Finding Another Normal

In the last two years people started talking about finding a “new normal” after the pandemic. We wondered what that would look like… Would we have new priorities? New goals? Would we come out of this more intentional? Compassionate? Loving?

After a few months of lockdown/masks/isolation, I think we were all convinced the answers would be a resounding YES… But now that we’re over two years into this sh*tshow, I’m not so sure that’s where we’re heading.

This is not a piece on human psychology. I am not a people expert. I actually try to avoid them at all cost.

This is a self-reflection. Because a lot has changed in the past two years.

I can’t say if it was parenthood or the pandemic (or a combination), but I am an entirely different human than I was in 2019. Things that mattered so much to me no longer do, and things I took for granted are now on my daily thankful list.

The shift could be the effects of depression and burnout. Lord knows we’re all feeling that. Why don’t I care about hosting parties anymore? Where’s my old desire to travel to every European country? Why do I feel less defined by my job when, prior to all this craziness, I was in love with what I did and what that said about me? It’s likely depression and burnout fueling an overall change that might eventually be for the better. I don’t know. I think we’re kind of in the thick of it right now so it’s hard to be objective.

Getting in the camper and soaking in hours and miles with K, M, Bristol, and Enzo sounds so good to me. Working half days and silencing my email are what I’d call “living the dream.” I want to read more books. I haven’t posted on my IG feed since Dec. 31st and that’s intentional. I don’t care about your political beliefs- if you’re not kind, you’re wrong. You don’t get to stand on the necks of others to exalt yourself.

More slow living. More loving like Jesus. More focusing on what makes me happy and celebrating others for what makes them happy. More grace in the workplace (& less stress). More letting my marriage be a priority. More letting my two year old ACT like a two year old. More dirty paws and evening snuggles.

The pandemic was not a blessing, but it has shifted our lives dramatically and brought us the time and perspective we did not know we were missing. In the beginning we soaked up days with our infant. Now we work to ration our time as a family and show up for the people we love, even when it’s tough.

It’s been a weird few years but this “other normal” is starting to feel good. I’m starting to understand the algorithm and filter to our “other” life. I can’t wait for the day we go back to not knowing what the CDC stands for, but until then I hope you’re able to piece together another normal that serves you and brings you peace and joy you might not have otherwise known.

On a totally different note, how about that halftime show?? Eminem was looking 🔥. And did you guys get yesterday’s Wordle? Danggg, NYT.


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  1. I still want to travel all over Europe. Lol. That’s a slightly different prospect from where I am though. I’m glad you’re figuring out what you want in this new world. And M is a very lucky two year old to have you as her mama.


    1. P.s. If you do travel to Europe and happen to be anywhere near Switzerland let me know. I will happily make an exception to my people avoidance to meet you in person!


    2. Audrey says:

      I’m very behind with comments…
      I do still want to travel, but the bug isn’t biting like it used to.

      We will definitely meet up if and when we make it to Switzerland!! ❤


  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I am not the same person either. I think this has brought out the worst in people – sadly… & I dont know how you go back from that.
    “You don’t get to stand on the necks of others to exalt yourself.” – I clapped for this.

    PS – I did get Wordle – the last one.. I felt proud 🙂 & man… Eminem is looking good for 49!!!!


    1. Audrey says:

      It has. I feel like we’re so divided and it’s frightening. But I think that’s what it is… people are scared. And fear is a tough one to overcome in order to unite. Sigh. Hopefully prayer and kindness and love can bring us back together a little more.
      Eminem is all the flame emojis. LOL


  3. Nadine says:

    I am so with you on not caring what political beliefs you have, so long as you are kind. I have seen so many people that I used to enjoy act like total crap the last two years and I have had enough. Politics is opinion and we are all allowed to have our own. As someone who doesn’t really belong to either party…it has been so frustrating to watch.

    It is interesting how we viewed things when everything first shut down vs now. The one positive for me coming out of the pandemic is that my job is now permanently work from home. I can’t ever imagine myself going to a formal office every day again. And commuting all that way. I often think about how history books will report this moment in time.


    1. Audrey says:

      It’s very concerning how cruel and angry people become when you disagree. It’s ok to have an opinion and disagree, but you don’t need the malice behind it. Or the blunt intention to hurt or silence others.
      I will be very interested to see how this moment in history is reported. It’s a weird time for sure.


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