…as in I’m back home. Here. On my blog.

Before I stepped away I was feeling overwhelmed, overexposed, overly sensitive, & s t r e s s e d. Don’t get me wrong- I’m still those things- but I feel a renewed sense of hope and gratitude.

Between the election, quality time with K & M, contracting and recovering from COVID, and spending a little time working on myself, I think I’m ready to get back to blogging. (I have a post about getting COVID coming- didn’t mean to drop that bomb and walk away.)

I hope you had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving. We have a small circle (a.k.a. our parents) who watch Moo weekly and we consider “safe.” I’m grateful to have them on our quaran-team when so many are missing their parents and raising babies with NO assistance. Very grateful. We saw them for thanksgiving but that was it.

Christmas is looking very much the same. 🎶 All I want for Christmas is a vacciiiiiine. 🎶 (I’m kidding- I’d also like a kitten.) How are you safely celebrating the holidays?

What’s new with everyone? I’ve missed being in this space. Blogland seems a little quiet but I know we all typically step back for the holidays. Happy December, everyone 💙❄️

14 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Sorry to hear you had Covid, but I’m glad you are doing well now. It’s starting to get closer to my area – more and more people I know are getting it. I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, and that you have your parents to help with M and just to be around. I don’t really know what the holidays are going to bring this year, but there are some things that I plan to do that are outside and you can socially distant. Might as well soak all that in before it’s freezing cold winter. LOL



    1. Thank you. I know the virus has take a sudden turn so I kept it relatively quiet until I was out of the woods. Fortunately my symptoms stayed very mild and my family never got it. I feel like I’m seeing a spike in those around me contracting it, too. So scary! I feel so fortunate to have our parents in our circle. I think I’d go nuts otherwise… lol.
      We’re having a pretty mild winter so far! Lots of opportunity to get outside and stay safe thankfully!


  2. Sorry to hear you had to deal with Covid but glad you recovered well. My brother had it and has mostly recovered, thankfully! It’s been such a darn stressful and weird and exhausting year. I know 2021 won’t magically be better but it still feels like a beacon of hope is on its way from a new President and hopefully a vaccine that will help stabilize us. Glad you’re back blogging!


  3. I missed that you had Covid. I am glad you are recovered! It has been a bit much this year, hasn’t it. Just everything. It is exhausting and overwhelming. Sounds like you guys had a good Thanksgiving


    1. With how quickly things can spiral, I didn’t share about it while it was happening. It was over Halloween 😦 I missed M’s first Halloween because she was with my mom and dad. Sigh. Fortunately Thanksgiving was good and uneventful!


    1. I didn’t post about it for fear of things taking a turn or K and M contracting it. (Apparently I’m superstitious…) They stayed healthy, though, and I had very mild symptoms. I’ve noticed that I become out of breath SO quickly now- like while singing a song to M while I rock her to sleep. I think it’s residual from having the virus 😦


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