10 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About Me

After (finally) writing last Thursday’s post, the scribble bug bit. I have a few different topics cooked up but today I’m doing 10 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About Me. Blogging is weird and I don’t think I have a bunch of new readers, but this is fun for newer and seasoned readers alike!

|1| I love the color yellow.
I am not super loud when it comes to color and I mostly wear black, grey, and olive, but I have always loved yellow. I once had a yellow car and yellow was one of our wedding colors and I like painting walls yellow.

|2| I have 0 piercings.
Nope, not even my ears.

|3| My first car was a (yellow) Volkswagen Beetle.
I had it for four years and three days. Then I hit some black ice & totaled it. RIP Lenny.

|4| Every single dog/cat K and I have had has been a stray or rescue.
When I was a kid I didn’t know you could get dogs anywhere but the pound/shelter. Bruno, Lylee, Buckeye, & Enzo were rescue dogs. Rascal, Sandy, Melody, Paul, Aladdin, Jafar, Rajah, and Abu were strays. Heidi was from an unplanned litter of pups that some friends had. I will admit there have been hamsters, lizards, birds, fish, and rabbits that were purchased. My extended family all have rescues and strays, too.

|5| Up until I started working with K, I had NO idea what to do with my life.
I love my job now. I want to start a dog sanctuary some day, but besides that I am professionally satisfied.

|6| I don’t put sugar in my coffee.

|7| I played baseball/softball for eight years.
I have retained 0 skills.

|8| I don’t hate the word “moist.”
But I do hate a certain word. It means “turned on” and it rhymes with corny.


|9| I don’t eat duck, lamb, goat, veal, or lobster.
I don’t eat the first four because they’re cute. I don’t eat lobster because of how it’s cooked. I actually love lobster, but I refuse to eat it because of the cooking alive process. Honestly, some day I’d like to cut meat out. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, though.

|10| I’m convinced I’ve had two ghost encounters.
I was super young when I saw my first one but I have a strong memory of my late great grandpa (whom I’d never met) helping me find an Easter egg at my grandparents’ house. When I saw the second ghost/spirit, my brother was with me. He will confirm the story. It was NYE and the ghost essentially warned us about an oncoming car that had its lights off. It kept us from getting hit and probably saved our lives. Freaky, I know.

And that’s 10! Those were kind of challenging to come up with. If you’ve been around a while, you might have heard some of those facts. If not, which surprised you the most? Have you ever seen a ghost? What word do you hate? Is there a meat that you won’t eat?

Things I Never Knew I Never Knew pt. 2

While I consider myself to be intelligent and educated, there are obviously a bazillion things that I don’t know. And then there are a handful of things that I should know, but apparently don’t. (Like this story.) For your entertainment, I’ve collected a few of those recent revelations.

…we all understand the use of this gif, right?

. . .

‘The Beatles’ is a pun. Thank you, Chrissy Teigen.


. . .

The song “Fancy” by Reba McEntire/Bobbie Gentry is about a prostitute (and overcoming poverty). Which makes me feel weird when I groove to it…

. . .

Compton is not in New York. Or Detroit. It’s in LA. I HAD NO IDEA.

. . .

The song ‘Moondance’ is by Van Morrison. I definitely thought it was some old Sinatra song…

. . .

And there we go- a handful of things I should’ve know, that I didn’t, but I do now. I try to keep a running list of this stuff on my phone because every day is a lesson for me, ha. But I’m sure I’m not the only one… right…?

What’s something you recently learned that (you think) should’ve been common knowledge?