Linking up with Kristen & Gretch today for a What’s New With You? update.

Eating… a little bit healthy but not really. I’ve been bringing snacks to work like carrots, almonds, apples, cherries, and oatmeal (for b-fast). But there are also Doritos in my snack drawer so… #balance

Drinking… water and coffee. More so the latter. I’m going to aim for more of the former this summer. Then again, our brand new, very first Starbucks just opened in town, so… No promises…

*[edit] Listening to… the new Foo Fighters song “Run.” It came out today! If you don’t like FF I feel like our friendship might be in jeopardy… (Here’s the new song!)

Reading… The Heir & Coraline. I need to finish up The Selection Series. Also, Erin just released her Challenge 7.0 list today so you know I’m already picking out my books for July! (I’ll share those on Tuesday!)

Watching… nothing really. The Voice ended last week so K and I lost our Mon./Tues. entertainment. Now he watches Cavs games and I read at night. (Maybe I’ve watched some Bachelorette stuff. Maybe.)

Seeing… college friends ❤︎ Last month one of my college roommates was in the state (she moved to Arizona after getting married) and I drove north to have dinner with her and another college friend. We’re all in a very similar season of life right now (married a few years, no kids, working that professional grind), so it was super relaxing to just kick back and talk for +4 hours with them.

Listening to… lots of country music (like this playlist). Warm weather feels like country music, ya know? Plus Kayla and I are headed to a two-day outdoor country concert later this month and I am PUMPED.

Praying about… the world.

Raging about… the world. (More specifically, the US dumpster-fire administration.)

Dreaming about… a European vacation. Nothing in the books yet, but someday soon.

Looking forward to… our family vacation to the beach! As it turns out, my family will be vacationing at the same time as K’s family, only 20 minutes north of them. Also, this will be our first family vacation with all six of us!!

So what’s new with you?

What's New With You

| My Grateful Heart |

This year we spent the 4th of July with family and friends. The morning started out with a family breakfast at a local Amish restaurant (YUM!) and progressed with afternoon bottle shooting at my parents’ house, ending with a company cookout in the evening. Overall, it was a busy day!

Our evening cookout was about 50 miles north of our home. Since Lylee is terrified of thunder/big noises (and we live about 0.25 miles from our local firework-shooting park) we decided to pack up the dogs and take them with us. They travel well and behave relatively well so they were welcomed into our hosts’ home with open arms. Half of my evening was spent holding (65lbs) Lylee while the city fireworks were going off in the distance, but I didn’t mind and she appreciated it. (Enzo could not care less about thunder, fireworks, sirens, tornadoes, hurricanes, and apocalypses.)

On the way home all three of my loves PASSED. OUT. (as in K, Lylee, and Enzo). In that moment I knew what my Monday grateful heart post would be about. To quote my best friend’s Facebook post: Things aren’t always easy but they sure are great. I always think my heart can’t love my little 8-paw, 2-human family any harder, but then I catch two sleeping dogs in my rear view mirror and a tired husband in the passenger seat and my heart explodes.

Another grateful heart moment occurred on Sunday as I sat on my living room couch reflecting on the holiday. My best friend Erica texted and offered some much needed advice, then invited me over to visit with her & Baby Elliot. How lucky I am to have such wonderful friends.


It was an absolutely wonderful weekend; I’m still reeling. How happy and humbled I am to be an American, a Christian, and a very, very loved human being. And it’s all just luck of the draw.

I hope your weekend was just as fabulous! What did you do? Any cookouts or pool parties? Do you ever target shoot in your parents’ backyard?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

The Art of Friendship

This weekend my husband and I attended the wedding of a high school friend. Well, his high school friend. K is four years my senior and all his friends are one to three years older than him… so I am most definitely the baby.

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When we first started “talking” I was 16 and K was 20. Needless to say, my parents had to be on board for the relationship to happen. Now, as 24 and 28 year-olds, it ain’t no thang.

At Saturday’s wedding we sat at a table with 6 other people- 4 of the 6 people having gone to high school with K and the other two being long time girlfriends-then-wives of my hubby’s friends. Everyone lives in Ohio, but we’re spread all across the state, so get-togethers like a wedding are a perfect time to catch up. Unfortunately, this was the last of K’s friends to get married. (Kudos to the new Mr. and Mrs. Taylor for putting us all together at a table- risky, but very appreciated!)

I can remember meeting each of K’s friends. I can remember being incredibly nervous and self-conscious every time. Some of these folks helped with band activities so when I met them I was nothing more than a random percussion kid in a sea of adolescence and angst… and also their best friend’s jail-bait. Right from the start I knew that fitting in was going to be a challenge.

Actually, I thought fitting in was going to be a challenge. In reality, it was seamless and smooth. Kyle’s friends My friends are incredibly welcoming. I have seen all of them get married and I swear I hear a new story about K’s high school shenanigans each time. This weekend was no different.

My best friend Erica graduated with K, too. Her husband has been friends with mine since elementary school. We had their little family over for brunch Saturday morning before we left town for the wedding. For the first time since high school, with the exception of our wedding, my husband hung out with all his friends on the same day.

Every day I look at my husband and I know how lucky I am to have such an incredible partner, but this weekend I looked around at our breakfast table and then our dinner table only to realize how lucky I am to also have his friends in our life.

We are most certainly blessed and today I am so, so grateful.

Have you kept in touch with your high school pals? When you gained a significant other did you gain more friends, too? How many weddings do you have this year? I think this was one of six for us…


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey