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The Last Bit of 2015 Confessions

Hi ya! It's the last Wednesday of the year, my friends! I'm pretty focused on straightening up my house and keeping up with my work load and visiting with my baby brother while he's home so I didn't prep much for today... so how about some confessions?? (Linking up with Laura, Lauren, Kathy, and Nadine,… Continue reading The Last Bit of 2015 Confessions

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Goodbye 2014

Last night I finished scrapbooking our honeymoon and I begin the book for our first year of marriage. I'm more than halfway done because a year ago for Christmas my sister-in-law gave me a pre-made scrapbook. The book looks AWESOME because she's 10xs more creative and better at the hobby than I am. Oh well,… Continue reading Goodbye 2014