Coffee Talk

Hello, friends.

I’m linking up with Kristen today (What’s New With You?) for a casual, relaxing coffee date.

If we were sipping our coffee (while sitting 6 feet apart still, of course)… I would admit that I love having two dogs that could not care less about storms. Lylee was a p s y c h o when it came to thunder and lightning. I used to love storms until she made me hate them. Now I love them again.

As we nibbled on scones it would remind me to tell you… M is starting baby-led weaning! She’s 6 months old today (hoooooow!?) and that means we can safely start on soft solids since she’s a) 6 months, b)interested in food and c) sitting up on her own. I am SO excited. We’ve already given her a few things and she loves it.

Like everyone else under lock down… I would share that I gave my closet a little revamp. I bought a few drawers for my socks (to free up the one in the dresser) and I purchased a shoe cubby. I LOVE how it looks in there now. We’re going to tackle K’s side next. And all the clothes we never wear.

As we were draining our mugs I would ask how you’re handling life lately… It seems like we’re existing in this Limbo between “normal” and quarantine life. Mix in the violence and protests… and I will openly admit that I’m not sleeping well. I feel stressed and out of control, then guilty because I KNOW I have more control and comfort in my life than many, especially many people of color right now.

I think it’s just a stressful time in our world. I hope you’re doing alright ♥

What's New With You


Happy Birthday to my baby brother (tomorrow)!

Linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You?.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Reading… The Great Train Robbery (Crichton), A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Kemmerer), & A Dangerous Engagement (Weaver)

Watching… The Voice is a staple in our house. Although it’s weird watching live performances in the contestants’ living rooms. I’ve also been watching a lot of Mickey & the Roadsters, Mina Royal Detective, & Puppy Dog Pals. LOL

Listening to… my country playlists. They always get me jazzed up for summer.

Eating… lots of home cooked meals from K! He’s taken an interest in cooking and he has made some incredibly delicious dinners!

Drinking… lots of coffee. And I’ve been having an afternoon San Pellegrino. We have Blood Orange and Lemon. Aubrey got me hooked on these while we were visiting her in Tampa!

Wondering… what the country will look like in a month. Or two. Or six. It will be a different world, I think.

Praying… for family members that are battling health issues & trying to stay safe from this virus, blog friends who are going through rough times, and also patience, wisdom, & strength when it comes to raising M.

Planning… not much. Haha. Hopefully a trip to Dallas in September for a wedding reception, a trip to Florida to see Aubrey & Meg, and an October trip to celebrate my 30th.

Protecting… Enzo from Bristol the Pistol. She has so much energy since we’re stuck at home. She is always in the mood the wrestle. He is NOT. Lol

Playing… Animal Crossing: New Horizons on my Switch! (Does anyone else play??) Also playing online boardgames with my mom and brother nightly.

Looking forward to… leaving the house 😉 Trips to Target, meals in restaurants, coffee dates with friends, playdates at the park, family dinners… Some day, some day.

What’s currently going on in your life?


Happy Thursday! Joining Kristen for the What’s New With You? link up.

I haven’t done one of these posts since August 2019. Yikes.

Reading… a few different books and making 0 headway on any of them. Sigh. Currently reading The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle when I get a minute or two to crack it open.

Watching… The Today Show every single morning. Haha. Followed by Hoda & Jenna and then The Kelly Clarkson Show. Plus these shows.

Eating… whatever we have in the house. Grocery shopping takes a little more effort now so our cupboards (& fridge) are usually bare. We still have some goodies left from The Great Aubrey Stock of 2019 so we’re alright.

Drinking… all the coffee. Lol

Planning… M’s baptism! She’s getting baptized this Sunday and we’re treating friends, family, and parishioners to donuts and coffee afterward. Fun fact: The minister baptizing M is the same one who baptized K and married us 6+ years ago.

Traveling to… San Antonio, TX soon! It’s a work trip but I don’t know how much working I’ll be required to do. M is coming along, too. So are my mom and dad. In March we’re headed back to Texas (Dallas) for a family wedding. K’s parents are coming on that trip. Having family around for M’s first few trips is a relief.

Looking forward to… summertime. I’ve never been excited about summer (I’m a fall/winter lover) but I can’t wait to swim and go on walks and sit outside with M.

Praying about… literally everything. Lol.

Enjoying… Miss M and all her developments. She figured out how to smile a few weeks ago but it was elusive. Now she freely gives them to K and I. I LOVE it. Every single day she’s more alert and I love love love it.

TL;DR… I live on coffee now. More so than before. 😆

Tell me what’s new with you!


My last “currently” post was in May so I’m due for one.
Linking up with Kristen from See You in a Porridge for What’s New With You?.

Reading… The Lost World. Still. I’m such a putz. I’m also reading Cocaine Blues and I’m finishing Columbine.

Watching… nothing really. I watched season 1 of High Seas (Netflix) and loved it but I’ll mention that in another post.

Listening to… Influenced the Podcast as well as lots of 90s/00s Women of Country and 00s Rock Alternative. I know that’s a weird mix. Ha.

Eating… random things. So many things still don’t sound good. Ice cream, cereal (which gives me heartburn), and pb&j sandwiches always sound yummy, though.

Wearing… athletic shorts, tank tops, and layers. I’m trying to stay cool on the 85º+ weather days but some days start in the 60s, spike to 80, and return to 50 or 60 before I can get home to change. Ohio is a weirdo.

Praying about… Ly’s anxiety (summer storms suck for her), bringing our human baby home to our fur babies, the health and safety of loved ones. (And of course the terrible, shady things going on in our country.)

Looking forward to… vacation in Tampa at my best friend’s house! It’s not until late September but I don’t care. I’m excited!

Planning… a trip for a NASCAR night race. We weren’t going to go, but now we are. And K and I are in charge of booking the hotel room.

Worrying about… all the stuff we have to do before we add a kid. Much of it is not done. Lol. We have 9 mostly free weekends (out of 17) until her due date weekend. Yikes.

I’m going to share a pregnancy update next week. Similar to this post, but specifically about pregnancy thus far (halfway!).

So tell me… what’s new with you?


Happiest of Thursdays to ya.

I’m linking up with Miss Kristen today for What’s New With You?.

Reading… ehhhh. I’m in a lull. Hopefully my summer list kicks me into shape. I’m still limping through The Lost World, the Saga series, and now Wundersmith.

Watching… not much. We watch The Voice together but we’re not into Game of Thrones or the Avengers so you will find no spoilers here.

Eating… a mix of healthy snacks/salads… aaaaand ice cream and fried foods. Warm weather foods are such a great mix. Haha!

Drinking… lot of water. Or I’m trying to anyway.

Planning… not much. Just trying to get some stuff done around the house- deep cleaning, outside landscaping in the back, hanging artwork and maybe getting some furniture for neglected spaces.

Shopping for… the bridal shower and baby shower I’ve got this weekend. (Different ladies, lol.) Also, Mother’s Day and my little brother’s birthday. May is going to leave me as broke as December.

Praying for… health. Ugh. Family members that are on the mend and a husband who’s nursing a cold and me who’s STILL trying to kick that exhaustion in the wake of being sick. Bleh.

Looking forward to… evening fires outside, lounging in the sun (or more likely shade) after work, grilling all our dinners from now-ish until fall. Cookouts, swimming, warm but not hot dog walks.

Dreaming about… a vacation. I KNOW we just got back from Arizona and it was fantastic… but summer makes me think of the beach and we don’t have anything planned for the rest of 2019 and I just really want to lay in the sand for a bit. Haha.

I feel like I’m rambling. I’m going to wrap this up. Tell me what’s new with you!