We’re so close to the weekend… I can feel it. Since I changed jobs I haven’t been counting down the weekdays but for some reason I am over this week.

Today I’m joining the blog world in linking up with Kristen and Gretch for What’s New With You. Have you been dying to know what I’ve been doing lately?? Well you’re in luck.


Eating… a mixture of home cooked meals and takeout. We were doing great with meal planning but all the time away from home has left our kitchen a little bare…

Drinking… coffee and tea and smoothies with Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk. It froths up just like milk and gives drinks a little extra flavor. I’d like to make some soup or ice cream with it!

Reading… Heartless by Marissa Meyer and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Listening to… audiobooks for the first time. Last week I had a very long solo roadtrip so I downloaded Audible and listened to A Wrinkle In Time. I’m not sold on book-listening, but it might have been my choice of book. I’ll give it another shot before I nix it.

Watching… The Voice. For some reason K and I have been tuning into this show for the past few seasons. I read during the obnoxious (Gwen and Blake) parts. I’d also like to start watching Victoria (PBS) and The Crown (Netflix).

Planning… K’s 30th birthday party! We’re having all our friends over to the warehouse and doing things up like a backyard cookout (inside) with cornhole and giant Jenga and more. Except we’re having a taco bar and margaritas- not grilling burgers and ‘dogs.

Receiving… these adorable LuLaRoe leggings from Erin!! She’d heard I had never tried these leggings and then sent me a pair. How did I find such a sweet blogger friend??!

There are foxes AND elephants on these!! What even!!
There are foxes AND elephants on these!! What even!!

Giving… away some books. (Idea inspired by Erin & the beautiful people in her book challenge.) Free to a good home- I’ll even cover shipping. Comment w/ the title(s) you’d like to receive πŸ™‚

Goodreads Links: Exposure to a Billionaire (not recommended…) | A Wedding in December | The Wind in the Willows | The Other Typist | Beatrice & Virgil | Island of the Blue DolphinΒ 

Feeling… a little burnt out from our social calendar and a little bit sad that winter is disappearing so quickly, but also very thankful that we have the means and health to travel and the business to keep us busy and the fresh, clean air to flow in through open windows.

Celebrating… so. many. birthdays! K’s uncle and dad both celebrated February birthdays. K is turning 30 next weekend. One of the guys in the warehouse just had a b-day, too.

Praying about… the violence and hate we’re seeing in the world right now. I don’t know what else to say about it.

Giving up… yelling at the dogs (for Lent). I rarely yell at Enzo, but Lylee gets scolded quite a bit. (She’s a teensy tiny bit headstrong. And stubborn. And downright defiant.) Anyway, I know she responds best when I’m calm with her, so I’m going to give it a shot until Easter.

And there ya have it. What’s new with you?

signatureWhat's New With You


Holy Moly, it’s December. And just like that 2016 is almost out the door! Lately I’ve been posting lists and reviews but it’s been two months since I’ve done a “currently” post. Since this lines up so nicely with Kristen & Gretch‘s What New With You link-up I figured why not!


Eating… pizza & leftovers. After botching two of the last HelloFresh dinners we received I decided that I could just as easily meal plan and make my own foods. But… I haven’t done the meal planning part yet so we ordered pizza on Monday and went out to dinner on Tuesday. Whoops.

Drinking… tea and coffee and hot chocolate! As the temperature drops I begin to crave warm beverages. My brother gave me a coffee maker (he had an extra, I guess? ) so once I buy some coffee I’ll be brewing it at home! (Right now I wait until I get to work or swing through a drive thru.)

Reading… The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. A friend recommended it & it’s one of the books I chose for the #SCWBC16. I just started it on Tuesday so I don’t have much to say about it yet…

Watching… as a couple we’ve been sitting down and watching The Voice. We also saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last Saturday. On my own I binge on American Housewife, Superstore, Speechless, The Good Place, and, of course, Miss Fisher’s!

