Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach…

Last week (during my blog hiatus) I vacationed to Sunset Beach, NC with my family. Kyle and I, my mom and dad, and my little brother Fred and his wife Christina all stayed in a 4 bedroom beachfront house along the east coast.

It was kind of odd to be back in a house with my parents and brother- especially with the addition of our spouses. We all have different personalities and habits, but I think the week went really well.

K and I were almost always the first ones awake. We also made almost all the homemade meals. We were I was also the planner of the days/excursions.

Fred and Christina were much more laid back. They went on walks when they wanted to, woke up naturally and slowly, and often went with whatever flow I suggested. (Our older sibling/younger sibling personalities come out in full force when we’re together…)

My parents are familiar with Fred’s and my differing personalities so they just mediated and provided some form of structure. There were no outburst last week, though, so my parents had a pretty easy job.

Like most beach vacations we had a nice mix of shore time, restaurant dining, mini-golfing, and adventuring. We wandered up to Wilmington, NC one day to tour the USS North Carolina and grab some lunch. Another day was spent down in North Myrtle Beach at the outlet malls.

Funny enough, K’s family was vacationing in MB the same week we were down there. We spent the 4th of July having dinner at their beach house and visiting with relatives that we only see once a year. (They had 15 people living in their house… 😳)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, my parents’ 14 year old shepherd-lab mix passed away from old age while we were gone. We all hated that we weren’t with Heidi for those last few days. She was a loyal, sweet, stubborn, protective, loving soul. My parents’ dog-sitter Jen was devastated to find that Heidi had died in her sleep- we all felt terrible for her. Obviously it wasn’t Jennifer’s fault and she had nothing to do with Heidi’s passing, but what a crappy thing to discover…

The heartwarming thing was that a handful of my parents’ friends called or texted to offer their condolences and some even offered to drive out to my parents’ house and bury her. My grandma had saved a steak bone from their supper for Heidi the night before and was heartbroken to hear she’d died. I honestly can’t explain how good it feels to be a part of a community that loves our family- including all our dogs.

So overall, even with the loss of Heidi, our vacation was a nice one. K and I are super happy to be home with our fur babes and it’s nice to be back in the midst of our company (running a company from the road is stressful but necessary). That said, the week-long break was 100% necessary.

This was my first time at Sunset Beach! It was much quieter and less commercialized than Myrtle. I’d recommend the island to anyone. Specifically, if you’re in the area, check these out!

Crabby Oddwaters (restaurant in Sunset Beach, NC)
Sooooo good. The staff was super friendly, the atmosphere was beachy and slightly bayou-y, and we had an amazing meal! We also saw an alligator (…crocodile?) in the water outside the window!

USS North Carolina (navy boat and museum in Wilmington, NC)
Last year when K and I went to Myrtle we almost wandered up the coast to tour this ship, but we decided not to. I’m so glad we went this time around! I love history and walking through the cabins and rooms of a once-active warship gave me goosebumps. It was hotter than Hell but I loved experiencing this piece of history!

Bummz Beach Cafe (restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC)
We had the steamed shrimp as an appetizer and it was so. dang. good. I swear I’ve thought about that shrimp at least once a day since we left Bummz. I think you’d definitely drive right past this place if you were cruising N. Ocean Boulevard for some dinner, but I’m telling you right now you need to pull over and give this place a shot! (Also, it kind of cracked me up that my grandma sent us to this restaurant… I mean, it’s named after butts… hahaha!)

Have you been to Sunset Beach, NC? Where is your summer vacation spot this year?

Craving a ‘Cation

If I haven’t said it before (I have), I love to travel. I think that any month is a good month to travel, but I’m particularly fond of April & October because I usually find cheaper flights/cruises/hotels. That said, summer is the popular season for travel and every time warm weather rolls around I crave relaxation and vacation!


I will say that I am a fortunate human- I’m fairly well-traveled and we usually take 2 or 3 trips per year. This July we’re taking a family vacation to a lake in Missouri and in September I’m headed to the beach with my best friend. Also, I’m 100% determined to get the hubby & I on a beach in Cabo within the next year. (Seriously. I dream about it.)

I have a lot to look forward to, but there are so many things that make me instantly want to be on a beach, sipping on a fruit drink and reading a page-turner.

I won’t lie… part of my inspiration for this post was an email I just got from Red Lobster advertising their new “Island Escape” promotion. So, like, if I come eat there I get to escape to the island, right??!

Honeymoon Season
We attended our second wedding of the summer this past Saturday. On Monday the two love birds flew to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I’m really happy for them- seriously, I am- but I feel like I probably need to go to Hawaii, too. I mean, I’ve never been, so that’s probably enough of a reason to hop on a boat and row on over.

Summer Vacation
I used to look forward to the day all my Facebook friends were out of high school and college so I’d never have to lust over their summer vacations again… Well, now half of them are teachers. Summer vacation is a privilege reserved only for those who deal with children +8 hours a day. Sigh.

Zac Brown/Kenny Chesney/etc.
Staaaaahp. I wanna be knee deep in the water somewhere with the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair… Take me with you, Kenny! I’ll trade it all in for a pirate flag and an island girl. (Well, I don’t want the island girl, but I’ll take the flag & rum.)

Maxi Dresses
I can’t walk through Target or Marshalls without seeing a maxi dress. It wouldn’t be a problem, except then I daydream of walking through the sand with the ocean water brushing the bottom of my hem and splashing my ankles. (See, you’re imagining it, too, right?)

I can’t be the only one craving a vacation, right? June is here and my inbox is flooded with emails from Carnival and Travelocity (and Red Lobster)!

Where would you take off to right now if you could? Do you have a favorite beach or island to visit? Maybe you like to vacation in-land?