Fall & Winter Goals 2021

The best quarter of the year is fast approaching. My heart sings during October through December. The weather cools, our insane workload becomes 10% less insane, and the best holidays ever reside in these months. Not to mention my birthday, M’s birthday, and the first snowfall of the year ❄️

While fall does not *officially* begin until the 22nd and my Q2 goals were severely neglected, I thought we might take a moment to look over some 4th Quarter goals and talk about our plans for the rest of 2021!

So… What happened?

Lol… I made a few Q2 goals but apparently I blacked out in July & August and only lived to survive. As far as my goals went, I accomplished none (read 10 more books, leave two notes, read a classic, ride bike for a week, scrapbook year 6). At least I’m consistent.

I read, but not 10 books. And I started scrapbooking year 6, but I’m not done. I’m going to count those as mini-wins, though, because this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Alright… Moving on…

Fall (Q4) Goals

  • Read 20 books total for the year (which is 7 more books)
  • Finish Year 6 scrapbook
  • Mins Challenge
  • Take a family vacation
  • Landscape the fire pit area in our backyard
  • Pick out pumpkins with M
  • Host our Halloween party
  • Celebrate M’s 2nd bday
  • Get our Christmas tree
  • Shop for 75% of gifts before Thanksgiving
  • Decorate the house
  • Host Christmas
  • Slow down and enjoy time with my family

Will these things happen? Time will tell. Although a few of them are guaranteed.

My 101 in 1001

Ok, so I’ve made a little progress here! I’m crossing off “make a new friend” (because I did!) & go to the dentist. I’ve also been good about reading, getting the dogs groomed, and making a donation once per month. I’ve changed #54 from “strengthen friendships in moms group” to “create a small group” – and crossing that one off ☺️ I also hosted a garage sale and figured out a morning routine with M (when she cooperates).

I need to start taking a systematic approach to my list. (And maybe editing the goals that no longer apply.) Consider that another fall goal for me to accomplish, ha.

I’m not super goal-oriented at the moment. I try to live in the moment each day but also just kind of survive this world so… maybe I will accomplish some of these and maybe I won’t. I know that’s not the CAN DO attitude all those optimists preach, but it’s my attitude & I own that. *shrug*

What are your plans this fall? Do you agree it’s the best time of the year or are you wrong?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Early autumn is the best part of the year – the part from mid-September to around the end of October/first week in November – when the trees still have leaves and we get *some* sunlight. After that it’s just dark and depressing. We don’t have Thanksgiving to break things up so it’s early autumn (yay!), depressing part of autumn/start of winter, Christmas (yay!) then darkness/bare trees/grey days/winter continues to drag oooooon for another 2-3 months.


    1. Audrey says:

      I’m one of those weirdos who loves the dark and gloomy days of post-Christmas. I mean, I love Halloween and Christmas, too, but I don’t mind the gloominess of late winter 🙂 This is the most beautiful time of the year for sure, though. I love nature during Sept/Oct!


  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    LOL.. I’m not wrong – it is INDEED the best time of the year!


    1. Audrey says:

      For sure!! Happy First Day of Fall!


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