Canada, Oh Canada | Part 2

Welcome back, travel bugs! If you need to catch up quick, here’s Part 1!

Sunday morning started with a beautiful sunrise over the falls! We’d left our curtains open to see the illuminated falls, plus we were high enough that privacy wasn’t an issue, so I woke up to this!


We had a 10:40am appointment to do “Journey Behind the Falls” so we got some Starbucks, browsed the gift store for future purchases, and then took an elevator down to the base of the falls!

Journey 2

This was so, so cool. We were behind the waterfall! It was chilly & wet but a pretty awesome experience with information cards and facts along the way. Also, the crowds were SO manageable and appreciated by this introvert!

Journey 1

My hubby & I love history and historic facts, so this was our cup of tea!

After our adventure we got some lunch, bought some souvenirs for our favorite dog sitter (THANK YOU!) and our favorite baby Elliot, and then headed back to the hotel to change clothes for our next adventure.

"You have to look at the phone or it'll look like you're looking up." So the smarty looked at the phone...
“You have to look at the phone or it’ll look like you’re looking up.” So the smart-aleck looked at the phone…

I purchased a Wonder Pass for a very discounted price before we left Ohio and it included access to Niagara’s Fury, Journey Behind the Falls, and a trip to the Butterfly Conservatory. We stopped at the latter on our way up north to the lake.


I hate bugs, but that was pretty neat. Next stop, Niagara-on-the-Lake!


. . .


. . .

This little house reminded me of Alice in Wonderland
This little house reminded me of Alice in Wonderland

. . .


. . .


. . .


We walked around, browsed some shops, and snacked on ice cream. Originally we planned on doing a ghost walk at 8pm, but we were tired and hungry so at 5pm we had dinner at Cork’s Winery and went back to the hotel to lounge and journal.

We left bright and early on Monday so K could get back to work. He’s a work-aholic fo sho’.

Happy Anniversary, Baby!




Canada, Oh Canada | Part 1

Guess who gets to cross a destination off of her Passport Picks list….. Me! Last weekend K and I took a short anniversary get-away trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada! Our little Midwestern town is exactly 5 hours from the tourist trap and neither of us had ever been, so I booked us a trip! (I love the deals I find on Travelocity!)


We left home Saturday morning and made it across the boarder and into Niagara Falls by noon. I made reservations for a 1pm brewery tour and we were a little early, so we decided to walk around the corner and check out a small Parisian cafe (unintentionally discovered on our map app). Um, SUCH a cool little find! We were a little bummed that we already had lunch plans because these crepes belonged in the Louvre; they were so masterful and decadent. We settled on some coffee and people watching.


We paid our bill (after some currency anxiety- more on that later) and headed back across the street for our tour & some lunch. I will pause right now to say this: We did not have one bad meal in Canada. Everything was so delicious, everywhere we went! Bravo, Canada!


At 3pm we could check into our hotel so we headed down the street to the Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls. They weren’t kidding- it looked like we could dive into the falls! So awesome!

I’ve learned over the years that K has differing vacation expectations than me. He likes to take time to lounge in the hotel room or nap or watch a TV show. I like to go go go because there’s so much to see and do! That being said, we relaxed in the room for a bit before I dragged him out again.


That afternoon we headed down the Falls Incline Railway (a vertical cable car) and browsed the gift shop, watched Niagara’s Fury, and walked along the falls, snapping a million pictures.

(Niagara’s Fury is a short movie and moving platform with sounds, water, lights, etc. that explains how the falls were carved out by glaciers.)

IMG_1309. . .

IMG_1308. . .

Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

. . .

American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls
American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls

. . .


To appease my hubby we headed back to the room to relax before dinner. I actually fell asleep and he browsed the internet for facts about Niagara Falls. We topped off the night with some dinner at My Cousin Vinny’s and the illuminated falls.


Some interesting facts from K about the falls:
– Collectively, the falls dump 750,000 gallons of water per second
– There are actually three waterfalls- the Bridal Veil Falls is a smaller waterfall next to the American Falls
– The American Falls were stopped in 1969 for several months
– The only person to survive an unintentional trip down the falls was a 7 year old boy (his boat had overturned)
– 2% of the world’s fresh water can be found in the Great Lakes and MOST of it goes over the falls

Check out Part 2!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? (Which side?) Where would you travel to on a long weekend? Don’t you love when you accidentally discover the perfect little cafe or restaurant??


My Full Heart

Two years ago at this time (10pm) I was freshly married and dancing amongst our fabulous wedding guests. I had no idea where I’d be two year later. I definitely can’t complain.

Right now I’m camped out on our couch, snacking on a delicious yellow cake (with chocolate frosting) baked fresh by my wonderful mother-in-law. I’m watching Once Upon a Time in hopes of catching up by next Sunday, and I’m hearing my two beautiful pups chomping on bones. Funny enough, Kyle just walked through the backdoor after a half-day of work. I don’t know if my heart could be happier right now.

On Saturday K and I left for Niagara Falls (Canada side) and we returned home this afternoon around 1. We were met at the door with wagging tails and puppy kisses. It was a short trip, but a perfect one. This evening I rode with my mom to a neighboring city and spent some time perusing Target and getting dinner with her. It’s been a wonderful day.

My heart is so happy and grateful and full and excited to start Year #3.


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey