Coffee Break- Love & Hate Edition

Hello, beautifuls. I’m linking up with Kristen today for our coffee date. To spice things up I’m giving it a love/hate theme, although hate might be a strong word.

Before I begin, Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my Momma!

If we were getting drinks I’d have a cup of very strong coffee- with quite a bit of cream. No sugar, thanks.

First I’d ask if you got any of the storms that swept the Midwest on Tuesday night. If you saw my IG stories then you already know I was up half the night with a quaking dog. I’m very grateful that we didn’t have to hide in the basement from tornadoes or sit in the dark with no power, but I’ll still whine about my lack of sleep and the nonexistent cable and internet. And poor Lylee shaves years off her life when she worries and pants and shakes like that. Sigh. I spent the whole night on the couch with the scaredy-bear. HATE.

I’d ask what you’re watching lately. I’d 100% recommend The Good Place and Superstore. TGP just finished its second season and Superstore is still in its 2nd so you can absolutely binge & catch up. K and I are watching The Office on Netflix. We just finished up season 4. I want to check out Champions and Splitting Up Together, too. LOVE.

If we were drinking coffee I’d ask how you’re sleeping at night. We tried melatonin but it completely screwed with us, especially in the mornings. Right now I’m taking an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer at night for my back and I’ve been getting a.m.a.z.i.n.g. sleep… but I know it’s short lived since I can’t be on muscle relaxers forever. Lol. HATE.

As we were refilling and warming our drinks I’d ask if you saw Stephanie’s Clutter List?? After work I’m so unmotivated to do anything but spring cleaning is definitely on my mind right now. LOVE.

A few weeks ago K was gone on business and I took myself shopping. Both Lindsay and Steph have mentioned ON on their blogs and I treated myself to some new dresses and shirts. Everything was on sale and it’s all SO comfy!! I think it’s all on sale still! I got:

yellow off the shoulder | red stripe swing | black stripe swing

Before we finished our drinks I’d ask you if your library offers Hoopla. I just discovered this resource and it’s amazing! I can instantly borrow & download movies and music and ebooks from my library. How I only just discovered this platform, I don’t know. It’s definitely been helpful when it comes to materials for The Roaring Swinging Fabulous Groovy Blog Collab. 😉 LOVE

Before we parted ways I’d ask about your Easter weekend! (If you don’t celebrate Easter then I’d ask what fun things you did over the weekend!) We always have church and lunch with my family plus an egg hunt and kite flying. Then K’s family comes to our house for dinner and we head to his grandparents’ for dessert and another egg hunt. My weekend had lots of cleaning, cooking, and family.

That was a lot of ground to cover! Did I miss anything? Fill me in on what’s new with you before we abandon our mugs and get back to adulting ❤︎

What's New With You

Coffee Date on a Cold Rainy Morning

Good morning 😊 It’s a little dreary and damp this morning but our drinks will keep us warm. I’m linking up with Kristen & Gretch today to share what’s new. Grab some coffee- let’s chat!

At the start of 2018 I was sick for nearly two weeks. Being sick is so frustrating. After having my throat swabbed and blood tested, I was told it was just a common virus and they couldn’t prescribe any drugs. Infuriating. “Take Tylonel and cough drops for a few days,” they said. More like overdose on Nyquil and pray to the healing goddesses for my lung capacity to come back 😑 Whatever. I’m grateful it’s gone now. After I finished complaining I’d ask how you’re feeling. If you said anything less than “Great!” I’d probably slide away from you. No offense.

Things have been stressful lately 😟 Not my story to tell, but we’ve just had a troubling few weeks. As far as schedules go, January was a slow month for K and I, but things are about to pick up for the next 3 or 4 months (at least). It’s a challenge to juggle professional and personal strife. If we were having coffee I’d ask how life in general is going for you. I hope you’ve have a happy 2018 so far.

On a brighter note, I asked forced two of my best friends to buy concert tickets with me to see Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, and Thomas Rhett this summer!! (Thanks for the heads up, Laura!) I AM SO EXCITED. We’re seeing them in Columbus so we can pre-game at Kayla’s, uber to the stadium, and uber right back! Easy, cheap, and safe! Have you seen any of these artists live?? I saw Kenny last year and OD the year before that, but I’m SO EXCITED to see them again! Any (summer) concerts in your future??

Speaking of music, I really like Taylor Swift’s album Reputation. It feels good to just turn it up and jam. No shame, friends.

Guys… I’m the weirdo who’s GLAD for some snow before spring turns the whole country icky. (I hate spring… allergies and thunderstorms (which give my dog fits) and mud and the smell of dirt. BLEH.) Are you suffering from the winter blues? I wouldn’t judge you if you said you were ready for spring.

