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More Beauty Stuff from a Non-Beauty Blogger

A few weeks ago I tweeted a throw back post and asked if anyone would be interested in seeing the products I currently use. At least three people said yes so here we are. Everything here is cruelty-free (doesn't test on animals). If you're unfamiliar with animal testing, you'd be surprised to find out many… Continue reading More Beauty Stuff from a Non-Beauty Blogger

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Wear the D@mn Shorts

This is a tale of self-confidence... Last weekend we'd planned to spend some time with friends lakeside. The Friday before the trip I started brainstorming outfit ideas. I was thinking my cute swimsuit paired with my cut off high-waisted shorts. 'But your thighs are so flabby and chunky. That'll look terrible- all that cellulite and… Continue reading Wear the D@mn Shorts

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Things I Really Love Right Now

I was going to write a serious post today. I started one about the controversy surrounding the Beauty and the Beast outrage. I thought about screaming ranting about the idiotic administration running our country. But I just can't. If you've been around these parts long enough then you know that I have 0% issue with… Continue reading Things I Really Love Right Now

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Fly Me to the Moon (or don’t… please, don’t)

It's painful for me to admit this, but some time in the last four years I developed mild flight anxiety. I have an overactive brain that tends to visualize everything that could go wrong (although, scientifically, the things I imagine probably can't go wrong). I'm not going to go into it because I know that… Continue reading Fly Me to the Moon (or don’t… please, don’t)