. Oh well.

  • Photograph & post nursery (you can peep it HERE )
  • Summer trip (har har har)
  • Pay off one credit card/no spending on it
  • Move scrapbooking supplies to the basement
  • No fast food
  • Start an exercise plan

Let’s pretend like the last two bullet points don’t exist, k?
And truthfully, I photographed the nursery before my last goals post went live. *shrug* I actually thought I failed the credit card one because I thought I specified which card. I didn’t, though, and I did manage to pay one off over the last three months! And nearly all my scraping stuff is in the basement. I just need to move some stacks of paper down there. Woot woot.

Now moooving on…

Q3 Goals

  • Finish Year 5 scrapbook
  • Read 3 books each month
  • Drink 2 glasses of water per day
    (I know this sounds low but it’s better than the zero I drink now…)
  • Visit dermatologist for hands/skin
  • Start planning Halloween party (hopefully) & M’s first birthday (Dec.)!
  • Get the pups groomed

This quarter I’m giving myself a little break. These aren’t tough tasks and most of them are pretty fun 🙂

What are your goals for the summer?

10 thoughts on “Q3 Goals

  1. Yay, fun goals! I hope you can have your Halloween party.

    We are hoping to travel round Switzerland in August. So far that is my one and only plan for summer. It will most likely be the week of my birthday so that takes away the need to actually decide what to do for my birthday.


    1. I hope we can have it! Everything really does happen day-by-day right now…
      A trip around Switzerland sounds so so lovely! I hope you can go & you have a fabulous time!


  2. I am making like zero goals/plans this year lol. Just getting through it. Hopefully knock out some house projects and stuff. Would love to see people again! Zoe has been talking about her December birthday party for months already. You going to have a theme?


    1. It’s tough to plan anything. We were supposed to go to TX for a postponed wedding reception that the beginning of Sept. I highly, highly doubt we are doing that! We’re going to have a theme but we keep changing our minds! Haha! Originally we were going to do Mickey and the Roadsters because she seemed to like that show, but now she has a few other favorites and we’re back to square one! Lol! What does Zoe want to do??


  3. seriously how the heck is it july? i’m not mad about it, but dang.
    congrats on the credit card! that’s awesome. hope you’re able to have your halloween party, i know how much you guys enjoy it! good luck with the water! can you link it to another habit you do without thinking, to make it easier? i really, really, really struggle with water at home, but i’m fabulous with water at work. so i’ve tried to make myself drink a cup of water every time i do XYZ and it has helped!


    1. I don’t know…. almost halfway through July, too. SHEESH.

      I think the biggest issue is how slowly I drink. It takes me a day to get through a can of pop, LOL. If I’m really thirsty, I’ll drink faster, but that’s not usually the case because I just sip all day. Your idea sounds like a good one. I’m going to have to be pretty intentional about it to succeed!


  4. Not judging just AMAZED that you drink zero water. Like, how. I feel like I cannot get enough water these days. Breastfeeding? The fact that Oklahoma in the summer is the surface of the sun hot? Who knows. But I am guzzling it like no tomorrow. I can’t imagine going a day without water. like WUT.


    1. It’s kind of amazing and pathetic…. haha. I usually go until 7 or 8pm, then have half a glass. It’s TERRIBLE. I think I’d be more awake and healthy if I drank more water… (Actually, I’m SURE I would.) When I was pregnant I did a decent job of drinking water- and for the week I was breast feeding! I also guzzle it when I’m outside & hot, but a normal day at work? I just sip coffee all day. I need to do a lot better!


  5. I think it’s a good year to have lots of fun goals! Things are just insane. I do need to start working on my scrapbooking again. I want to at least get my London trip done – pretty sure I have everything I need, so that’s a plus. haha



    1. I agree!
      I have a lot of scrapbooking to catch up on! I want to get my 5 year book done first, then I’ve got a handful of other projects (which I have on my 101 in 1001 list that I’m sharing next week!).


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