The internet is strange. I’ve been blogging here for almost 6 years and I’ve made some absolutely wonderful, caring, supportive friends (whom I’ve never met & may never meet). I’ve also been putting my life, my family’s life, my hobbies, and my opinions out into the universe for the past 6 years. Oddly enough, that doesn’t really bother me.

Lately I’ve felt like a stranger in my own home, though. I feel like I’m tip-toeing around and I’m anxious about every interaction. It’s not how I want to feel when I’m just trying to a) express myself and b) unwind. So I need a break from the traditional blogging content.

Many of you guys follow me on IG and I love that we’re able to connect and catch up and interact there. 😊 I’ve never been and will never be about numbers- I don’t care about quantity of readers, only the quality.

I’ll show up for Show Us Your Books with Steph and Jana.
I’ll still be posting M’s 9 month and 1 year updates.
I’ll keep track of & update my 101 in 1001 list.

I’m also going to keep writing. I’m hoping to come back to this space more regularly in December. (I will reevaluate then.) I should have lots and lots and lots of drafts by then.

I’m not shutting anything down… I’m just going from part time to part-part time. So I hope you’ll still check back here every so often.Β I just need a little solace. A little privacy. A little break from being an open book.

And I know I don’t need to explain or justify myself to you guys πŸ–€Β but I wanted to address my quietness.

I’m not as on top of it with reading blogs as I used to be, but I promise I’m still keeping up with you guys, too.

See you in September for M’s update!

24 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me

  1. I so FULLLLLY understand. It’s a weird time where everyone is on edge & I’m the same way – deleting what I say, skipping over how I feel – I’m finding blogging really difficult too. You know I’ll be Insta-stalking you πŸ™‚


  2. Well I’m blogging about once a month now, so I get this! It’s been such a strange year. I remember when I used to spend hours reading so many blogs, and now there are only a handful that I keep up with in any kind of regularity.


    1. Yes! Life has definitely shifted for me since I started this blog. And I love dedicating time to it and the blog world, but it feels a little like a chore right now and I need a bit of space.


  3. I was just thinking about how much blogging has changed recently. I’l miss you over here because I truly love your posts! I only keep up with a few bloggers these days and you’re one of them obviously! But I definitely understand. I think I took 6 or 7 months off of blogging when M was born and now I am trying hard to get back to it, but it feels like less people are around. I am also finding it to be a fine line between sharing and maintaining privacy. Do what you gotta do and I am glad you’re at least on Instagram!


    1. It’s changed a lot. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with holding onto posts like book reviews and coffee dates and general life updates, but I agree about the privacy aspect. It’s kind of odd when it’s no longer my life (or my and K’s life). I think I just need to regroup and refocus. I’ll be back πŸ™‚


  4. I will miss your posts but I understand. Sometimes blogging just doesn’t feel right. And I always enjoy your Instagram posts as well so I will definitely see you over there β™‘


  5. I completely understand and am in a similar boat. I enjoy blogging but 2020 has been “a year” to say the least. It’s been a struggle more than I anticipated. I want to write, have things to say but when it comes to saying them/writing them – I don’t. I’m glad and proud that you’re giving yourself the space you need and we’ll be here when you get back. And maybe someday I’ll join Instagram so I’m more in the loop!


    1. Ugh, yes. This year just keeps throwing curveballs and fireballs… ha. I think the space and time off will be helpful. I’ll be more motivated and itching to go after a few months off πŸ™‚ If you decide to join IG I’ll be there!


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