Today I am Simply Grateful.

I hate divorce. I don’t know any celebrities personally, but the half a dozen divorces that have been announced this summer break my heart. It makes me think about these people on their wedding day… I’m sure they were swimming in love and joy and gratefulness and celebration. How did it ever end up here, at a divorce? My heart breaks into a million pieces for those going through a divorce- both celebrities and friends/family.

I am fortunate in that my parents are married and happy. (My in-laws, too!) When we were young my brother used to cry when M&D would argue because so many of his friends had divorced parents and he was terrified ours would end up apart. (My parents didn’t fight often. They had occasional, healthy arguments, just like any other couple.) I don’t think I ever thought about my parents splitting up so it’s a good thing they didn’t; my world would’ve been crushed.


Last weekend during dinner at Red Lobster I told K how much I hate divorce. I told him that I can’t imagine losing that feeling I had on the day we said, “I do.” I don’t blame anyone for getting a divorce, but when I see solid couples go separate ways I think how vulnerable all relationships are… Nothing guarantees we’ll celebrate a 50th, 60th, 75th wedding anniversary but I pray we do. For that reason alone today I am grateful.

During our lighthearted (sarcasm) dinner conversation I told K that I can’t imagine leaving him (or him leaving me). When I think about all the things in life I want to do- travel, start a family, grow a business, build a house, adopt all the dogs in the world- I imagine myself doing it all with him. I can do it on my own, but it takes the fun out of life. There’s no one else I want to travel, parent, fail, succeed, or live with.

This got mushy gushy real fast, but it’s 100% true and it’s why I love loving Kyle.

So today I am incredible grateful to love my man and to be loved in return. My heart goes out to those struggling with love right now.


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey