Hello, again. Saturday is my 30th birthday. Tomorrow is my last day “in my twenties.” I don’t think I’ll wake up feeling any differently on Saturday, but it’s a strange transition nonetheless.

I loved my twenties. I went to India, graduated college, moved out of my parents’ house, adopted several puppers, married K, had my little Moo, bought and sold a few houses, traveled, found my (fingers crossed) forever job… It was a decade of discovery and growth and freedom. I squeezed a lot into those ten years. K was with me for all of it, too ❀️

I momentarily freaked out when I hit 25 but I have no qualms about 30. I truly have everything I want and I’m excited to live my life in that mindset. We’re comfortable, we’re in love, we’re happy. Is 2020 a weird sh*t show? For sure. But personally I’m entering my 30s with confidence.

As such, I thought I’d share 30 thoughts/tips/pieces of advice that I live by…

  1. Look up.
  2. People, animals, and experiences will make you rich. Things will not.
  3. Speak clearly and learn to communicate well. It will alleviate so much heartache.
  4. Spending money to get your dog(s) groomed is worth it.
  5. When you can help someone, help them. When you need help, ask for it.
  6. Pay attention to what and who bring you joy- then invest your time & energy there.
  7. Find your people and show up for them. Quality over quantity.
  8. Know how to calm your mind: pray, read, meditate, write. I prefer sitting in the dark.
  9. Clean your dishwasher & washing machines. I guarantee they’re gross.
  10. Same with fan blades.
  11. The miracle of aging is a gift. Accept your mortality & appreciate your longevity.
  12. “No” is a complete sentence.
  13. Eating chocolate before bed makes for some really weird dreams.
  14. You’re not for everyone. Everyone’s not for you. See #23.
  15. The most rewarding things are often the hardest things.
  16. You can do hard things.
  17. Less really is more.
  18. Order a side of gravy for dipping when you get fries at Dairy Queen. Trust me.
  19. Eat your veggies. And if you don’t like veggies, change how you cook them. They’re delish.
  20. Honesty is the best policy but sometimes silence is the best option.
  21. Respect your sig. other & give him or her the benefit of the doubt. They are on your side.
  22. Drink more water.
  23. It takes all kinds of kinds.
  24. Wild animals are meant to be wild.
  25. The grass is greener where you water it. (K says this a lot actually.)
  26. Adopt don’t shop.
  27. Always try to be kind. You don’t always need to be nice, though.
  28. Absolutely positively NOTHING is guaranteed. And no one owes you a damn thing.
  29. It’s not a good deal if you can’t afford it.
  30. Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours brighter.

Just call me the Audi Lama. I kid, I kid. Sometimes (often) I fail to take my own advice, but over the past three decades these are the things I’ve learned bring me the most joy and serenity.

What am I doing for my birthday, you ask? Getting a professional manicure (FINALLY! I’ll be masked up, obvi), going on a family hike, and playing a board game at home. Coming into my 30s like a mad woman! πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “Thirty Years Old

  1. You had the BEST 20s and I hope your 30s are even better. Reaching 30 and realising you already have everything you could ever need is an awesome achievement.

    Your way of celebrating sounds nice. I should have gone with something like that. Instead I got drunk and cried because I was convinced I was old now and would never get to be a mother. LOL, so stupid. What would I have done if I’d known what was to come?


    1. For sure. I feel like I made the most of my 20s without even realizing it, lol.

      Birthdays can be a real bitch. Truthfully, I get a little depressed every year. Not because I’m getting older, but because there’s a lot of pressure around day and in regards to whatever age you’re at. No shame in how you did it- birthdays are stressful sometimes!


  2. Happy 30th birthday!!! I love this list! Definitely touched on some points that I need to work on even though I’m in my 30s already. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing! Praying blessings on your day! Sounds like a relaxing and fulfilling day! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—


  3. “Speak clearly and learn to communicate well”, not “communication” πŸ˜‰ Quibble aside, being able to communicate well is a lifelong skill that goes farther than most people realize.


  4. Audi Lama indeed! Love it! Such a great list. I am really great at giving advice, and awful at taking my own. Maybe one day I will learn. Probably not. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30s!!!!


  5. These pieces of advice are GOLD. See what makes you happy and invest time there. BRILLIANT AND SIMPLE AND SO HELPFUL!!!! Can you be my life coach?! Happy birthday, Audrey!!!!


    1. Hahaha… I think I’d definitely drop the ball as a life coach! I need to hang this list on my mirror and fridge and work desk… because I could certainly use my own advice. Lol


  6. You’re pretty wise to be coming out of your 20’s – that’s for sure.
    A EARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! You’re still a young babe πŸ™‚


  7. Happy Birthday!!!! 30 years young!! The 20s clearly treated you very well and I trust the 30s will do the same. Love the sage advice (and I’m totally going to ask for gravy the next time I get fries at DQ because that does sound delicious). I too am notorious for not always taking my own advice but that’s how we learn, right? πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great special day and a kickass decade full of adventure, joy and success!


    1. My 20s weren’t too bad! I’m hoping for a happy decade in my 30s πŸ˜‰
      Oh my gosh PLEASE get gravy with those fries! You will NOT regret it. And now I’m craving some DQ fries. Hahaha!


  8. Wonderful advice! I can’t say I had as many life experiences in my 20’s, but I like to think that my 30’s will be even better. I’m not really worried about my age – I think the tough part is hearing other people comment on how the older you get, the harder it is to do things (and/or seeing most people I know going through life experiences that seem synonymous with 20’s – marriage, kids, jobs, houses, etc.) At any rate, I’ve still had a lot of great things happen in my 20’s so you gotta look on the bright side!

    I LOVE this one: Always try to be kind. You don’t always need to be nice, though.




    1. I think your 30s are going to be great! πŸ™‚ And while some stuff likely gets harder as we get older, I think we gain more freedom and more confidence to do the things and chase the dreams. You’ve got so many opportunities and paths you can take- definitely don’t let a number like age discourage you!


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