Listening to… allllll the Christmas music. My favorite Christmas music genres (that’s a thing, right? ) are choruses, orchestras, and anything pre-1950. Also, acapella groups like Pentatonix and Straight No Chaser.

Feeling… patient. I don’t want to rush the Christmas season. I don’t want to lose my temper with holiday traffic. I don’t want to waste lazy nights or squeeze my eyes shut on hectic days. When I’m not feeling patient I’m trying to will myself to feel itΒ  πŸ˜‰

Giving… to some of my favorites this past Tuesday. I’d live in a cardboard box if I gave to every single animal organization that I follow so I have to take turns. On Tuesday I opted to give back to the rescue that raised Enzo (Paws & Prayers). I also “sent” honeybees through the ELCA to a family in need across the globe. (I’m not sharing this for a pat on the back- I just wanted to share some worthwhile charities.)

Loving… all the packages on my front porch!! I love coming home from work & seeing that so-and-so’s gift has arrived! I love planning and buying and wrapping gifts for people! This week I got/am expecting packages from Amazon, Shutterfly, Wild Cedar Co., Carter’s, & Uncommon Goods.

Hating… the weird limbo that I find my life hoovering in. I try to be grateful for all moments and all seasons of life, but right now I feel like I’m sitting in an intersection and there’s something new and exciting down every street…. but I can’t quite pick a direction yet. (It’s as vague in my head as I just made it sound right here. Sorry.)

Looking forward to… Christmas! It’s my favorite time in the church calendar and I’m so excited to give gifts and nom on holiday foods and bask in the glow of trees and fireplaces.

Dreading… bills, early mornings, dirty rooms, mounds of laundry… all the things that accompany my fortunate life. Really I should be thankful for luxuries & utilities to pay for, a job to set an alarm clock for, and a warm house and comfy clothes to clean. #perspective

Praying for… the violence and hate to stop. The OSU stabbings were heartbreaking. I’m also praying for all the people & animals avoiding fires in the south. That’s so, so terrifying. And I’m praying for the folks in ND that are freezing to death because they believe so strongly in their cause. I don’t want to see this country become (more) cold and hateful. This country needs empathy.

Planning… a baby shower sprinkle for my best friend! She’s due in February with a boy (last time it was a girl) and I wanted her to have the opportunity to get some little boy clothes and toys. Plus, I love any excuse to spoil a mother-to-be (round #2)!

So what’s new with you?

*Thanks for hosting, Kristen & Gretch!


What's New With You


Let’s start off with some random thoughts, then we’ll move on to the typical “currently” one-liners.


I think in the real winner in Monday night’s debate was Snap Chat. All hail the face swap filter:


. . .

I saw this making its rounds on Facebook. I mean, it’s kind of a way to humble-brag about yourself in a humorous way, but I’m not above that πŸ™‚

Pam Beesly from THE OFFICE | Louise Belcher from BOB’S BURGERS | Ainsley Hayes from THE WEST WING

. . .

For the last week I’ve been going on about how a Jumanji remake would be terrifying and awesome. I just discovered that Hollywood might actually be working it? I’m going to need royalties for my idea, guys…

On to the one-liners…

Reading… Cress (Marissa Meyer). But I plan to finish it up this weekend. Also, Peter Pan and The One.

Listening to… random chill playlists on Spotify. I downloaded the music player at work & it automatically pops up when I turn on my machine each morning. Usually I just click a random playlist and let it go all morning as background noise.

Watching… new Fall TV shows like This Is Us & Bull. I also watched the first episode of The Good Place and I plan to keep with that, too. And The Mindy Project starts again next week!

Playing… Toy Blast. It’s an app for iPhone that’s similar to Candy Crush. My 9 year old cousin got me hooked.

Working on… all our landscaping! I finally take that chore off my seasonal to-do list and K suddenly gets the energy to work on it. THANK YOU to my parents for helping us Sunday & Tuesday night!

*the mailbox post needs to be painted & the box replaced, plus river rock will be added to the flower beds! and a new porch light someday…

Looking forward to… our October Myrtle Beach get-away.

