Best Christmas Gift EVER

We spend a lot of money on dogs throughout the year… between vet visits, food, new beds, medicine, noms, and toys these dogs want for nothing. As a special treat for ourselves this Christmas, we bought Lylee and Enzo dog DNA tests. NO REGRET, guys. We found Wisdom Panel 3.0 kits on Amazon (on sale!) and they’re 100% not sponsoring this. The results were both amazing and surprising.

The hardest part is swabbing your dogs cheek for 15 seconds twice. OOF. Enzo just laid there but Ly wasn’t a huge fan. We got the job done, though.

So we submitted our kits between Christmas and New Years and the results were emailed to us this past week. Not bad.

Ok… On to the results. Any guesses first??


K and I pinpointed Ly as a husky-boxer mix and that’s usually what we tell people. Turns out she’s got quite a bit of dog in her… (but also we weren’t wrong).

The test goes back to her great-grandparents. There’s a potential for 8 different purebreds. Turns out Ly had seven purebred grandparents and one mutt.

She’s an equal part staffie, shepherd, boxer, husky, (American) bulldog, chow, & lab. And then a misc. mutt mixture.

Wisdom Panel

Lylee’s results weren’t too surprising. I think I was most surprised that there isn’t MORE husky and boxer in her. I assumed she had some pit (American Staffordshire Terrier & American Bulldog). I wasn’t expecting Chow Chow, but I totally see it now.

Appearance: In my opinion, Ly is built like a husky/shepherd. She has a square head and slight under-bite like a boxer/pit, though. Her fur is thick and she’s got endurance and strength for days. I imagine the yellow coloring come from the Labrador Retriever.

Personality: I could go on for weeks about canine personality. I think it’s fascinating. Lylee is probably one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met (holla’, German Shepherd) but she’s also incredibly headstrong (boxer, chow, husky). She’s not necessarily territorial, but she’s extremely bonded to us and Enzo, and she definitely only chooses to listen when she admires the human talking to her (chow). She’s energetic, hyper, talkative, an escape artist (husky), and a digger. She also loves to play fetch (lab) and she can sniff out any toy. Many of these breed descriptions said she might not be good with other dogs- especially those of the same sex. BINGO. They also said she is potentially great with children. Not so much… lol.

Overall, it’s kind of reassuring to know why Lylee is so bonded/protective of us and why she tends to dislike other dogs. I knew there was some boxer and husky in her, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she’s got purebred pit, too. Obviously we love her regardless of the results, though.


We thought Enzo was some kind of whippet/border collie/weimaraner mix. Or even a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever mix.

So. Wrong. I’m almost upset over Enzo’s results. I feel bamboozled.

I love all dog breeds the same- I’m just confused about E’s results. I mean, he’s more of a husky than Lylee is! I 100% see the beagle. The other two purebreds perplex me.

My best guess is that those mixed-breed ancestors have some small terrier in them (like a Russell) and some sighthound (like a whippet). Honestly… I just don’t know. Haha.

Appearance: After getting E’s results we googled beagle-husky mixes and beagle-shepherd mixes. I guess he looks similar to some of those dogs. I’d say his small size and floppy ears and face structure is pretty beagle-like. We think the husky ancestors had to be brown/tan huskies, not black/grey ones. Enzo has NO black fur or skin and we known black is a dominant color in dogs, so we’re fairly confident in our assumption. Enzo is muscular but I don’t know where that comes from. I guess the mixed-breed plays a large part in E’s appearance.

Personality: Enzo is the sweetest soul in the world. He has a laid back personality and he’s ridiculously good with other dogs and children and almost everyone. He’s the least aggressive dog in the world BUT he does love to give chase (husky?). Also, if we’re on a walk and a scary-looking unfamiliar stranger (hood up/baggy clothes/has a quick or aggressive walk) gets too close to us Enzo will keep his eyes glued to the person (typically male) and growl  at him. It’s super out of character for him but he’s done it multiple times so it’s not a fluke. E is extremely bonded to us (esp me). He was a dream to train and he still lives to please us. Whatever he is, I feel like he got all the best qualities of those dogs.

Kyle is obviously pumped. He’s been walking around the house calling the dogs “my two pretty huskies”, lol. I’m happy to know what the dogs are but it doesn’t matter one bit. Haha. Our dogs will always be mixed rescue dogs 🙂

If you’ve ever thought about doing a DNA kit for you pup, I say DO IT. Especially if you can get a kit while it’s on sale!

But also- did you guess right??

* It completely got past me that Wisdom Panel is a Mars Inc. company. Mars is not a cruelty-free company. If you decide to DNA test your dogs, do more research than I did and spend your money in a way that keeps your soul happy.

