Thankful Fridays

November always makes me extra thankful. I try to carry this attitude into the other 11 months, but November (and Thanksgiving) gives me that extra little push. Last year I posted weekly about the things I was thankful for and this year Fridays will be my weekly dose of thankfulness!

Today I’m going to share a story about K that has kept my heart full and glowing.

A few weeks ago K went to his normal hair salon and got his normal cut. His stylist was very new to the job but one of his usual girls was coaching her along (and K assured the girls that it was just hair and it would grow back). After it was all over (and there were no major mistakes), K noticed that the girl who’d been assisting was half asleep at her salon chair. He was going to tease her about it, but she shared that she hadn’t been to sleep in two days because she was working two jobs to keep her and her (unemployed) boyfriend feed and housed. When K went to the counter to pay he tipped his stylist a fair amount and left $20 for the half-asleep girl.

(Can I just stop here and tell you how much I love my husband?)

Later we talked about the girl’s tight situation. He said that another stylist in the salon was getting ready to pawn a ring so that she and her boyfriend could afford necessities. It was a certainly a holy-cow-we-are-blessed moment for him.

So often we joke about having no money to pick up steaks at the grocery store or buy a new pair of shoes at the mall, but in all honesty we have full tummies, spoiled dogs, and a warm place to sleep every night. Some people work so, so hard and still don’t have those things guaranteed to them. I know this, and I know you know this, but every once in a while the reminder is a serious punch to the gut.

K and I would survive without all our luxuries, but I am thankful that we don’t have to right now. More than that, I am thankful for a grounded husband who notices when others are struggling and does what he can to lessen their burden.




Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


Another Weekend in the Books | #gratefulheart

Short & sweet today, friends. I’m home from my girls’ beach vacation and last night I felt incredibly blessed to open the back door to two excited dogs and a cheerful husband. What did I do to deserve such unconditional love? I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel and relax with friends. I’m also incredibly thankful to have a husband that holds down the fort and doubles the love for the dogs for a few days in my absence. I also got a 1am phone call, which can be a really good thing or a really bad thing, and thankfully it was excellent news! (More on that later- I promise!)

For now, I’m happy to be back at work, back in Ohio, and back to my side of the king-size bed, smothered by dogs and soothed by K’s breathing.


. . .


. . .



Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

A Weekend Recap & A Grateful Heart

Happy Monday! This week is going to be c.r.a.z.y. but so fun! I have my full-time job, two shifts at the part-time place, a Foo Fighters concert (WOO HOO!), a day off and a visit to my mom’s classroom to meet her new kids, a hair cut (byeee long hair!) and a cookout with friends! Whew! That’s a lot to think about!

Before I jump into the next 7 days of craziness let’s recap my fun-filled weekend!

Friday I took a trip to a nearby city and did some unsuccessful shopping (great start to the weekend, right?) and then came home to enjoy some pizza with the husband. Saturday was a little better. I walked the pups, got some chores done, and went to a gorgeous wedding in Ohio’s back-country with my momma.

The obligatory wedding selfie!
The obligatory wedding selfie! (Last time curling this mane?)

. . .

The beautiful venue!

. . .

Mom & Me
Mom & Me

. . .

The gorgeous bride!
The gorgeous bride!

. . .

The wedding started at 1 o’clock and ended by 5. I spent the evening watching the NASCAR race (because what else would I be doing?!).

. . .

Sunday was spent with my best friend and favorite baby at the local park! A wonderful way to end the weekend!


. . .

Such an observant little baby!
Such an observant little lady!

. . .

So that sums up my weekend! Feeling so grateful and blessed this week! Bring on the insanity!

How was your weekend?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

I’m So Happy!

Do you ever get in a mood where you feel incredibly happy? My mood swings more than a jungle gym, but I just love love love when I’m feelin’ happy for no reason! Nothing has prompted today’s joy, but here are a few things that make me happy!

| Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars|
I just love this song’s groove! It’s so darn peppy and fun! It’s definitely been played to death, but when I’m in a good mood I still wiggle in my seat when it comes on!

Race days (which is not a Wednesday) just make me so happy! I love watching NASCAR and I love napping during the race! The white noise is amazing! Also, there’s nothing more exciting than a live NASCAR race! (Come ooooooon, April 19th!)

| Elliot Rose’s Grin |
Last night I got to hang out with my best friend and my favorite chubby cheek-ed baby! She’s 2 months old today and I just can’t believe how much personality she already has! When she makes all her faces I just feel so happy!

| Sugar by Maroon 5 |
This is another song that I crank up to max volume. The music video also gives me all the feels!

| Dog Smiles |
If you have a pup in your life does s/he ever just turn and give you that smile of pure bliss?? I love that! I swear mine do it when they think I’m proud of them (fetching a ball, walking without pulling, etc.). They also do it when we’re hardcore snuggling in the mornings. Enzo prances, too, which sends me into giggles.


Do you get days of unprompted joy? What makes you happy?


Love is in the Air

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so today I’m spreading the love around!

5 Reasons I Love My Mom…
1. If I need her help she drops everything.
2. I got my love and respect for animals from her.
3. She brings home as much bacon as my dad (& by “bacon” I mean income).
4. She taught me to work first so you can play later.
5. She still loves me despite my horrible teen years.

When I was in college my mom took me to Harry Potter World and we went to the MIDNIGHT PREMIER OF THE FINAL HP MOVIE IN HP WORLD. Obviously we dressed up- she was Trelawney.
When I was in college my mom took me to Harry Potter World and we went to the MIDNIGHT PREMIER OF THE FINAL HP MOVIE IN HP WORLD. Obviously we dressed up- she was Prof. Trelawney.

5 Reasons I Love My Dad…
1. He always sides with me against Mom.
2. We have very similar moods and mood swings.
3. He’s always been so supportive of K and the business (which is housed in one of my Dad’s garages).
4. He enjoys disagreeing with me and I’m actually pretty sure he’s proud of me for forming opinions that don’t always mirror his.
5. He taught me that being honest and being nice will get you very far in life.

Last summer Dad lost his wedding ring in the ocean so Mom bought him a new one for his 50th b-day.
Last summer Dad lost his wedding ring in the ocean so Mom bought him a new one for his 50th b-day.

5 Reasons I Love My Brother…
1. He never, ever, ever judges me. We don’t always agree, but he’s always honest with me and supportive.
2. His relationship with K is better than I could’ve hope for. I love that my husband and brother get along.
3. He’s always been my best friend and all family vacations have been a blast with him. He invited me skiing tonight with his friends! He’s so inclusive 🙂
4. He loves our dogs.
5. He makes special trips for my parties and special events, and I like to think he tells me all his news first.


5 Reasons I Love My Husband…
1. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else in my life.
2. He doesn’t spoil me but he treats me every once in a while.
3. He doesn’t have a “friend personality” and a “home personality”- he’s just always Kyle.
4. He loves our dogs with every fiber of his being.
5. His hardwork and dedication to success mirror mine.

Halloween 2011
Halloween 2011

5 Reasons I Love Our Dogs…
1. Enzo and I have such a bond from training and traveling together.
2. Lylee would protect our house against anything and everything (except the smoke detector).
3. I love when Enzo snuggles up to my side in the morning, as if to say, “5 more minutes, Mom.”
4. I’m so proud of Lylee and I love her for the strides she’s made in overcoming her anxiety.
5. Both our fur babies live and love to please us. They will be so perfect when we have kids in the house for them to play with and protect.

(Enzo was just a squirt in this picture!)
(Enzo was just a squirt in this picture!)

I’m filled with so much love today! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!