Feeling… like poop. UGH. On Tuesday night my sinuses revolted. On Wednesday I napped through my lunch hour & then went straight to bed after work. Thankfully it’s starting to clear up.

Missing… broccoli cheese soup from McDonald’s. Random, but the sick heart wants what it wants…

Dreading… finding health insurance 😦 My job doesn’t offer it and I lose my mom’s when I turn 26 next month. K has private ins. but his provider is leaving Ohio at the end of the year so we both need to hunt for new insurance. BLEH.

Praying about… the poor pitbulls and dogs that look like pitbulls because Montreal made a ridiculous, murderous, prejudice new law that sentences these dogs to death. Send me all the pitties- I’ll find them homes. Fear-mongering governments are on my last nerve. Please sign this petition requesting the ban be reversed. You can also register to foster or adopt a dog from the shelter!

Hey, the front door is finally painted!

*we still need to switch out the deadbolt for brushed nickel & I want to paint the window trim white!

That about sums it up. Tomorrow is OCTOBER & my heart is singing with joy! What’s new with you?

*Totally did this a week early, but I plan to link-up with Kristen & Gretch next Thursday πŸ™‚



I always feel like I’m out of touch (in Blogland) when it comes to link-ups. I keep a calendar for my blog but I always forget to note the link-ups that go along with popular prompts… (If you can think of any offhand feel free to mention them in the comments! Thanks to Kristen’s reminder I did remember to link up with her & Gretchen.)


Since my last “currently” post was in April I figured I’m due for an update! (The photos are some favorite random pictures from my phone.)

Reading… Death Wears a Mask by Ashley Weaver. I’m also working on The Royal We. (Is anyone else shocked by how thick that book is??)

Listing to… The Harry Potter soundtracks. K makes fun of me, but I love sitting and listening to the music from the movies. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite.

a pic with my new sister-in-law hours before she became my new sister-in-law

Eating… Prepped carrot and celery sticks. When I got home from the store this week I actually prepped some snack food right away! Also, I made this recipe Monday night. It’s a little different, but perfect for my sick hubby.

Drinking… Lots of water. But also coffee πŸ˜‰

Loving… Our Fur Babes. Ever since their mini-escape I’ve been much more vigilant. Also, posts from incredible organizations like this one make me hug my babies tighter and long to comfort other pups who’ve had a rough life.


Planning… A Pure Romance Party. I’m not usually one to host these retail parties, but the brand rep is so funny and sweet- I think all my guests will get a kick out of her! Plus, PR has some really good smelling lotions and shower scrubs!

Feeling… So Tired. After vacations and weddings and overtime I just can’t find any energy. K is sick this week and the dogs are extra cuddly and there are a lot of dishes and clothes going unwashed right now. Whew.

Watching… The Newsroom. We’re on an Aaron Sorkin-spree right now. We finished The West Wing last month and we’re already in season two of The Newsroom. This is also detrimental to clean dishes and clothes…


Wanting… Some nice, cool weather for the two 5Ks I’m in this weekend. (That makes me sound athletic… I’m actually just walking in both of them.)

Avoiding… The weeds in my driveway. Um… how is ALL MY GRASS DEAD but the weeds are thriving?! I need to set aside a few hours and rip them all out but I really, really don’t want to.

I look ROUGH but Mom & I painted these tails for Reading Week at her school and we needed a picture of it…

Hating… Politics. Violence. Hate. D) All the above.

Missing… College. My oldest little cousin ships off to school this month and it’s making me all nostalgic for 3am coffee, quick ramon noddle lunches, and Panera or Sheetz dinners on the apartment floor with all my closest friends and roommates. *sigh*

Anticipating… My Volunteer Interview. Next week I have an interview with an animal rehabilitation/trail & parks center. I’m sure the interview is a formality, but I’m so nervous and excited!

Creating… A New Event on Facebook! October is less than two months away and Halloween is in October so you know what that means… OUR ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY. I’m not kidding- I created the event and invited people on FB yesterday. I wish my blog friends could come!

