No one loves seeing a weekend end, but this past weekend was lovely. Our summer holidays are typically filled with barbecues and parties (& I love going to them!) but this weekend was very isolated and relaxing… which is just what we needed.

K took Thursday off and we went to the zoo. It was hot but there weren’t many people and the park had done a lot to enforce social distancing & safety.  ♥

Over the weekend we went on a morning bike ride, took M to the local park to watch the ducks & grab lunch, and took the corvette to a city “cruise the boulevard” event for a date night. (Since car shows and festivals aren’t a thing right now, local car enthusiasts have been organizing cruises for nice/vintage cars.) We also took M to get ice cream, watched a bunch of NASCAR, & restocked the dead flowers on the front porch (oops). M turned seven months on Saturday.

It was the quietest holiday weekend I have ever had in my entire life.

I can’t wait to freely spend time with family again safely, but I’m grateful that we got to hog all the snuggles and giggles this weekend with our girl. It was such a memorable weekend for the three of us. K and I dreaded heading back to work today.

What did you do?

14 thoughts on “A Happy Holiday

  1. I love that you have been able to turn this into a positive, that you’re enjoying the time just the 3 of you. That’s exactly how I feel. We’re soaking up every moment we get all to ourselves with M. It’s really helped us grow our bond with her and as a family, I think. I really miss being able to see family and friends but I’m trying to enjoy this time with her and not rush it away.


    1. Quarantine has been such a unique situation. I wouldn’t survive as a sahm (my sanity would be goooooone- you’re amazing!), but the weeks of forced isolation and being home have allowed us to witness so much growth in M! K is a workaholic and he’s been able to be around for months- which makes him WANT to be around right now and in the future. I didn’t doubt he’d feel that way with or without a pandemic, but I think it’s helped us get into a groove and really appreciate our time!


  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend and like you are making the best of things. Even if not being able to see other family and friends this time for just the three of you (plus dogs) to bond and really get to know each other is a precious gift that most people don’t get.


    1. I agree completely, Bev! We miss family & the huge parties, but I think we’re really trying to enjoy the quiet time we have. It’s so unique! M’s first year is such a big one for her and I feel so lucky to be around for much of it ❤

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  3. It is so strange to have such quiet holidays, isn’t it? The BIG Fall/christmas ones are up next – wondering where we’ll be then :/


    1. Very true! I feel grateful that M is in this sweet spot age-wise. She’s so fun to be around and I know she loves the time with K and I… but she has NO idea about the pandemic or the state of the world. Even if Christmas and Halloween are quiet ones, she’ll never know what the difference is 🙂 Feeling very lucky about that!

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  4. That first photo is just wonderful!! I love it. It sounds like a slower paced, relaxing weekend suited you three well. It is definitely weird to have certain holidays these days though – not being able to really see or do much. Mine was pretty nice though. I got to swim a lot – and did lots of reading!



    1. Thank you! ❤ She sure does love her puppies! Swimming is always fun- M loves it! She's been twice this week! Hopefully we can celebrate big with family and friends sooner than later- but quiet time is always welcome 😉

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