I’m So Happy!

Do you ever get in a mood where you feel incredibly happy? My mood swings more than a jungle gym, but I just love love love when I’m feelin’ happy for no reason! Nothing has prompted today’s joy, but here are a few things that make me happy!

| Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars|
I just love this song’s groove! It’s so darn peppy and fun! It’s definitely been played to death, but when I’m in a good mood I still wiggle in my seat when it comes on!

Race days (which is not a Wednesday) just make me so happy! I love watching NASCAR and I love napping during the race! The white noise is amazing! Also, there’s nothing more exciting than a live NASCAR race! (Come ooooooon, April 19th!)

| Elliot Rose’s Grin |
Last night I got to hang out with my best friend and my favorite chubby cheek-ed baby! She’s 2 months old today and I just can’t believe how much personality she already has! When she makes all her faces I just feel so happy!

| Sugar by Maroon 5 |
This is another song that I crank up to max volume. The music video also gives me all the feels!

| Dog Smiles |
If you have a pup in your life does s/he ever just turn and give you that smile of pure bliss?? I love that! I swear mine do it when they think I’m proud of them (fetching a ball, walking without pulling, etc.). They also do it when we’re hardcore snuggling in the mornings. Enzo prances, too, which sends me into giggles.


Do you get days of unprompted joy? What makes you happy?


Thankful Fridays

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my final installment for the month 🙂 I know it’s SUPER LATE (as in, it’s already December), but who cares. Hehe.

Nov 22: Today I am thankful to have friends all of the world. It’s so awesome to travel to other cities and still known people. Having connections while away from home is definitely a blessing!

Nov 23: I got home from Indy at 2am today and I am SO thankful for small towns. I love to vacation and I don’t mind touring bigger cities, but deep down I like my little towns, country roads, and cow-filled farms.

Nov 24: I can’t believe I’ve wait so long to express my thankfulness for K. I have never met anyone in the entire world that is so compatible to me. I don’t like describing his as my “best friend” because I consider him so much more. K can read my mind and he is such an awesome, challenging, like-minded partner. I am so grateful to lay to claim to him forever 😉

Nov 25: Today I am thankful for my organizational skills. I would go absolutely crazy if I couldn’t manage my time and tasks appropriately. I don’t know where I inherited it (ha), but I’m glad I’ve got it!

Nov 26: Today I am thankful for all the help K and I receive. We have family members that help us with the business, parents that have helped us financially in the past, and friends that are always willing to lend a hand. Happy Birthday to my Aunt Wendy, and THANK YOU for all the help last week!

Nov 27: Today I am thankful for days off to sleep in and spend time with family and friends!

Nov 28: Last but not least, I’m definitely thankful for the people that read my blog, like my writing, and give me feed back. It feels good to know I’m not the only one reading these posts. Thank you!


Thankful Fridays

My hubby and I have been preparing for our business trip to Indianapolis, IN so I’ve been very negligent as far as daily posts this week. Sorry!

Nov 15: I am so thankful to have our house. K & I bought our home last year and I am so in love with our little abode in our little town. Someday we will build a beautiful retreat out in the country but I just LOVE our starter house!

Nov 16: Today I am thankful for candles. After work tonight I came home, finished dinner (it was already started in the crockpot), and lit my new pine-scented candle. I LOVE what a simple scent can do to a room! (And I love the prices at Marshalls!)

Nov 17: SNOW! This morning I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. I know people hate the cold and they get nervous driving in it (trust me, I’ve been in a weather-related accident), but I LOVE this time of year and snow makes it even better!

Nov 18: I know I’ve mentioned it, but we live in the same town as our parents, all our grandparents, some of our siblings, and many aunts and uncles. Holidays are hectic, but I feel so blessed to actually know our relatives and see them. When we have children I think they will really benefit from having their grandparents and great-grandparents so close! (Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law!)

Nov 19: This should’ve been Day 1, but any day will do. I am thankful to be a Child of God. Every blessing in my life is because of God and I try to remember to say “thank you”, but I’ll never be able to say it enough. This morning K and some family members are traveling to Indianapolis and tonight my m.i.l. and I will follow them over. My parents are traveling later this week, too. I pray that God gets us there and back safely, and watches over us and our pups while we’re apart. How great is our God that He can be so many places at once, doing so many incredible things? 🙂

Nov 20: I typed this out a few days ago, but decided to save it. Today I am thankful for music. We are in Indy because of music. My husband has found his passion in life because music influenced him so deeply and connected him/us with incredible people and opportunities. Without music I wouldn’t have met or fallen in love with K. Music is such an incredible “thing.” I heard this the other day and now I’m sharing it with you!

Nov 21: I am thankful for the ability and the desire to travel. I’ve been touring this world since I was in the womb. (Seriously, my mom went to Hawaii when she was SUPER pregnant.) I have seen many states (although not all of them) and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to visit and stay on other continents. I love Ohio, but I love leaving Ohio, too- even if we’re only crossing the border!

thankful quote


Thankful Fridays

Usually I do this November-activity on Facebook, but I figured doing it here would motivate me to blog! (At least there will be a weekly post… haha.)

I try to be thankful every day but by recognizing that which makes me blessed I have a better appreciation for my life and the people I share it with! Ready? Ok!

Nov 1: I am so thankful for friends that appease me and dress up for my silly themed parties!

Nov 2: I am thankful for the health and wellness of my family. I hope that my children will get the opportunity to meet their great-grandparents and spend ample time with my and K’s parents.

Nov 3: After a crazy weekend sometimes it’s nice to go back to work and unwind. I’m thankful for my secure job and the promising future it holds.

Nov 4: It sounds nuts, but I’m thankful for seasonal work! Today I was hired for a part-time job and it’s so nice to know that we don’t have to use the “real” budget to purchase Christmas gifts!

Nov 5: I’m thankful for in-laws that spoil me rotten. Today I snacked on fruit salad sent over by my mother-in-law and tomorrow I’m getting a massage with a gift card from my wonderful in-laws. Also, my father-in-law is constantly helping K with his business. I struck the jackpot when I married K!

Nov 6: Today is my grandfather’s birthday! I am so blessed to have both sets of grandparents still healthy, living, and only a few miles away. (K’s paternal grandparents and his maternal grandma are also in town!)

Nov 7: Can I be thankful for Fridays? Of course I can! (But I’m actually thankful for everyday- nothing’s ever guaranteed!)

Thankful -Louise