I know the CDC is still making recommendations and states are revising their masks laws, but this past weekend was the most normal I’ve felt in such a long time. It was lovely and revitalizing and had me feeling warm and fuzzy and overwhelmingly grateful by Sunday night.

On Saturday one of my best friends in the whole wide world got married. I was her matron of honor and spent a large part of the weekend with her and her wonderful family. (They’re the kind of people you just enjoy being around; always laughing, always kind.)

My other best friend was the maid of honor and she stayed with us. Having her and her fiancee in the house was icing on the cake to a weekend-long celebration.

I know times are still weird. Honestly, Moo ended last week with a COVID test and if it’d come back positive, our weekend would’ve looked very different. But she was negative and we deduced that a double ear infection was the cause of her sickness. She now feels better and was even able to attend the wedding until grandma took her home for a sleepover.

And don’t get me started on the wedding day. So much love and peacefulness and celebration. I don’t think there was one single moment the bride would’ve changed- it was a perfect day.

We literally danced the night away. K and I were the last ones out of the venue- haha. I had such an incredible time. I think all the guests did.

It was weird to have a day that just felt so NORMAL. I think almost every guest was vaccinated. We wore masks when around the food. People were seated in pods but free to get up and move around. There was dancing and toasts and cake and lots of alcohol. It was such a normal, great day.

My soul didn’t know I was missing all of that until it was over. Sunday night I was folding laundry in our room, thinking about how nice it was to have a normal party with little reservations.

Today I wore my mask to the grocery store. I have not throw all caution to the wind and I know there is a time and place for intimate gatherings… but I hope that you’re able to have a little taste of normalcy soon. It feels so, so good to just relax for a moment and soak in the closeness of others. And that’s coming from an introvert.

Congratulations, Kayla and Connor ♥️ I hope you’re enjoying the hell outta St. Lucia.

10 thoughts on “An Extraordinarily Normal Weekend

  1. What a wonderful weekend. I’m glad things are getting somewhat back to normal for you and your friend enjoyed her wedding. Switzerland are still way behind the US and the UK but Jan gets his second dose of the vaccine on Thursday (there has to be some advantage to being diabetic. Lol).


    1. It was a really nice weekend 🙂 I hope Switzerland catches up soon. It’s weird to think that different parts of the world are at different stages of the pandemic. I have a very self-centered way of thinking when it comes to global reaction. (I blame the Americanism in me.) Yay for Jan!! I hope you’re able to get one soon!


  2. Glad Moo wasnt positive & hope she’s doing better.
    Isnt it weird when you have a NORMAL experience & you’re like, whoooo – this is what that felt like.
    So glad it was a friend’s wedding celebration for your normal – what an exciting time – & how beautiful is everyone!


    1. She’s doing much much better. I’m so glad we were all vaccinated and able to be at Kayla’s wedding. It was a nice way to ease back into social gatherings. Such a beautiful weekend and event with wonderful people ❤


    1. They really do! I’m glad she was able to have a relatively normal wedding (with a slightly skimmed-down guest list). It was such a perfect day for a fantastic human!


  3. I’m so glad your friend was able to have a lovely wedding. And seriously, little moments of normal are feeling SO good so I’m sure it was an amazing weekend. I’m definitely someone who still wears a mask inside places/around a lot of people but something like this wedding would have felt really good too. I’m glad M is okay, and she was able to enjoy the wedding as well.



    1. Me too! I’d forgotten what it was like to just NOT worry for a day and focus on celebrating. It was lovely. I’m back to mask-wearing (despite places here no longer requiring it), but I feel like it was a small taste of the near future 🙂


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