12 Months (!!) of Madelyn

This is the last of the designated M posts. I’m not planning to do more quarterly updates and this will round out the birthday-related topics. I’ll likely give an 18 month update mid-2021.

On Saturday we had a zoom party for my baby. It was lame, but it was safe, so I’ll take it. She also recognized people on the video so I think she enjoyed herself.

Nicknames: Maddie, Mads, Moo, Maddie Lou, Poodle, Snoots

Stats: Chunky monk is 23 lbs. and over 31.5 in. long. Clothing-wise she’s slowed down a bit and we’re still hanging out in 18 months outfits. (Thank Jesus.) She’s above the 99th percentile in height, though. WOOF.

Likes: Her dad, her dogs, and her stuffed animals. She loves music and dancing, likes to watch the dogs run around inside and out, and loves having her toes eaten. Lol

Dislikes: Shots (duh), being wiped off after a meal, Mom leaving the room, and having dog toys taken away from her. She hates being restrained, too. She also refuses to leave socks/shoes on.

Sleeping: M has always been a great sleeper. We were struggling with bedtime AND staying down for the night for a few weeks, but she’s back to normal now. I think it was the 1 year sleep regression. UGH.
We’re still doing 2 naps/day and I will hold on to them both as long as possible!

Eating: Our little poodle loves her noodles. She is a carb queen. She also loves avocados, eggs, meatballs, fish, and turkey. But pasta is the way to her heart.

Development: I don’t have time to list all the new things this girl can do. She does everything in her own time but once she’s got it, she’s got it. She stands, walks along furniture, walks with help, walks with her walker… but no independent walking yet.
M is a MONKEY. She climbs on everything- stairs, couches, toys, humans, dogs… lol. She knows how to get up and how to use tools to get up, and she knows how to go down (“feet first!” we say over and over).
She knows 4 or 5 body parts, yes and no, how to wave and clap and point and she tries to blow kisses, she signals “all done” when she’s finished a meal, she cuddles her stuffed animals, and she has mastered the colorful rings toy.
She makes a million sounds, says mama dada and da (dog), and will repeat back sounds and syllables of words you say to her. She knows who people and animals are- and can tell our dogs apart by name.

Personality: I hate COVID. Moo is so much fun to hang out with and take places. I hate that we can’t go anywhere with her. She has a happy disposition and she’s way more clever than me. She’s starting to find certain things funny and she’s starting to find some things scary. I love that we’re seeing her imagination develop. Unless she’s super tired or in pain, she’s a happy happy girl .

Travel: Sigh.
We have done some longer drives lately. We popped down to Cabela’s in Tridelphia, WV a few weeks ago and Maddie did great!
We took her to the reverse Christmas parade our town had and she loved driving through the float displays, waving at everyone.

Mom’s Summary: It was weird to see my baby turn one. I remember everything about the day she entered this world- and it doesn’t seem that long ago. M brings joy to everyone she meets and that’s especially true for me. I’m so proud of all the things she’s learned this year and I LOVE that despite all the isolation, she’s a happy friendly adventurous little girl.

M is starting to get a feisty, head strong, clever personality. I’m looking forward to shaping her into a kind little kid 🖤 I struggled a lot with the helpless newborn stage. I am much much more cut out for the communicative and temperamental toddler stage. I know that’s weird to prefer (and maybe I’ll take it back), but I love her budding personality- even the more difficult side, lol.

I now have a T O D D L E R and I am not ok. 😭

All professional photos courtesy of Jackie Beachy Photography.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadine says:

    I love all her pictures so much! She looks like such a happy girl all the time, I love it! She is getting so tall!!


    1. Audrey says:

      She really is 🙂 Unless she’s super tired or hungry- or being held back from climbing- she’s a pretty happy kid.
      SO tall! Lol


  2. I can definitely understand liking the toddler stage more. Newborns are adorable but they don’t really do much. And seeing your child’s personality emerge more and more has to be the best feeling – knowing you created that actual, real live HUMAN (not that a baby isn’t a human bit a toddler that can move around and eat and express likes and dislikes (even without words) just seems like a more human human). She’s such a beautiful little girl and you can really see her personality coming out even through photos. I’ve loved watching her develop here and on Instagram.


    1. Audrey says:

      It is so fun to see their personality emerge 🙂 And newborns are very helpless. Which is fantastic for some! They love the slow cuddles and what not. I like communication and M is starting to really work on that. She is great at letting us know what she needs and even following some directions. I love that- even with the tantrums thrown in. Ha.
      Thank you! She’s so much fun. We got lucky with this one.


  3. These pictures of her are just perfection – shows so much personality.
    I never really thought about babies & their first year in a COVID year – how much they dont get to really do. At least she’s at the age where she may not remember it – but I know YOU do.. & I’m sorry 😦
    I still cant believe she’s a year old. How fast time goes


    1. Audrey says:

      She is FULL of personality 🙂 I’m very grateful that she won’t remember this year. I’m also grateful that she seems to be pretty friendly for spending so much time at home in isolation. Hopefully her next few years are a little more social.


  4. Awe cute name! My daughter is also named Madilyn we call her Maddi!


    1. Audrey says:

      I love that! Such a classic name and adorable nickname 🙂


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