My sweet and savvy little girl is 15 months old today. Since she was born, I’ve been upfront and candid about the struggles of motherhood and parenting and re-defining myself in this new chapter book.

Today I’m just here to say how much fun my little moo-baby is 😊

The newborn stage was not my forte & the baby stage was ok, but the early toddlerhood that we’re in right now is my favorite. M typically wakes up with a smile on her face. She lays in her crib and talks with Cal the Octopus (obviously short for Calamari). She learns something new every day. Her personality is goofy but inquisitive, bold but observant, ornery but sweet. She’s freaking exhausting, but so entertaining. I love seeing her little brain work and solve something new.

Toddlerhood is not without its terribleness, LOL. She has bad moments and grumpy days. Everything is a toy and, as such, everything is a hazard. Dog fur is soft to cuddle on, but it’s also easy to pull. Climbing, running, and exploring are not without their risks.

My mom tells me that we talk to M like an adult. We speak softly & sweetly to her, but we talk to her in full sentences. She understands basic tasks, she can retrieve a stuffy when we ask for it by name, and she can bring us the book we specifically request (of the 5 or 6 oft read board books). When I say, “Let’s have breakfast/lunch/dinner” she heads to her highchair. When I say, “Let’s let the dogs outside” she goes to the backdoor with me. She identifies family members in pictures and in person. She knows the difference between our dogs (and has a favorite, lol).

She loves to brush her teeth, she loves to “CHEERS” with her cup, and she loves Mickey Mouse. I love taking her places (on the rare occasion we get out) because she’s usually well behaved and she LOVES watching the world around her.

This is just an appreciation post to say I love this stage and Miss Moo.

10 thoughts on “My Love of 15 Months

  1. An octopus called Calamari is my new favourite thing. I LOVE it!

    Every time you post one of these I’m shocked by how fast time is passing. 15 MONTHS! I mean I know when she was born so obviously I know it’s been 15 months but still. How?!

    I’ve never understood the need to use “baby talk”. Toddlers are people. Talk to them like they’re people! I bet M will have an amazing vocabulary in a few years.


    1. Hahaha- thank you! We love Cal πŸ™‚
      I know. I know. I really can’t believe we’re at 15 months now. It’s insane. Next month she’ll be heading to college. SOB.
      I hope it helps her cultivate a solid vocabulary!


  2. Toddler stage is so fun – seeing who they are as little humans.
    My friends have always just spoke “normal” talk with their children & they are teh smartest kids I’ve ever seen. Like its not a fluke – ALL their kids speak so well, so young & read & write… like so young. I always believe its because they communicated so well with them.


  3. I love all the stages of babies, but it’s SO cool when you can see them actively learning!! Speaking to them in full sentences is such a good idea. They are constantly soaking things up, so the more you give her has got to make a difference right?!


  4. Aw, I’m glad you’re loving this stage. They really do start to have more of a personality and interests and it can be way more exciting and interesting! My sister in law always talked to her kids like they were adults – in terms of not babying things down, and I think it’s really made them smarter and more aware so that’s great it’s working so well for M.



    1. Their personalities are so fun. I mean, they can be super frustrating, too. Haha. I hope she develops a strong vocabulary. I’d love for her to confidently and verbally express herself.


  5. Yes! I love the toddler stage! Everything is new and exciting and fun and they can communicate/understand basic things. M hasn’t had much fussiness or tantrums yet. A few, but they are usually short. M also loved to brush her teeth and cheers! She would brush her teeth for a half hour if I let her! I think it’s so important to speak to them respectfully and like they are adults – I think it helps them understand more and also feel included. I love following Big Little Feelings and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from them about how to be a better toddler parent. I also think I got pretty lucky with a chill/calm kid.


    1. Agreed!! Maddie doesn’t have too many epic tantrums but she definitely lets me know when she’s unhappy. Sometimes she whines and squawks to get her way. M loves brushing her teeth, too. But SHE has to do it. Lol.

      Maddie is getting less and less calm. LOL


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