Dreaming about… A Getaway. K and I just went on vacation with my parents last month, but I keep dreaming about clear beaches and white sand and a fruity cocktail. I feel like that might re-energize me. Hehe πŸ˜‰

And that about sums it up. What are you currently up to?


What's New With You

My Currentlys and My Favorites

I’ve tried my hand at a coffee break and I’ve shared the occasional “about me” post, but this is my first “Currently”! (Last year I did a “What I’m Obsessed with Wednesday“… and that’s when I picked up Bossypants. Which I just finished this month. My procrastination habits are outta this world. So much for accountability.)

Anyway, right now I am currently:

| Watching… | The West Wing on Netflix and Downton Abbey in real time. I’m not allowed to watch TWW without K and I’m only allowed to watch DA without K. Hahaha.


| Reading… | a few books that I should’ve finished loooong ago. This month I WILL finish Pride & Prejudice. Also, I want to complete 2 more for the challenge I’m doing and finish The Other Typist, which I started last year!

| Listening to… | my incredibly embarrassing “shower playlist.” It’s my shower playlist because I do weird twisting motions that some might call dancing… and it’s really best I keep all that behind closed doors.Β  I also sing. Plus, these songs aren’t necessarily the ones that I broadcast loud and proud…Β  But in all honestly, I secretly love Flo Rida so much.


| Dreaming of… | opening my dog shelter. Every day I feel the calling getting stronger and stronger. I need to figure this out soon. Any advice from friends who have started a non-profit?

| Eating… | nothing. But I just made eyes at the ramon noodles in my drawer. It’s 10am… is that too early for such things?

| Drinking… | coffee with milk. Nothing fancy or sugary. Just coffee with milk. Yummm.

| Thinking about… | how I respond to the question, “How’s it going?”. My answer is always somewhere between “meh” and “pretty good, I guess.” I hate that. I want to be able to say, “Things are going great!” every. single. time. Quiet honestly, I have a bed to sleep in, a job to put food on the table, and people to love. Do I want more? Yeah, absolutely, but all things considered, life is great and I don’t express that often enough.

| Planning… | a nice vacation with K. I don’t know when and I don’t know where and I don’t even know how… but I need to rekindle that love for travel. I feel like I’m stuck in the doldrums.

| Looking forward to… | dress shopping with my future sister for my brother’s wedding, my grandma’s 80th birthday party at the end of this month, & our annual trip to Bristol, TN for the NASCAR races in April.


And now for some blogger love:

  • Have you ever gone on a date and been surrounded by complete darkness? Well, Chelsea seems to find herself in those situations more often than most people! Check out her “Love Day” spent in a cave!
  • Amber‘s words are so poetic in this post about Missing. We all have those moments when we feel like a situation could be solved without incident if only that one person was there with us.
  • I am SO pumped about Emily‘s 12 months of bliss challenge for February! She’s encouraging us to stop the gossip and spread the kindness! I will definitely be working on this!

What are you currently up to? I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

I’m linking-up with Anne for Blogger Love and Kristen & Gretchen for What’s New with You!


What's New With You

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m so happy the weekend is here! And it only took four days to arrive since Monday was labor-less! On Saturday K and I are are headed to a wedding (which I know will be breathtakingly gorgeous) and on Sunday I’m volunteering with my church (read about it here!). Yay for Friday!


Today is going to be a random hodgepodge of things, so stick with me to the end so you can experience allll my ramblings.


Reading… Love & Treasure by Ayelet Waldman. I haven’t decided if I like this book yet… It doesn’t move very fast, but I’m only 1/4 through it, so time will tell.

Watching… the movies on my fall film challenge list! I have roughly 5 completed, and I will do an update on October 2nd! The first one I crossed off was Ferris Bueller… Bueller… Bueller πŸ˜‰

Listening to… Ben Rector and Lady Antebellum. We are going to two concerts next week (one on Thursday in Cleveland and one on Friday in Pittsburgh) so I’m trying to learn some last minute lyrics! Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this… hehe!

