2020: The Roaring Twenties

Does anyone else find it weird that we can call this new decade the twenties?

Welcome to the New Year!

2019 was a rough effing year. I am so excited to jump into 2020. Between parenthood and work and life in general, 2020 truly feels like a brand new chapter.

Don’t get me wrong- I am exhausted. We are not kicking this decade off with much sleep or sanity. That said, I’d like to kick the decade off with some goals. I have some for the entire year as well as the first quarter.

I’m joining Kristen today for the What’s New With You? link up.

2020 Goals

Read 20 books. I set a goal of 40 last year and read 28. We’re going to be a little more realistic this year.

Reduce debt by at least 50%. In years past I’ve been very general with my debt goals. This time we’re assigning a number.

Move my body. I need to find a workout/routine that I enjoy. Once I’m cleared by my doctor I’m leaning toward a barre/yoga/hot yoga route.

And that’s it since we’ll be mainly focused on keeping M happy & healthy. Now on to some shorter-term goals…

Q1 Goals

  • Figure out work schedule after maternity leave is over.
  • Travel to Texas (twice) & figure out summer vacation.
  • Start an exercise plan once dr says ok.
  • Unbox and sort out pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • Get M on some kind of daily schedule (i.e. consistent bedtime/mornings)

Five seems like a good number for now. Advice for flying with a 2 month old is welcome. Haha. What are your 2020 resolutions?

IT’S FALL!!! (Goals Update Q3)

Ok, technically Monday was the start of fall but I’ve been celebrating since Sept. 1 so whatever. I live by my own rules.

Before we dive into fall let’s check out how summer went…

Summer Goals

  1. Finish cleaning out room & paint nursery
  2. Organize basement
  3. Read and finish 3/4 of Erin’s Book Challenge
  4. Find out gender & plan reveal event
  5. Assist in baby shower prep
  6. Continue financial goals
  7. Visit Aub in Florida!!
  8. Finish the registry

For the most part, I did well! My half of the basement (which is party supplies, serving dishes, and holiday decorations) is cleaned, organized, and shelved. K’s half of the basement is a bunch of drums. That’s on him. Lol

The nursery is empty & painted. The gender has been revealed. (I blogged it, too.) The baby shower is in motion and the reins have been handed over to my mom & mother-in-law; I’m completely out of it 🎉 Registry is done with me adding random things every now and then.

Still working on financial goals. Definitely did not read enough for Erin’s Challenge.

And now… *drumroll please* …the best season of the year! FALL!

Fall Goals

  1. Attend baby shower (& send thank yous)
  2. Host Halloween Party
  3. Put nursery together
  4. Get 3/4 Xmas shopping done
  5. Go to TWO fall festivals
  6. Add mums & pumpkins to the house
  7. Celebrate my bday & our (dating) anniversary
  8. Read 3 books per month
  9. Get Christmas decor up before baby arrives… maybe
  10. Give birth

Some of these are bound to happen… like #1. Lol
Pretty much all these goals revolve around baby arriving on time- not too early, not too late. And there’s no guarantee of that soooo… in the wise words of Elsa I am prepared to let it go. Ha.

What are your fall goals? Anything fun on your fall bucket list?

Goals Update Q2

Happy 32nd Anniversary to my mom & dad!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer so I’m recapping my goals from the second quarter of 2019 and sharing my Q3 goals.

Life got a little nuts this past quarter & my goals suffered.

Spring Goals

  1. Start Year 5 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (April, May, June) & finish Erin’s Challenge
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Figure out fall travel: friends trip
  5. Figure out and work toward financial goals (IRA, credit cards, etc.)

I’m in the process of moving my home office/studio into the den (so the room can be a nursery). Despite the upheaval, I did manage to start my Year 5 scrapbook. I did not manage to read three books per month. I think I finished 2 in April and 0 in May. This month I’ve finished 1 so far, but I think I’ll squeeze a few more in.

When I found out I was pregnant I stopped going to traditional yoga classes, but this month my studio offered prenatal yoga on Saturdays so I’ve been going to that weekly. I didn’t do it all quarter, though, so I’m not counting it. Fall trip to Tampa is booked. Financial goals are hashed out and started (but it’s definitely ongoing).

Summer Goals

  1. Finish cleaning out room & paint nursery
  2. Organize basement
  3. Read and finish 3/4 of Erin’s Book Challenge (I have until Oct. to complete)
  4. Find out gender & plan reveal event
  5. Assist in baby shower prep
  6. Continue financial goals
  7. Visit Aub in Florida!!
  8. Finish the registry

…half of these goals center around baby prep. It’s kind of on our minds, lol.

I have made a TON of progress on the basement already and I’m in the midst of planning a family get together for the reveal so those goals are in progress. Since we have a little more to do I upped my goal number to 8 for this quarter. I guarantee I will have much less/easier Fall goals, lol.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read 40 Books I’ve read 18/40
  • Work on my marriage habits 
  • Keep a gratitude journal I jumped ship here. LOL
  • Budget I purchased and downloaded Steph’s Zero Based Budget Template & it’s been working well for me!
  • Work on sticking to a consistent schedule Getting better. Bed by 10pm, up around 6:30am… I’m working on it. Meals are kind of planned. Lol

I can’t remember what I meant by “work on my marriage habits.” That said, things have been really great & fun between us so I think I’m meeting that goal. Hahaha. The book goal & budgeting goal are going ok, too. RIP gratitude journal, lol.

