Love, Kindness, and a Little PRIDE

I had a different post scheduled for today but when something emotional happens to you and you’re a writer/blogger, you write about it. This weekend I went to my first Pride.

There is some bad bad bad stuff happening in our world country right now. It makes me physically sick to think about and read about and keep up with. The amount of goodness and love and support and joy that I witnessed on Saturday has renewed my hope and fire and energy. I’m an introvert and I was fully expecting Pride to wipe me out and exhaust me, but it did the opposite. Strangers shouting HAPPY PRIDE to one another, bright colors and countless corporations, politicians, villages, and small businesses sharing their love and support for the LGBTQ+ community, and having my friends around me (even in the +90 degree heat) was exhilarating.

It floors me that marriage is only recently legal. Love was outlawed and persecuted and HATED up until a mere THREE years ago. What the actual hell? One of my very best friends is gay and it kills me that for so long her love was illegal. Guys, she is a FIERCE love-giver. When she is on your side she is on. your. side. And for so long this country wasn’t on her side. I feel so damn overjoyed and grateful to have celebrated her love on Saturday. Pride was the most beautiful, freeing celebration of love. It was awesome.

I witnessed some off the wall stuff on Saturday. Topless women, a drag show, some incredibly colorful outfits. It was nuts, but nuts in the absolute best way. Everyone was happy. Everyone was kind. Everyone cheered for and supported everyone.

Actually, that’s a lie. For a moment, almost directly across the parade from us was a man in an anti-GAY shirt with a megaphone. I have no idea what hate he was spewing because a girl with a large bass drum kept following him around, making noise every time his pie-hole opened. It was glorious and I think she might’ve been a superhero. Eventually he gave up and left.

I want to note that I grew up and live in a conservative small town. Big cities intimidate me and diversity is not something that runs wild in my neck of the woods. I love my town, but how I wish I could bring all the color and love from Pride back home and educate the handful of fearful folks. Someday opinions will change, but to do that we must all embrace and love as strongly and fully as the LGBTQ+ community does. You don’t have to be a negative product of your environment- you can have a positive influence on that environment instead.

I’m turning comments off today. I don’t think much more needs to be said on this topic. The world is filled with hate and you won’t find any of that here today. Take care of yourselves, friends. And take good care of others ❤

Canada, Oh Canada | Part 2

Welcome back, travel bugs! If you need to catch up quick, here’s Part 1!

Sunday morning started with a beautiful sunrise over the falls! We’d left our curtains open to see the illuminated falls, plus we were high enough that privacy wasn’t an issue, so I woke up to this!


We had a 10:40am appointment to do “Journey Behind the Falls” so we got some Starbucks, browsed the gift store for future purchases, and then took an elevator down to the base of the falls!

Journey 2

This was so, so cool. We were behind the waterfall! It was chilly & wet but a pretty awesome experience with information cards and facts along the way. Also, the crowds were SO manageable and appreciated by this introvert!

Journey 1

My hubby & I love history and historic facts, so this was our cup of tea!

After our adventure we got some lunch, bought some souvenirs for our favorite dog sitter (THANK YOU!) and our favorite baby Elliot, and then headed back to the hotel to change clothes for our next adventure.

"You have to look at the phone or it'll look like you're looking up." So the smarty looked at the phone...
“You have to look at the phone or it’ll look like you’re looking up.” So the smart-aleck looked at the phone…

I purchased a Wonder Pass for a very discounted price before we left Ohio and it included access to Niagara’s Fury, Journey Behind the Falls, and a trip to the Butterfly Conservatory. We stopped at the latter on our way up north to the lake.


I hate bugs, but that was pretty neat. Next stop, Niagara-on-the-Lake!


. . .


. . .

This little house reminded me of Alice in Wonderland
This little house reminded me of Alice in Wonderland

. . .


. . .


. . .


We walked around, browsed some shops, and snacked on ice cream. Originally we planned on doing a ghost walk at 8pm, but we were tired and hungry so at 5pm we had dinner at Cork’s Winery and went back to the hotel to lounge and journal.

We left bright and early on Monday so K could get back to work. He’s a work-aholic fo sho’.

Happy Anniversary, Baby!