Halloween Costumes | Part 2

I will admit “Part 2” almost didn’t happen. I’ve been so overwhelmed the last week and a half. This weekend is my birthday so hopefully I can calm down and spend the rest of October relaxing and enjoying the fall festivities! If you miss Part 1 of the costume series you can catch up here! Part 3 will be happening the Wednesday before Halloween!

Part 2 is all about you! Last week I talked about couples/group costumes but today we’re focusing on the individual. Not everyone wants to partner up and I totally get it- the more accolades for you and your creativity! 😉

Hipster Zombie
One year I had a Halloween Murder Mystery Party and I dictated the costumes. My brother was “Zedd Undeade”- a hipster zombie that owned a coffee shop. I’d say he pulled it off flawlessly with some gray paint and suspenders.


. . .

Biker Dude
My mom is a Halloween master. She helped my brother put together the zombie costume and her werewolf outfit is untouchable. Last year she decided to be a biker dude. My dad was so disturbed. I can’t blame him… the chest hair is just creepy!


. . .

Day of the Dead Skeletons
My friend Dana is the cutest. She’s crafty and creative and such a fun soul to be around! When she and her husband Jamie showed up last year as Day of the Dead skeletons I was SO impressed (but not the least bit surprised).


. . .

Older Version of Yourself
Kayla’s family owns a nursing home empire. I’m only kind of kidding. Her costume was a breeze to outfit since she had all the gear- including the apple juice-filled catheter. Ew!


. . .

An Owl, Dobby the House Elf, & Sushi
Amanda’s owl was a simple and warm costume (good for chilly Halloween nights), but super detailed with the patches of fabric!

Dana’s Dobby’s creativity at work again! Aren’t her ears the cutest?? 10 points to Ravenclaw!

Caroline made her costume just before we stepped out for the evening. She’s the most adorable little bite of sushi I’ve ever seen!



My husband brought a new Halloween costume idea to the table last weekend so now we might not do the couples thing. Good thing we starting talking about this in September! Ha!

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?


Things I Thought Would be More Fun as an Adult

Like most children, when I was young I believed that being an adult meant I’d have unlimited freedom and I could “do whatever I wanted to do.” Har har har. Now I look back at that 9 year old and tell her to go grab a juice box and watch some cartoons.

Adult Fun

Here are all the glorious luxuries that I believed accompanied being a grown up.

| Making money and spending it however I want. |
Well, I do have a job so I do make money… but once it goes to the mortgage, utilities, debt, and savings I don’t have much of that money left…

| Staying up as late as I want to. |
Which is 8pm. But as a functioning adult I force myself to stay up until 10 or 11pm.

| Waking up early to play with my toys. |
HA. I barely wake up early enough to shower before work, let alone hang out with my beanie babies.

| Hanging out with my friends whenever I want to. |
This is actually true-ish and was very accurate in college… but this requires me and those friends to have free time and we all know that doesn’t always happen…

| Adopting all the animals I want and bringing home every stray. |
My husband put the kibosh on this one… which is actually a good thing.

| Spending the night with K and having sleepovers all the time. |
Yep… I loved going from a bed where all the covers, pillows, and blankets belonged to me to a bed where I share EVERYTHING with a snoring, thrashing, heat-producing partner.

| Not having my parents tell me what to do all the time. |
And now I literally seek out their advice. Yep… I’m THAT adult.

| Watching R-rated movie. |
I don’t even like R-rated movies…

| Avoiding my chores and doing the fun stuff first. |
My mother ruined me. As a child I was taught that you work first to play later. I can’t relax and chill unless the laundry is done and the dishes are clean and the living room is vacuumed. UGH.

| Not having to go to church/the dentist/Lowe’s/anywhere I don’t want to go. |
First of all, now I want to go to church so that’s off the list. Secondly, I still avoid the dentist and that’s why my teeth hurt… And owning a home forces me to go to Lowe’s, even though I still hate that store.

( + SIDE NOTE: I have a love/hate relationship with an empty bed. I really do love drifting off next to my hubby and surrounded by our pups. Also, I don’t actually play with Beanie Babies anymore, but in my heyday I boasted a collection of +120. + )

Did adulthood live up to your childhood expectations? What were some things you were “looking forward to”? Am I the only one with an irrational hatred for Lowe’s?