Goodbye, April

I never do a monthly recap, but April was a fun & busy one so I thought I’d switch it up and type one out for Kristen and Gretch‘s What’s New with You? link-up.

What's New With You

This is a picture-heavy post, but I only included the good moments 😉

This month we celebrated my mom’s (and uncle’s) birthday.

For Mom’s celebration we ventured down to Columbus on a Saturday for dinner at de|Novo and a concert at the Ohio Theatre. Fred & Xtina joined us for a relaxing evening with yummy food and a mesmerizing performance.

The show was called Cirque de Symphonie and there were acrobats, dancers, contortionists, and rope/silk artists to accompany the musical numbers.

Things that happened mid-month that didn’t warrant pictures…

  • Lylee got her nails trimmed and her ears cleaned at the groomers
  • a local drumline Friends & Family Show
  • meeting the best friend’s new boyfriend
  • getting financially assaulted by the US govn’t on tax day
  • a few dinners out with friends and family
  • a breakfast date with K on Good Friday (and a day off!)
  • one of my best and longest friends asked me to be a bridesmaid!

Easter was spent with family. We did church in the morning, an egg hunt and lunch and kite flying at my parents’ house, a dinner for K’s family (and my parents) at our house, & dessert and another egg hunt at K’s grandparents’ house.

The end of the month hit hard and fast…

We left for Dayton on the 19th and spent three days bouncing between the Uni. of Dayton, Wright State University, Miami University, and Northern Kentucky University for WGI Percussion World Championships.

Three 10+ hour days in parking lots and arenas watching high school and independent drumlines and making new connections or seeing old friends. So fun and so exhausting, ha.

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared our products on my blog before… We had over 60 groups using our equipment at this competition. It was pretty surreal.

The Sunday after WGI we left Dayton and drove southeast to Bristol, TN. My parents and cousin were already there. The race was scheduled for 2pm on Sunday but rain postponed it until Monday.

Bristol is mountain territory and in the past we’ve been foiled many times by spotty rain-delays and postponements. We now always spend Sunday night in the area and drive home on Monday. This allows us to stay late for a delayed Sunday night race or a rescheduled Monday afternoon race; the latter being the case this past trip.

Cabela’s | Racing | Bowling
The water in that picture should be a little stream- NOT a river…

Last but not least, we celebrate our 4 year anniversary on the 27th. We did a food tour in a neighboring city. It included four restaurant and some city history. We were so full by the end of it… but it was delicious!

Both Steph and Alexandra sent cards wishing us a happy anniversary! You girls are total sweethearts!

It was so windy on our tour but it didn’t storm so that’s a win!

And that concludes our April (a.k.a. possibly our busiest month professionally + personally all year). I kicked May off with a deep tissue massage on Monday. #SelfCare

What’d you do last month?

What's New With You

Negative Nancy & #Hashtags

I don’t want to complain- really, I don’t- but this past holiday weekend was a trip to Hell and back for me. I’m so exhausted. I was actually glad to come back to work on Monday. I mentioned in my vlog that I technically work 4-ish jobs… and this past weekend I put a lot of time, energy, and effort into all four. #overemployed

catI also mentioned last week that I was looking forward to working Black Friday. I actually ended up working 7-10:30pm on Thanksgiving and 6-10:20am on BF. If I had just left at 10am on Friday I would’ve had a wonderful experience, but in that last 20 minutes I was verbally attacked by a customer and it pretty much destroyed my entire day weekend. #HowDoesOneBecomeSoMean #gohome #poisonoustonguedevil

aprilFortunately Friday night and all day Saturday were spent with a wedding party (because of the wedding planning job that I never blog about) that was so easy and nice to work with. Weddings are exhausting, but when you have an easygoing family with a lovely bride & groom it makes it 10xs easier. The husband and wife are in the Coast Guard and four of the five groomsmen were Coast Guard so they looked dashing in their white uniforms! #soattractive #TheyDidASwordArch #amazingpeople

upOn Sunday K took me to breakfast and asked me to paint the new office space he’s recently leased for the company. (We also have a new +/- 10,000 s.f. warehouse space- woo hoo!!) I really wanted a day off, but I know he needs to get into the new area asap so I took one for the team. Plus, after work on Mon. & Tues. I have no plans so maybe I can finish getting Christmas up and clean the house. #TooBusy #ActsOfService #LoveLanguage

dumbledoreIn other news, I’m currently in a horrendous mood as I write this. (Hopefully when I publish it I will be a little more cheerful.)

*That was a lot of complaining in a short amount of time… I’m sorry. I really am thankful for many things…

asshole dayI didn’t mean to take a whole week off and I didn’t mean to do two hashtag posts in a row… but sometimes you just need to step back. I’m still fighting a headache that started on Thanksgiving. Ugh.

I’m happy to link-up with Laura & Lauren and Nadine & Kathy and Alanna & Plucky, and Happy One Year Anniversary to the #HashtagHumpDay link-up!