Before we start reaching for our coats and scarves I’d remember to tell you a funny little story. While two of my best friends live hours away, my other bff and her husband and two kids live a short walk away. We moved to her neighborhood in the fall and pinpointed that her house was on a hill a few streets away. Last night we turned off all our lights and she flickered hers off and on and then I did the same. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at the nearby hillside lighting up and going dark. Totally silly and juvenile, but I love that I have framily so close.

Sigh… my coffee is growing cold. Is yours?

Last but certainly not least, Alexandra and Rachel have been driving the Gratitude Train over at Year of Gratitude since the start of 2018. Every Friday they have a guest contributor and tomorrow it’s me! Pop over there and get a rare Friday dose of me if you want to 😉

What's New With You

Coffee & Conversation

Hello, beautiful friends. It’s been a while since we just “chatted.”

First and foremost, can we sit inside? The temperature has been tickling 90 degrees and I’m just not having it. Is it before 10am? If so I guess I can handle outdoor seating.

If we were sitting down for coffee I’d probably smell a little like mint (Biofreeze) and look a little stiff. Tuesday was one hell of a day- then, to top it all off, I went home, vacuumed, and pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I’ve had back problems all my teenage/adult life, but my shoulder aches SO BADLY. Fortunately it’s a bit better than it was on Tuesday.

If we were having coffee I would talk for at least a half hour about last weekend’s Buckeye Country Superfest! I went with my best friend and my elementary school best friend. (We amicably went separate ways in our teens years but stayed distant friends and our parents are pretty good friends and, as it turns out, we still have a lot in common.) GUYS- if you like country music you need to see Miranda Lambert live. The rush of female badass-ery that flowed through the stadium was unreal. She was so, so good!

Also, Kenny Chesney puts on a fabulous show. There was one moment when I was dancing and I just stopped and looked up to the star-dotted sky and felt so happy and at peace and euphoric. (Yes, I’d been drinking. No, I wasn’t fall-over drunk.) It was just a really fun weekend surrounded by wonderful people.

That said, if we were drinking coffee, I’d admit that I’m still recovering from the weekend. Two nights of music and drinks and little sleep tend to do me in. I’m no longer the 21 year old night owl I used to be… The Monday morning drive and workday was rooough.

If we were drinking coffee I’d admit that I’m counting down the days until vacation. I’m also craving ice cream every dang day. And I’m currently reading The Sisters Brothers (sent to me by Erin)! And I think that about wraps up my life right now.

So refill your cup and tell me what’s going on in your life!

Coffee & Chill

Welcome to the first post of the new year! I’m writing this from my new desk in my new office at my new job 😁

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m starting 2017 with a few changes. First of all, posts are going to come at you Tuesday/Thursday instead of MWF. Feel free to comment whenever, though. I’ll try to respond a little more promptly this year, too!

Also, the blog is staying “Life as Louise” but I’m going to start signing off as Audrey– which is actually what I go by in real life. If you want to stick with “Louise” in comments and what not that’s fine with me, but I figured it’d clear up the confusion if I went with my name 😊

Now here’s a little coffee break catch-up post to begin 2017, similar to my one from Jan. 2016!


If you’re curious, it’s been so good so far with the new job. Sure, we’re only two days in, but I’m really happy about this switch. We’ve settled on the title of “office manager” for me. To be totally real with ya, there are only two people in the office- K and myself. Since he’s the boss, I’m technically not overseeing or managing anyone. That said, my job title might as well be do-all-the-things manager because that’s essentially my job description. (Everything but sales and design- that’s K’s job.)

I fell off the reading wagon at the end of 2016. I’m determined to finish The Joy Luck Club soon and I’ve just started into a book for Erin’s challenge. Hopefully I get my mojo back with these two reads! If we were chillin’ with coffee I’d asked what your first book of 2017 is/will be?

This summer our plan is to visit DisneyWorld with my parents, Fred & Xtina, and family friends. I’ve convinced K that we should take a fall trip, too. I think we’ve narrowed down our options to a cruise or an all-inclusive resort. We’ve done both, so we’ll make a decision closer to time on which place we want to go. Do you have any vacations planned for 2017?

In 2015 we attended NINE weddings. K was a part of two of them. I thought the big wedding wave had past, but this year we’ve already got two on the docket and two couples close to us got engaged on Christmas day. We are definitely not out of the wedding-woods. Haha!

Did you get any fun stuff for Christmas? If we were on a coffee date I’d be asking all about your gifts! My husband got me some great shirts and a food processor. My mother-in-law got me the second illustrated HP book & a wooden salad bowl. My parents also got me a food processor (oops!) and new winter bedding. I’m part of a great gift-giving family, but my favorite part is watching them open the things we bought for them.

On Friday I mentioned some 2017 goals, but over the weekend I came up with a real, concrete resolution. In 2017 I’d like to finally kick the bad habit of biting my nails. I’ve been do it since I was 7 with a brief hiatus during my four weeks in India. (The unavoidable filthy and dust was excellent motivation.) If we were out for coffee I’d ask if you had any tips… I’ve tried the rubber band and the bad tasting polish. Do you have any bad habits you need to kick?

I went grocery shopping on Sunday and picked up some southern butter pecan creamer. I’d totally make you try it on our coffee date!

I won’t lie… it feels weird to post this on a Tuesday. We’ll see if I can adjust 😉

Since we’re so close to Thursday I’ll link-up with Gretch & Kristen!


What's New With You

Let’s Take a Quick Coffee Break!

Top of the morning to ya! (Or afternoon… or evening…) Let’s break from this crazy day and grab a latte!

If we were having coffee I would absolutely have to tell you about my new car!! (If you follow me on Instagram or SnapChat [audie_lou] you already know!) K has been talking about getting me a new car since we got married (+3 years ago) and on Monday night it became a reality! He found me a black, 2015 RAV4 and I’m already so in love with it!

Saying “bye” to Felicity and celebrating with some Starbucks!

If we were having coffee I’d show you the video of Lylee splashing in her kiddie pool for the first time this summer! I might be counting down the days until fall but she is embracing the sun and surf.

If we were having coffee we would obviously high-five over the Cavs victory!! I don’t really follow sports and I won’t pretend like I’ve always been a die hard Cleveland fan, but I was pretty pumped about the victory.

If we were having coffee I might mention how I heard about the Cavs win: Luke Bryan announced it to me (and 80,000 other people)! On Thursday my best friend Kayla told me that her cousin had tickets to the Sunday portion of Buckeye Country Superfest and she was unable to go. Monday morning was a long commute from Columbus and a little rough, but what’s life without a few spontaneous “school-night” concerts??

If we were having coffee I would admit that I watched a few episodes of UnREAL last night. I think it might be a new guilty pleasure but I’m really not sure. I’m three episodes in and I just can’t decide. Do you watch it?

If we were having coffee I’d also admit that I’m kind of in a reading slump again. Currently I’m chipping away at a book but, as mentioned, sometimes I opt for ridiculous television. I’m hoping Erin’s challenge rejuvenates me!

If we were having coffee I’d ask what’s new with you?! Do you have any big vacations planned? I’m counting down the days until ours! I’d ask you to tell me about your 4th of July traditions, too! Where is your favorite fireworks display?

Thanks for catching up with me!


My Favorite Coffee Break

Happy Friday, beautifuls! After getting to know countless other bloggers through coffee and tea dates I decided to have one of my own. Sometimes I make the 30 minute drive north to get some Starbucks, but today we can meet down the street from my office at this quaint little cafe:


It’s Friday, so I’m at work, but I will dedicate my hour-long lunch break to you & we can rename it our little coffee break!

If we were taking a coffee break I would go on and on about “The West Wing”. This show ended in 2006 but K and I have recently started watching it on Netflix and I am obsessed. It’s such a fast paced, witty drama. I love it when a show has characters that I want to hangout with and work with. Plus, it has a very polished Rob Lowe, a very young Elizabeth Moss, and a very talented Allison Janney.

Poor CJ and her woot root canal…

If we were taking a coffee break I would air my frustrations with my church to you. I don’t know how to sum it up here, but it’s one of those situations where change is necessary and everyone knows it… but no one is willing to change. There are less than 5 people under the age of 40 that regularly attend my church. It’s disheartening and frustrating and sad.

If we were taking a coffee break I would tell you a little about my novel. I have roughly 75 pages done and I’ve got the entire thing outlined. (FINALLY) I would ask you for your opinions and your advice. How do you go about the editing process?


I would definitely tell you about Tuesday night and how K and I were both home at 4pm so we could take the kids to their vet appointment. And then K didn’t go back to work and we cooked dinner together and built a fire and watched The West Wing and relaxed and had the best evening just being home without any obligations. It’s been a long time since I’ve had his attention all to myself at home!

If we were taking a coffee break I can’t help but think we’d look outside and see all the glorious snow. Ohio has finally given us a few inches and this little polar bear is so happy!

I was talking about me… but this polar bear is happy, too!

If we were sipping on some coffee I would tell you how I almost didn’t publish this post and how I doubted myself on this post. But then the day came and I published them and the blog world had such an amazing response. I really do love the encouragement that floats around Planet Blog 🙂

I hope that we would talk about Alan Rickman and what an amazing soul he was. I’m so sad that he’s left this world. I plan on watching “Love, Actually” this weekend and I would want to know if you’re going to sit down and watch any of his classics. (cough*Harry Potter*cough)

Lastly, if we were taking a coffee break I would leave you with a few fun blogs to visit this afternoon! What’s a Friday without a little blogger love??

And now I have to get back to work! This weekend is going to be a fun one- Elliot’s turning ONE on Monday (holy freakin’ cow) and we’re celebrating with a big party on Sunday!

What would you share with me during our little coffee break? What do you have planned this weekend?