And that’s it for now. How are your goals progressing this year? Do you still remember what 2019 resolutions you made (or what you meant when you made them, lol)?

Goals Update Q1

Hi ya. I group my goals into quarters, so today I’m reporting back on Q1.

I only have a handful of goals each quarter, so I’m revisiting my yearlong resolutions, too.

Winter Goals

  1. Finish Year 4 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (January, February, March)
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Meal plan every week
  5. Finish Xmas shopping & enjoy the parties and off time we have coming!

I only listed five goals because I wanted a shot at achieving ALL of them. I finished my scrapbook (yay!) and obviously I finished Christmas shopping. I got all my books read, too. I didn’t get to the yoga studio every week. I have no good excuses there. Also, we traveled A LOT so I didn’t meal plan every week, but I did do it quite often.

Spring Goals

  1. Start Year 5 Scrapbook
  2. Read at least three books per month (April, May, June) & finish Erin’s Challenge
  3. Visit yoga studio at least once a week
  4. Figure out fall travel: friends trip
  5. Figure out and work toward financial goals (IRA, credit cards, etc.)

My yoga package expires in May, I think, so I have to squeeze in all my remaining classes before then.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read 40 Books I’ve read 11/40
  • Work on my marriage habits
  • Keep a gratitude journal Not doing great with this one.
  • Budget Carolann suggested “You Need A Budget.” I tried it for a free month. I’ve been taking notes from Stephanie, the budget guru, too.Still working on this one.
  • Work on sticking to a consistent schedule Fail on all accounts. Travel tends to mess me up and we’ve been to multiple states this year already.

Just as a side note, I’ve been working on my Overhaul Goals as well.

So… not stellar, but not terrible. We have a few more weeks of travel, then we’ll be home for a while. I do better with my goals when we’re not leaving the state. Lol

What are your spring goals? I always feel like calendar-ly speaking, spring flies by.

2019 Resolutions

I love a fresh new year.

K doesn’t get into the hype of it all, but I do. And I set enough goals for the both of us. Lol. I kid. Last year was nuts and out of control and I feel lucky that everything ended up great. I’m sure experts would shake their heads at this next declaration, but I want a little more control over 2019.

We do so many things by the seat of our pants. Big spending decisions, last minute vacations, business moves (granted, the business is where we have the most control- sometimes we just end up utilizing that final hour). This year I’d like to be on top of this stuff.

I already think 2019 feels good. We have multiple work trips planned, a few weddings on the books, and an idea or two for vacation and home improvements and the like. We kicked off the new year with family and friends, & I’m determined to keep this excellent year on track.

I’m linking up with Kristen since these resolutions are, in fact, what’s new with me.

Sometimes I do a word for the year, sometimes I do goals. This year it’s resolutions (a.k.a. pretty much goals).

Read 40 books.
I pushed for 50 books in 2018 and I didn’t get there. I don’t have any issue lowering my goal so it’s attainable and, therefore, motivating. I think I’ll hit 40 without an issue.

Read Through My Own Books
As a sub-category to my book goal, I’d like to get through some of my shelved books- both electronic and physical. And then get rid of the ones that I just don’t like.

Work on my marriage habits.
Recently I read a book called It Takes One to Tango (recommended by Stephanie) and I listened to The Life Coach School Podcast: Episode #165 “How to Be a Good Mate” (recommended by Lindsay). I have a very good marriage with a really great guy, but I know there’s room for improvement- especially after reading/listening to these resources. So it’s something I’d like to be conscious of and improve upon.

Keep a gratitude journal.
Bloggers Chelsea and Steph and Rebecca Jo swear by the gratitude lists/journals/lifestyle. I know I have the ability to stick with something like this- I did a year-long journal for Kyle once- but I never push myself. This year, I’m going to try it.

I’m not sure how or to what extent, but we don’t track our money well. We both have lofty financial goals we’d like to achieve and obviously that won’t happen unless we get serious about our spending and saving.

Work on sticking to a consistent schedule.
This is a multi-step resolution. And I don’t see myself improving in all these areas, at least not all at once. But these are my major focuses:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Exercise schedule
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Meal planning

And that about does it. I know some of these are spelled-out goals (like the # of books and the journal) and some of these are a little vague (like the budget, ha), but I like to have a little wiggle room in my future.

K and I need to be better about giving ourselves permission to CHECK OUT. He carries the weight of eight employees and multiple business deals and abc and xyz. He’s terrible at checking out- unless he’s totally burnt out. And a burnt out Kyle is NOT my favorite Kyle. I really want us to take steps toward handling the stress, taking some breaks, and not feeling guilty for keeping US a priority.

Now tell me about your goals or resolutions or word(s) for 2019! Let’s talk about our vision for the year and how we can keep one another on track!

**I freshened up my blog for the new year. I updated my picture (finally) & I cleaned some stuff up. Feedback, please- is the font too small?

Like I said, linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You?.