Most of my blog topic ideas come to me when I’m rocking M to sleep and I can’t jot them down.

Last week I missed SUYB day (because I haven’t finished a book yet this year) & then just said the heck with it and skipped Thursday, too. I have a freelance writing job on the side now and much of my free time and creative juices have been going to that.

I thought I might just share what’s new in my world.

Bristol is starting obedience classes next month and I am pumped. She is incredible when she wants to be & terrible when she doesn’t… It’s at 8pm on Mondays, though, so send prayers & coffee. We’re both ready to be on the couch at that hour.

We’re starting to plan a few things for 2021 and it makes me so excited. Thank Jesus we bought a camper! We’re headed to a few races this year and camping at the tracks. The tracks are having limited spectators and it’s all outside. We’ll bring our own food & drink and sleep in our own beds. It’s as safe as it can be.

We’re also (fingers crossed) planning a low key trip with my family & maybe a girls’ trip later this year. Plus both of my bffs are getting married this year. Yes, the pandemic is still a thing and I am 100% about following the guidelines- but 2021 can’t hold me down. We’ve got lives to (safely) live.

Moo has started walking. She’s also started throwing tantrums. I’m amazed at how she’s becoming more of her own little person each and every day. She’s amazing (and temperamental like her mother…). Her love for her daddy & the dogs makes me melt every freaking day.

We don’t qualify for the vaccine yet in our house but I am SO grateful that some of my friends and family have been able to get it or get on a waiting list. I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m hoping a new year and a new administration can hit reset on some of the stresses we’ve been carrying. No single person can fix or change the entire system, but I’m praying the US is moving in a better, more unified direction.

At the end of 2020 K and I jumped on the Dave Ramsey train and then jumped off (lol). I like his method but I don’t love his madness. We’re cracking down on financial goals and hopefully moving in a healthier direction with money.

Beyond all that, I can’t think of anything else to share. I started and finished Bridgerton- which was the perfect little escape. I’ve been diligently working on my island on Animal Crossing (hahaha). About 30% of our Christmas decorations still need taken down. And Enzo is still perfection except for his stank-breath (& he steals K’s seat every time he gets up, lol).

What’s something mundane but new in your world?

12 thoughts on “What’s New With Me

  1. Loved this little update! But, I especially loved the picture with the puppy teeth-it’s one of the cutest things in the world!
    I’m so excited you’ll get to use your camper. That is something I would love to be able to purchase. Especially because you can take your pets with you so easily. Such a great way to travel, and probably one of the safest right now!
    I’m totally on board with the financial goals!! We are hoping to get our own budget worked out this year, so totally sympathetic. Dave R has some really helpful information, but he is very intense and that is a turn off for me. Basically, I have adopted the “eat the fish, spit out the bones” mentality, just take what you can from his advice and leave the rest.


    1. Thank you! That’s an older pic- you can see her puppy acne near her nose, lol.
      We went back and forth about getting a camper, then questioned our decision once we owned it. But I’m so glad we have it. We used it was much as we could last fall and we have lots of plans to take it out this year. M and the dogs did great last year… I’m hoping they’re all just good and comfy this year, too!
      I like your fish mentality. Smart to apply it to MANY things. Ha.


  2. Aw, I love this photo of M and Bristol. I hope obedience training goes well. I feel you on late night events. I have tap class once a week but it’s at 7:45 at night — somedays you just don’t want to get up and go out again.

    I hope all your fun trip plans work out! I do hope to do a bit more this year – safely of course. My grandpa gets his first shot at the end of the month and technically, me, my sister, and my parents are all in the next group but it’ll still take a bit to get registered and all that I’m sure!



  3. I read the craziest article about Dave Ramsey… I’m sure he gives good financial advice, but, wow, he’s a piece of work. I’m with you on living our lives! My sister thankfully got the vaccine already (she’s in healthcare) and I can’t wait for the rest of my family to get it! Love that pic of M and congrats on your freelancing gig!


    1. He is a piece of work… We found some less than flatter things about him after signing up for the free trial. And I don’t think he’s been taking the pandemic very seriously soooo…. byeeee. But we got some good advice! Lol!
      Ughhh. I can’t wait until the vaccine is more readily available 😀

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  4. M in those pigtails is TOO CUTE! STOP IT! Congrats on the freelance gig, that is awesome. I am hoping to get some aspects of our life back this year, just something little even would be better than nothing, you know??


    1. I can’t handle her pigtails. They kill me and make her seem like such a little toddler. AH!
      Thank you! It’s fun to write something a little different (and get paid to do so!).

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  5. I’ve got a girls weekend on the books in May and lord I need that to happen. We have plans to shift it to September if it can’t but COME ON MAY. I hope all of your stuff flies too. Absolutely no reason why the camper plans shouldn’t. I’m glad you got it!


    1. Oooooh, crossing my fingers you get that girls trip! We’re thinking fall but nothing is set yet. They have weddings to focus on right now, lol. I’m so so so glad we bought a camper. It was a timely purchase!

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    1. I know… it’s so weird to see newborn pictures pop up in my memories on my phone, then look up and see her walking across the room. SOB. We already love the camper so much! Can’t wait for another summer with it!


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