We Are Crazy- and Grateful

The other night I was lying in bed and realized that I am 110% crazy. Dog crazy. I’m the crazy dog lady (married to a crazy dog man). When I had this realization I was comfortably drifting off to sleep with Enzo, our 35lbs. collie/whippet mix, curled up between my knees. Lylee, our 65lbs. husky/boxer mix was behind me, lying between K and I with her paws draped across my back. He had his arm wrapped around her back. Essentially it was a triple-spoon situation. Weird, right? That’s when I decided we’re totally bonkers.

On top of that, last Friday my dogs and I were invited to a doggie birthday party for our good friend, Ernie the miniature dachshund. Lylee stayed home, but Enzo and I went and had a marvelous time! We celebrated his first birthday with hats, gifts, and human and puppies cakes. Ernie’s mom, Kayla, said that he passed out from happy exhaustion as soon as we left.


Yesterday I met my other best friend and her pup, Bones, at a local elementary school and we had a puppy playdate at the fenced-in playground. Obviously the company I keep know what’s important in life, too: four paws and a wet nose.

It used to bother me that people mocked me for gushing about my dogs or pointed out the yellow dog hair on my pants. Honestly, though, I don’t care 🙂 My dogs are amazing, intelligent little souls. They love they harbor for K and me is immeasurable. As much as I love them, I know they love us more because we are literally their entire world. We don’t deserve that love, but it doesn’t stop them.

How crazy is that? I have to ability to fill their tummies, make them happy, keep them safe, discipline them, etc. Their entire lifestyle depends on us… so why wouldn’t I obsess over them? Their happiness and health is my responsibility.

We don’t have children- and I know that kids bring a whole new set of emotions, responsibilities, and hurdles- but right now our dog have the basic needs of humans, children, etc. They want to be fed and loved. They need to be healthy and exercised. They seek comfort when they’re scared or injured. They have favorite snacks, actives, and ways to be loved.

I know that I am on the extreme end of this dog-mom spectrum. Our babies sleep with us, ride in the car, get Christmas gifts, and have playdates. (At the same time, because of this strong bond, 98% of the time I know what my dogs want, need, and prefer.) I can tell you what my dogs will do before they do it. No everyone is that invested; I get it.

BUT… if you are a dog owner or you are considering getting (adopting) a pup, you owe them more than food, water, and shelter. (That’s all the State of Ohio requires. That’s a load of cow poo.) Some dogs have the intelligence and emotional capacity of a 2 year old child. You don’t need a kid to know how smart and emotional a 2 year old can be. On top of food and shelter you owe your 4-legged friend love, attention, proactive healthcare, exercise, and loyalty.

Can you tell I’m a little passionate about this? I’ll wrap it up, but not without a video I saw last week:

My heart is so grateful for the love my dogs give me- I can only attempt to return that love to them.

Do you have a dog? What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog? Have you considered adding a dog to your family?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Meet the Canine: Enzo

I like to save my favorite posts for Friday! Today I’m joining the link-up with Erin from TexErin-in-SydneyLand for Meet the Canines.

Without fur-ther ado (get it?), I hand the reins over to our youngest, Enzo.

Hey, folks.
Hey, folks.

Mom has given me strict instructions to introduce myself and then answer a few questions about my likes and dislikes. Under no circumstance am I to get off topic or talk about things that I just remembered like the kibble I left in my dish to eat later since my breakfast was interrupted by a rabbit in the front yard where I never get to play because the backyard is fenced in and… Wait. I think I’m getting off topic.

My name is Enzo Bugglesworth, but they call me Enzo-Bug for short… Anyway, I am a year and a half old- mom & dad adopted me when I was 9 weeks. People says I’m a “mutt” but my vet is convinced I have some weimaraner in me and my grandma calls me a whippet and the rescue said I was a collie mix. Regardless, I’m super fast and I don’t like being yelled at.

Ok. I think that’s enough. Time for some questions!

Step into my office and we'll begin this interview.
Step into my office and we’ll begin this interview.

What’s your favorite activity that doesn’t involve eating?
Eating things I’m not supposed to. I don’t do it often, but my resume boasts 3 blankets, a down comforter, the ugly pillow in the living room, and two TV remotes. So delicious. Wait…. not involving eat? Dang. Probably licking my sister’s face when she least expects it.

This is my sister, Lylee.
This is my sister, Lylee.

What’s your favorite dog treat?
Carrots. This is not a joke. I love carrots. Also, whipped cream. Sometimes I see mom and dad eat that stuff and I wonder why they’re eating dog food.

What’s your highest level of education?
I have completed beginner, intermediate, and advanced training. Mom is also working to make me a licensed therapy dog. I don’t want to brag, but when I’m paying attention I’m pretty smart. (Which happens 4% of the time.)

Graduation from Puppy School! Mom was so proud.

Who is your best friend?
I mean, Lylee is my other half, but outside the family I enjoy a good game of chase with my friend Ernie the dachshund.

Action shot!
Action shot!

I also made a new friend last month; her name is Dr. Bones. She’s a year younger than me and she’s got some terrier in her, but I feel the start of something special there.

