… wearing a bra.

… wearing pants.

… wearing high heels.

… attending a middle school band concert.

… sitting at Table 9 at your third cousin’s wedding reception.

… giving birth.

… stubbing your toe.

… throwing up.

… getting water up your nose.

… buying tampons in front of your dad.

… farting right before someone comes into the room.

… a Pap smear.

… the middle seat of an airplane.

… a pea under 20 mattresses when you’re a princess.

… watching a sex scene in a movie with your parents (or worse, in-laws!).

… texting the wrong person.

… texting the wrong person something ABOUT that person.

… scraping your knuckle on cement while drawing with chalk.

… walking in on someone using the restroom.

… Texas in August.

… trying to parallel park in front of other people and realizing it’s not going to work and having to give up and drive away while everyone watches.

… biting ice cream.

… when a chip stabs you in the roof of your mouth.

… wedgies.

Just trying to bring a little humor to something that’s truly life or death. Wear a mask, friends. It’s not forever, but it’s for the good of all. And trust me, there are things much more uncomfortable- namely death & losing a loved one.

Thank you for coming to my snarky tedxtalk.

10 thoughts on “Things That Are More Uncomfortable Than Wearing a Mask….

  1. Wait till you have to watch sex scenes with your CHILD when they’re teenagers 🙂 LOL
    Middle school band concert totally made me laugh


  2. Oh gosh, this is amazing. But seriously – I don’t know people are so selfish sometimes. Like, it’s not all about you. Just wear the dang mask so we can get through this without tons more people dying.

    But really, a ton of these are SO true – they are more uncomfortable than wearing a mask. Like throwing up. Ugh, that’s the worst. And stubbing your toe freaking HURTS! I would like to add getting a paper cut, because that tiny cut hurts like HELL.



    1. Yeah. It’s a very easy thing to do that can save a lot of lives and turn this thing around. Ridiculous.

      I almost put paper cuts! Haha! Great addition!


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