Overhaul: 12 Months, 12 Habits

Bad habits are tough to break. I try to check off seasonal goals and bucket list activities, but that doesn’t do much for my bad habits. I got the idea to challenge myself in September with waking up early on time every day, but then thought, ‘Why not keep this going for 12 months?’

So here we are. All twelve months highlight things I’d like to change. My hope is that by altering my behavior for a solid 28 to 31 days I will foster some new (good) habits. So here’s what the next year looks like:

September: Wake up at 6am on weekdays
October: Don’t yell at/lose temper with Lylee
November: Wash my face every single night
December: Go to church every Sunday
January: No trips north just to shop
February: No eating past 8pm
March: No fast food (unless necessarily while traveling)
April: Go for a walk 4 times per week
May: Read for 30 minutes every day
June: Water the plants EVERY DAY
July: Cook 4 good edible meals (not all Asian) per week*
August: Yoga, three times a week, in the studio or at home
*K helped with the July goal, lol. And he’ll BE helping that with goal in July #GrillKing

Some of these are self-explanatory: getting up on time, not losing my temper with Ly (who can be incredibly frustrating/headstrong/stubborn/defiant), reading every day. The no eating past 8pm hopefully helps me curb bored snacking at night- which I’m guilty of. January’s habit is a mini-shopping ban. Unless I drive 30 minutes north I don’t have access to Target, Old Navy, HomeGoods, etc.

When we travel I won’t be holding myself to these things. I take food & sleep whenever I can get it on business trips. Ha.

I’m kicking off the 6am wake up call on Monday. Wish me luck! I’ll probably mention this monthly just to keep myself accountable πŸ™‚

You Drive Me Crazy

Or rather… I drive him crazy πŸ™‚

At the end of April I posted about our wedding anniversary and all the mushy gushy feelings I have about being married to K. Essentially y’all got the cropped and edited “good stuff.” But I’m all about keeping it real. We squabble and pick at one another daily. (Hellooooo- we work together.) I thought it’d be fun to share all the ways in which I drive Kyle batty.

Some outtakes and touch-ups from our 4 year tree pic.

(Some of these I’m trying to improve on, some of these he has to deal with because he said, “for better or worse.”)

Running things under my nails– especially his business cards. He HATES when I swipe a card off his desk and start mindlessly cleaning my nails while I talk to him.

Sliding out of the truck. K is a car maniac and it drives him up a wall when I slide out of the truck instead of using the running board. He says I’m destroying the integrity of the seat cushion by collapsing the foam. I say he doesn’t keep a vehicle long enough for it to matter.

Sleeping in. I’ve mentioned this here before, but K HATES it when I sleep in or abuse the “snooze” button. I’m working on this one- more for myself than for him, though πŸ˜‰

Not listening. In my defense, sometimes most times I’m mid-paragraph in a book and he starts to talk to me. Then again, other times I’m listening and then I get distracted. But I’m always 100% honest about it and I stop him when I’ve realized I’m no longer retaining the information. (He says that doesn’t make it ok.) I swear I’m working on this one, too.

So there we go. We’ve got good days and bad days- no one’s perfect πŸ˜‰

Making Room | 12 Months of Bliss

July is over. July is OVER. JULY IS OVER?! How is July already over…?

If you recall, I am currently participating in Emily’s (Ember Grey) 12 Months of Bliss Project. (Check out last month’s Happiness Stamped challenge!)

This month was more of an internal, hold-yourself-accountable, make a change challenge. Spoiler alert: I didn’t do so hot.

July’s challenge was entitled “Making Room.” This past month I was challenged to make a list of my habits and then consciously kick a bad one out of my daily routine. This will definitely be a year-long challenge because I didΒ not do very well this month. My bad habit isΒ sleeping through my alarm/hitting snooze. I set an alarm for 6 am (then 6:30 am, then 7 am, then 7:15 am) to be at work at 8 am… I would LOVE to wake up at 6 am and spend time with my dogs, maybe take a walk, take an easy, rejuvenating shower, and munch on some breakfast.

So I will be working on this in August… and September… and October. Because I am a night owl and I have no desire to “get the worm.” But I know I should.

Next month’s challenge is called “A Life Inspired” and I’m really looking forward to it! Won’t you join us?? It’s not too late!


EG's Twelve Months of Bliss
. . .
I’d like to start a personal project this month (and hold myself accountable on my blog)! I recently realized that I have nearly 50 projects pinned on my Pinterest Craft Board, but I never take the time to do them. Total bummer, right?? So I’m going to take one pin every month- I’m calling this The Pinterest Project for now. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a better name and make it a link-up, but for now I’m going to simply tackle the pins. Feel free to join me! I’ll post at the end of the month about the pin I chose to craft and how it ended up! Do you want to informally join me? πŸ™‚

When the Cat’s Away…

…the wife will play! Every once in a while K goes on a business trip. I think this is total b.s. because he hates traveling and I love it, but our jobs demand the opposite from us. Grrr. Anyway, he’s been on the road lately (but he’s home now, all you thieves and robbers), and I’ve noticed that my habits change when he’s gone. I kind of revert back to a college student… which is a pathetic version of myself. Haha.


Things I do when K is away:

– I watch horrible, fake, cheesy reality TV. The Bachelor, Amish Mafia, Dance Moms… seriously, my taste in entertainment goes down the toilet when my hubby isn’t around to police me.

– I sleep with a kitchen knife under my pillow. If I can find a normal pocket knife I’ll use that, but usually I’ve got the pink kitchen knife (with the matching blade guard) under my pillow. Here’s the warning: If I believe I’m in danger (or, more importantly, my dogs are in danger), I will shoot/stab/bite you.

– I eat like a starving college kid. Usually I treat myself to some ramen noddles or hamburger helper or McDonalds. I know, I know: I’m awesome at being an independent adult.

– I call my parents a lot. I am introvert through and through, but I can only handle so much alone time. I live in the same town as my ‘rents so if I get super desperate for human interaction I can go eat dinner/hang out with them.

– I spoil the dogs. They miss their dad when he’s away so we usually take an extra walk or hit up a park when Dad’s gone. They also get an abundance of carrots, peanut butter, popcorn, and hamburger meat… Hehe.

– I abandon all good intentions. Last time K left town I was going to paint the spare bedroom (because we finally agreed on a color), organize his desk/filing cabinets, cook some casseroles to freeze, and thoroughly clean my office. Guess what things got done… Nothing. But I did bank 6 episodes of Dance Moms.

– I revert back to my 8 year-old paranoid self. I jump from the “safe zone” into bed. I refuse to go to the basement without some type of light. (And I HATE going into the unfinished utility room or attic. Last year I convinced myself that someone lived in the attic.) And if the dogs start barking? I go into red door alert mode. The paranoia is real, man.

– I go shopping. I do this when K is home, too, but I usually treat myself to a trip to the “bigger cities” around us and spend some unnecessary dough at Starbucks and Target.

– Daily chores get done. I stink at completing big tasks, but I do actually vacuum, wash dishes, and start/finish laundry. I even make the bed each morning. I hate doing this while he’s home because… I don’t know. I’m just more productive when it’s me and the dogs.


We will be spending Valentine’s Day apart and I told him that I was going to take myself to see 50 Shades of Grey. This is a total joke because I didn’t read the book and I have no interest in spending +$10 on a porno, but I’m curious. If only it was on Netflix… Maybe it will be by K’s next business trip.

What do you do when you’re spending time on your own? We all have bad/lazy habits!