I’m not trying to kick a limp cactus here, but 2020 has been a weird year.

It feels like my insides are a big ball of tangled yarn that just keeps getting bigger & messier. Pretty much like this:

I’m struggling with isolation, social and civil unrest, interpersonal problems, parenting hurdles… but at the same time I’m trying to find serenity and routine and contentment. As K put it last night, “Your [my] brain is not a fun place to be right now.”

But sometimes I can straighten out a squiggly line or two with a little gratitude. So that’s what we’re doing today.

This week I am grateful for:

My husband. Forever and always. That guy is always in my corner and I know how special that is. I am so grateful for his love and trust and loyalty. M is one lucky girl to have a dad like him.

My small town. Every time I go to a large city I feel grateful to live in a small town. Roadside ice cream stands, town square car shows, a lively and beautiful park. It feels like our town grows and improves every year. I feel lucky to raise M in a relatively safe community like ours.

Friends who help carry burdens, encourage growth, and celebrate little moments. 

My “new” car. K traded in our work truck and my daily driver for a new pick-up. So I got the Jeep Grand Cherokee that he’d been driver. I love it soooooo much!

Family members who watch M during the week. I work M/W/F and M hangs out with family on those days. It’s a relief to know she’s safe and loved and snuggled while we’re earning a paycheck.

Healthy communication. The ability and freedom to speak my mind, the education and patience to discuss my opinions and beliefs, and the humility to listen and learn from others. (Granted, I’m always working on humility and education… lol.)

I was going to say my dogs… but then Bristol got into the grill grease trap and vomited all over the carpet Tuesday night. But still, I guess they can be on my list. Bristol’s love for M has been there since day 1 and I’m excited to watch them grow up together.

Of course a handful of other things: family, our healthy & safety, comfort, our jobs…

And that about sums it up for today! How about you?

I’m linking up with Rebecca Jo today for Thankful Thursday!

16 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart

  1. Ahh – I was so excited to see you link up with me today.
    We really do need to keep focus on the good in today’s crazy world!!!
    … Yep – gotta love those dogs -e ven while they’re tearing your house down. Ernie has basically ripped our couch arm in shreds… but he’s SO CUTE up there 🙂 LOL
    YAHOO for driving a new to you car. I love that. We were eyeing Grand Cherokee’s when I was looking for a car – Ricky still wants one.


    1. I love linking up with other bloggers! I need to remember to join this one more often 😀
      Man… dogs are ridiculous. Lol. I can name SO many things Lylee, Enzo, & Bristol have destroyed over the years. Hahaha. But they’re just so so so worth it! A carpet is just a carpet. A tv remote can be replaced. Ha.
      K originally talked about trading in the jeep and work truck and I was like NOOOOO. Trade in my car and give me that thing!! Haha!!


  2. LOL Bristol and her shenanigans crack me up. Crazy girl! It definitely helps to focus on the things we are thankful for in times like these.


    1. Thank you ❤ Sending it right back. It sounds childish to say, but the struggle is seriously so real. Even when we can't be out & socializing, there's still so much turmoil!


  3. All wonderful things! That’s great you have people around you – from K to other family and friends – that are there for you and help with M and just generally make this crappy world a bit better. It’s definitely strange times, and I’m not always feeling great about life, but it’s good to think of the things that I’m thankful for so this is a good reminder!



    1. I’m not great at it, but I find that practicing gratitude always helps. I still get in my own head, but remembering that I have a wonderful support system is a real blessing!


  4. I loved all of these but especially Healthy Communication. Such important things that I often take for granted.


    1. We’ve had so many different makes of cars… So far Jeep and Toyota have been my favorites! I just love having a sunroof again and the button to open and close the back hatch is my faaaaaavorite!


    1. Yep- I much prefer the small town environment and people and traffic 🙂 Hope your trip to the city wasn’t too terrible!
      Lol… one of our dogs is definitely a garbage bin with a tail. Although my husband would probably argue that sometimes I’m a garbage bin with legs. Hahahahahahaha!


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