Hi! It’s been over a month since I last showed up here. I don’t remember that last time I did that without announcing some kind of break beforehand. This is where I say, “It felt so good to just not stress about this space for a month”, but I don’t feel that way. I’m sad I don’t have enough of me to dedicate to this space right now.

I’ve said it before, but the blog world seems to be shifting. And honestly, I’m getting a little… MEH about sharing my business on the internet. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely L O V E the friendships and relationships that I’ve made in the blog world. I love sharing with, connecting with, growing with all of you… but I’m kind of at a no vacancy point for other internet folks. I just don’t have the drive to share my life with people I don’t know and “know.”

(My O.G. bloggers- my instagram friends- y’all are who I’m talking about when I say I truly love and value the friendships we’ve built here on the line.)

I love book day and I love showing up for that one… but I think my days of random blogging are done for now. M is getting older so I’m feeling more compelled to protect her privacy. I find myself leaning more toward private creative writing and less toward lifestyle/opinionated/recapping.

I don’t love being reliant upon IG for maintaining internet friendships, but I’ve been doing that for years anyway so… *shrug* And I’m not packing up and shipping out of here, I’m just getting more intentional- but also less wordy.

Honestly, it feels like every time I write a post it’s just about what I’m going to write about in the future.

So I’m going to clean this space up a bit- maybe make some small changes, maybe make some big ones- and then keep carrying on as I carry on.

So stick around 😊 But also catch me on the instas.


12 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. I have not had the emotional or mental bandwidth to spend on blogging since the beginning of Corona. I’ve tried to make peace with that and just let it be what it is. The space is there for what I want to use it for whenever I want to use it.


    1. That’s where I’m at. Although now that I’ve written this post, I’ve had more inspiration and motivation to show up here. Lol. Of course. Because that’s how it always goes.
      But yes… emotional and mental bandwidth are pretty much tapped out.


  2. I understand this 1000% – I think we’re all in the same boat, especially those that blog for fun & not for finances/commission. The energy just isnt the same & I feel like stating how I really feel is going to tick off at least 50% of my readers & I dont want to do that – so I just dont say anything – which is frustrating too. Take your time – do you – I’ll be following you where I can 🙂


    1. Thanks, friend ❤ Sometimes I think to myself, 'Maybe you should make a profit with this space?' but I just don't want to. Every hobby doesn't need to be a job. I've gotten free things in the past for certain posts and it was great! But I don't seek them out, I just take them when they come and keep doing my own thing in the meantime.
      Love your blog and whatever you put there! You'd never lose me 😉


  3. Girl, I hear you. I feel like so many are in the same place. I’m not necessarily ready to give up blogging, mainly because when I leave and I want to leave for “something”, if that makes sense. But my emotional capacity is kinda full these days. Blogging used to feel fun and now I’m going through the motions when I do blog. The energy is just different and it’s me and it’s the world around me.


    1. Yes. This is a great explanation. And if we’re all feeling this way, it means our readership is probably in the same boat. Does anyone want to hear about my day-to-day? Or book reviews? I don’t know. I’ve always only written for my own enjoyment anyway, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about.


  4. My blog is basically just book day and monthly recaps at this point. And even the monthly recaps are only the stuff that’s fit for publication consumption – there’s currently a lot goingon behind the scenes. I do like having then though just for myself. I enjoy being able to look back and see what I did. Even the mundane things like seeing that I was obsessed with a particular TV show fascinate me. Lol. I’m terrible at Instagram because my phone takes terrible photos and I never seem to have the energy to get the ones from my camera onto Instagram. I do really enjoy seeing your updates though! Anyway all this rambling to say I’ll happily read whatever you choose to put out in the future.


    1. I like looking back on my seemingly dull day-to-day things, too. It’s nice to read back on the things I did. I think it’s interesting to see what other people do, too- like you! And of course I love book reviews 🙂
      Thank you! I enjoy reading what you put out, too!


  5. Blogging is weird. LOL. I still love sharing, but it’s been pretty surface level for me for years. Changing to posting just once a week really helped me keep it going.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to decide what you want to share regarding your daughter. I’m sure you feel fiercely protective, but also a proud mom who wants to show off that beautiful girl!


    1. I think once a week is more manageable for me, too. Since writing this I’ve actually felt more motivated to write. (Of course, lol.) You struck the nail on the head with M- I’d love to share EVERYTHING, but that’s not appropriate. Lol


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