Would you like to have children some day?
Mom says this is impossible. I say if you can dream, it you can do it. But mom still says it’s scientifically impossible. Plus I’m not allowed to hump things which apparently has a direct correlation with puppies? I do love human children, though. I’d like to have a few of them around the house someday.

Do you have a favorite TV show or movie? Favorite band?
I prefer the music of my people. It starts with a soft growl and erupts into a horrendous yowl/screech. I think dad really enjoys that, too. He yells with me when I really get going. As far as TV goes, nothing puts me (and mom) to sleep like a NASCAR Race. My favorite movie is obviously Ghostbusters.

Tell us the story of your adoption.
This was the best day EVER. Before mom & dad took me home I lived with a foster dad, golden retriever, and my biological brother, Tanner (who was renamed Zedd). They were great but everyone kept talking about a “forever home.” I met mom and dad in a small room in the headquarters of Paws & Prayers. Mom liked Tanner because he had spots on his nose, but I really laid the cuteness on thick with dad and won that sucker over. He also liked my white racing stripe. (Stripe was my original name!)

They didn’t take me right away because they were also planning to see a boxer at another rescue so they left for a bit but pretty soon they were back (empty handed)! Another young couple also decided to adopt Tanner that day! Mom scooped me up and didn’t let me go until we arrive at my new home! Of course they bought me a nice leash & collar, food bowls, and a new sweater. On the drive home mom & dad tossed around names. They almost settled on “Nitro” when dad suggested Enzo, after the Enzo Ferrari. Yep, I’m named after a Ferrari.

The deal breaker was my soon-to-be-big-sister Lylee. She was very aggressive at that point and she had to approve me before it was official. Mom set me down in the driveway and dad brought Lylee out. Mom had been praying about this moment alllll morning so I did my best to sit still and let Lylee sniff me out. I was very brave, if I do say so myself. After a few seconds she decided I was ok and it was official!

Adoption Day!
Adoption Day! Dad’s pumped.

There you have it! Mom says I am one of the best dogs she’s ever owned. Although the pee spot in the spare bedroom this morning might have her reconsidering…

Stay tuned for a Lylee link-up someday soon!

-Enzo & Louise

Holiday Pet Guide

Happy Holidays! This time of year can be happy, hopeful, relaxing, stressful, or hectic- it all depends on what you make of it. Hopefully your holidays are a time of relaxation and celebration! I don’t know about you, but I have two furry family members that partake in our Christmas festivities. My babes are getting lots of gifts and love this season,  but it’s important to remember some pet-related tips this holiday…

dog snoopy

1. Keep an eye on the table scraps
There are foods that dogs and humans can share, but during the holidays we tend to bring out the more toxic yummys. Dog should not consume caffeine, beer, wine (no grapes!), nuts, certain holiday spices, chocolate, and anything with a garlic or onion base! Also, chicken bones are a no-no for any animal.

dog snoopy 2

2. Plant life can be hazardous (and so can everything else)
My dogs love to chew on sticks and mulch so we have to keep a close eye on our tree. Additionally, poinsettias are poisonous to dogs, cats, children, etc. Be smart about your decorations- tinsel, ribbon, fake snow, and garland can all be big problems if you own a curious dog or cat!

dog and kid

3. Giving a pet as a gift is rarely a good idea…
I feel so strongly about this one. DO NOT give a dog or cat as a Christmas gift unless everyone is on board and ready to take responsibility. Do not give Jr. a dog for Christmas and take it to the shelter in a January because “he wasn’t taking care of it.” A pet a is a WHOLE family’s responsibility and when you make (stupid) decisions like this it’s not the kid who “learned a lesson” or was punished- it’s the pet who really suffers. Don’t adopt an animal unless everyone is ready to accept responsibility and everyone is in agreement.

*Side note: Every year, as people prepare for the holidays, veterinarians are asked to euthanize perfectly healthy dogs and cats. People cleaning up their homes for the holidays make the decision to get rid of the dog “no one cares for.” Additionally, shelters FILL with animals after the holidays because the novelty of the “gift” wears off and housebreaking turns out to be harder than one thought. Don’t be one of these pathetic excuses of a person.

4. Travel Intelligently
If you are traveling with your pet for the holidays then it’s important to make sure they are welcome at hotels and relatives’ houses. Additionally, be sure to have collars and tags on your pet at ALL TIMES. Animals can slip out the door when you unload the car or welcome guests. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

dog ralphie

5. Know your pet
I know that my dogs are hyper. I know that my dogs love children. I know that my dogs are temperamental around other dogs. If you have a puppy then it’s important to watch for messes and give him a nap break. If you’ve got an older dog be sure to give her some alone time away from the chaos and children. Additionally, don’t forget about your pets at home- check on them, stop by your house and let them out for a bit, etc.

Any questions? 🙂