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The Calm Before the Weekend Storm (FAVORITES!)

I have 11 drafts sitting in a folder but none of them feel *right* for today. I'm in a reflective mood; calm and mellow and ready for the weekend. I typically get this way before a busy weekend. My introvert brain needs chill-time and since I won't be getting any this weekend, I need to… Continue reading The Calm Before the Weekend Storm (FAVORITES!)


What It All Means to Me

I haven't written a heartfelt post in a while and Emelia inspired me to share my thoughts on this... I started this blog in October of 2014. Prior to that I'd tried my hat at a few other forums and blogs but this one has been my biggest success. (I consider it a success because… Continue reading What It All Means to Me

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I Can’t Think of Anything to Say But ‘Thank You’

I wasn't planning on posting today, but the amount of feedback and love and advice I received on Monday was so overwhelming. Originally I had a little "thank you" sentence added to Wednesday's post but I decided that just wasn't enough. I write in this space because it helps me collect my thoughts and express… Continue reading I Can’t Think of Anything to Say But ‘Thank You’


Revisiting Some of my Favorites

Happy Monday, my wonderful friends! Are you bored with nothing to do? Fortunately today's #BlogtemberChallenge is sharing a few older blog posts that I'm especially proud of! Sometimes I find it boring to go back and read old, random posts. I tried to keep things interesting & relevant 🙂 ❤︎ In honor of Fall (3… Continue reading Revisiting Some of my Favorites

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Five Things: JOY

I saw that out there in the blog-o-sphere there's a #BlogtemberChallenge going on. I haven't participated yet but I figured I'd give it a go today  🙂 The prompt is Five Things That Bring You Joy. | 1 | My Little Family This one probably goes without saying... Just tossing a toy with Lylee or snuggling… Continue reading Five Things: JOY