Waiting for… FALL! Summer will not relent and she’s is trying to squeeze in as many hazy, hot days as she can. I hope I get my hands on a PSL this weekend!!

Remembering… where I was 14 years ago. It’s incredible to think how much time has gone by since 9/11 but I can still visualize that day like it was last week. Today is a day to smile at your neighbor, thank a servicemember, and say a prayer thanking God for our blessings and opportunities!

Check It Out!

My amazing friend Dana shows you how to make a plaque with you favorite quote or saying! She’s so darn creative and this is a great looking, inexpensive way to find the perfect quote for a friend (or for your living room)!

Danielle talks about the highs and lows of adopting an “at risk” dog. She is such a dedicated, smart dog momma! Check out the progress she and her husband (and Lexi!) have made! Plus you get to swoon over the cutest photos of Lexi!

Speaking Of…

This weekend is PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend! Both of our fur babies were adopted from a humane society or rescue. Did you know that 25% of shelter dogs are purebreds?? I think some people believe there’s something wrong with a rescue dog (or mutt) but usually the previous owner just didn’t know that extent of responsibilities and work a pet requires. Many shelter animals are between the ages of 6 months and 2 years old because that’s when the cuteness has “worn off” and it’s evident that they were not given any training. If you are looking to add four paws to your family I urge you to check out a local shelter or rescue group! So many pups, kitties, bunnies, and more are waiting for their forever homes!!

Last but Not Least

I found this questionnaire from Nelle at Simply Love and now I’m going to share a bit about me with you!

| 1 | Favorite food? I looove seafood. Fish, shellfish, seaweed (ok, the last one is a stretch).
| 2 | High heels or flip flops? Typically flip-flops but when I find some comfortable heels I love pairing them with skinny jeans!
| 3 | Favorite places to shop? Target. But also World Market and Old Navy. And Marshalls. I love a deal!
| 4 | Standard coffee order? Oh geez. There is no standard. At the local coffee shop I get a Tea Latte ( 1/2 earl gray, 1/2 steamed milk + vanilla syrup ) but at Starbucks I go for a PSL, Cinnamon Dolce latte, or Caramel Brulee latte. And at home I just do coffee with milk.
| 5 | Must-have road-trip snack? Coffee. But also beef jerky. Is that weird? Haha!
| 6 | DIY or hire it out? Ehhh, it really depends on the task. We usually try to DIOS (do it our selves). Ha!
| 7 | Top 5 TV shows? Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey, The Mindy Project, Blue Bloods (reruns), & Cold Case.
| 8 | Favorite book? My favorite classic is Alice in Wonderland. I love the Harry Potter series. I also love Philipa Gregory books.
| 9 | Favorite form of exercise? Hot yoga. It’s the only exercise I enjoy.
| 10 | How tall are you? Β 5’5″
| 11 | Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites? I tend to stick to favorites at our regular restaurants, but when we go on vacation I love trying new things!
| 12 | One makeup item you can’t live without? Concealer. My teenage acne is now my twenties acne. UGH.
| 13 | What’s on your nightstand? A lamp, a bottle of water, my stuffed bunny, my Gameboy DS, and roughly 7 books.
| 14 | One thing motherhood has taught you? I’m not a mom. But I love my dogs more than anything and I love my “niece” Elliot more than I thought possible.
| 15 | Music that reminds you of high school? Oh man… Anything alternative. Fallout Boy, The Academy Is…, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Used, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, etc.
| 16 | If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city, where would it be? Switzerland. Hands down, no discussion.
| 17 | Something about you we might not know? Between us, my parents, and my in-laws we have 10 pets. When I was 6 I broke my shin/leg (both bones). My favorite color is yellow.
| 18 | Websites you read/browse besides blogs? Pinterest, Facebook, other social media sites. Plus blogs, haha.
| 19 | Morning person or night owl? I’m a night owl but I’m trying so desperately to wake up and enjoy mornings!
| 20 | What’s your best feature? My curiosity. I like to know why things happen which leads to learning and reading and exploring and traveling.


. . .

What are you weekend plans?