Happy Friday Eve ❤️ I actually don’t like calling it that because I think it slights Thursday, but oh well.

I’m linking up with Rebecca Jo today with a gratitude list.

Family that’s always available and willing to watch Moo. We’ve had some weird, inconsistent weeks lately so M has spent quality time with family. I don’t take their flexibility, patience, or proximity for granted.

My Freelance Job. On a whim I applied and was hired for a freelance position with a local news website that is specifically aimed at moms. I write informative campaigns, not opinion pieces. It’s nice to flex my writing muscles and put my spin on every day topics and news.

Bristol the Pistol. Bristol turned 2 last month and started (her second attempt at) obedience school this month. She’s a Husky-handful through and through, but she’s a good girl. And she is incredible with M. Moo is testing limits and in an aggressive-love phase, but Bristol is a champ.

The B to my D. Both of my best friends are marrying the loves of their lives this year 😊 My best friend Aubrey is tying the knot in SEVEN MONTHS and just asked me to be a part of the wedding party. She and her fiancee have a combined wedding party- only people they both know and love. I am so damn honored to be one of these people. I’ve known Aubrey since we were 10 and seeing her with Megan makes my heart so happy. Once she’s hitched, Aub, Kayla, and I will officially have all been in each other’s weddings 🖤

New Book Club. I love my blog friends and I LOVE being in a book club with my blog friends. In the time of corona I will take any safe get-together I can find, but it’s 100xs better when it’s with my internet friends.

What are you feeling grateful for?

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Yay for virtual book clubs! So fun. And I’d love to read whatever you’re writing for your freelance job. You have so many amazing things happening right now, which I think is so important because it keeps us busy and gives us good things to look forward to. You’re a rockstar!


    1. Thank you! Lots of good things. I like being busy and feeling like I have a to-do list… but there are definitely times I over do it. This stuff is pretty spread out. Otherwise I’d go nuts 🙂


  2. Congrats on the freelance gig! That’s awesome you get to share your perspective/experiences with fellow Moms. Oh man. Books. Something I am still struggling with doing. I keep checking them out and returning them unread. I had a hectic January so I’m hoping to find my groove again. I miss reading but I can’t seem to calm my mind to get in a reading state, if that makes any sense at all. I can’t believe how big Moo is getting and it is totally fantastic that you have family nearby that can help you out. I know for my brother and his wife that was a huge relief to them as well.


    1. Thank you!
      I’m trying so hard to get back into reading. I WANT to, but life has a way of making me procrastinate and reprioritize and get distracted. Book club at least holds me accountable for one book a month! Ha.
      It is SUCH a relief to have family around us. My parents and K’s parents are in town and I don’t think I’d have survived this long without them.


  3. Congrats to your friends – how exciting you’ll all have been in each other’s weddings! Congrats on the freelance job though – that’s so exciting. I love that you’re in a virtual book club. I’ve been doing one of my book clubs via Zoom and I’m so happy about it, even if I can’t read the book every month.



    1. Thank you! We call ourselves the high school sweethearts 😀 Haha! I’m so excited for both of my engaged friends! (And to help them with future babies when they’re in the trenches and I am far FAR removed from that insanity- ha!) I’m SO grateful for my book club. So grateful 🙂
      Thank you!!


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