10 thoughts on “Where You Can Find Me Today…

    1. Thank you, Ashten. Motherhood is so fun and special, but I think the pressure for it to feel *perfect* is louder than the realties of parenting. Hopefully I added a little volume to the real-life experience.


  1. I just read it and it was amazing. I know I’ve shared with you that I too have always felt like an unnatural mother myself. I honestly could have written just about every word of what you wrote myself! It totally resonates, and it always makes me feel better knowing I am not alone in my feelings. When the kids go to bed, I feel soooo relieved, but then I start looking at their pictures on my phone too. It’s so funny and contradicting, isn’t it?! Motherhood is weird. ❤


    1. It feels SO good to know you’re not alone. After my mom read my post she called me to tell me that she felt the same way after bringing me home. No one talks about the negative side to becoming parents. And not even negative as much as scary and new and overwhelming!


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