My Final Thoughts on the Final Downton

Once upon a time, when I was really searching for content, I spent a few weeks here at Life as Louise recapping a season of Downton Abbey. It was season 5 and I’ve now deleted those posts- I found myself incredibly dull. In my mind, everyone should(‘ve) watch the series, but in reality that’s not the case.


That said, on Sunday night the series aired its final episode and I just can’t let the moment go by without saying something about the whole thing…

First and foremost, I sincerely hope they don’t film a movie. I loved the six amazing seasons and I really do feel like a member of the Crawley family, but I think the whole thing ended perfectly and I am ready to move on to another era with another set of “friends.”

Ok, there are spoilers to follow…
I know that Edith got her shining moment in the series finale and she was given her happily-ever-after… but I think that Edith’s luck changed looong before her wedding. Around the end of season 4/start of season 5 she was given a magazine. She was a woman who owned a magazine in 1924. And then she fired her editor this season! Edith didn’t need romance to be a total badass modern woman.
Also, she total fought to be Marigold’s mother and that alone is incredibly brave.
But of course I’m totally thrilled with her new marriage prospects.

Ok, now let’s talk about Tom. He became quite mild (politically), but in the end I loved his character the most. He was a fabulous brother, an incredible friend to all the men and women introduced to Downton , and an irreplaceable son-in-law. The award for most lovable, amazing, warm-hearted character goes to Tom Branson. Sybil (God rest her soul) knew what she was doing. The series couldn’t have played out like it did without his character.
The scene with him and Henry and the children in the office? It was the cutest thing ever.

This finale allowed Mary to redeem herself. She concealed her news so that Edith could shine, she reacted with concern and selflessness when Anna’s water broke, and she showed her entire family nothing but love and support (Henry’s new venture, Edith’s reconciliation).

And Rose. Darling Rose. I’m so glad they gave her the little role of opening Robert’s eyes. No one else could’ve patiently and cleverly show Lord Grantham how happy and helpful Cora was at the hospital.

And then there are things that were a little too perfect/weren’t totally realistic…. but I’m totally ok with:

  • Isobel & Lord Merton. I’m so, so glad she told his children where to go. Honestly, I thought maybe Merton’s kids were poisoning him slowly, but apparently the doctors just messed up.
  • Thomas so perfectly ending up back at Downton. I’m not mad about this one little bit. And I bet Master George is ecstatic! I love Thomas and I really love his transformation throughout the six seasons.
  • Spratt being the ghost writer for the advice column. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love this- but it was just a bit far-fetched.

I am so grateful that The Dowager Countess didn’t die this season. I was terrified that might happen… The series ended absolutely perfectly. I love the intentional loose ends with Tom, Mosley/Baxter, Daisy/Andy, and Mrs. Patmore.

What did you think of the finale?


I Love Sundays

This Sunday was such a perfect day. I love Sundays because of their lazy nature. I usually start the day with church & a family breakfast, but this weekend my husband took the day off and we played hooky from all responsibility. It was fantastic.


Our dogs let us sleep in later than usual so I didn’t even roll out of bed until 9:45! I let K sleep in a little later while I let the pups out to potty, fed them breakfast, and surface-cleaned the first floor. I was scrolling through blogs and snacking on a blueberry muffin & some tea when K came downstairs.

We decided we needed a humidifier in our house (it’s like an electricity factory up in here) so I convinced K to drive up north with me to a larger city so we could browse Target (and get Starbucks). He agreed to go (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS) so we got dressed and left for “the big city” around 11:30.

Shopping with K is like shopping with a 7 year old.
“Will you buy me this?”
“Can I just get one more thing?”
“I don’t wanna stand in line.”
“No! Don’t leave me with the cart!”
He’s so ornery. Despite his immaturity, I love shopping with him. We found the humidifiers and picked one out. They had some nice, mature models, but we liked the frog one, so we went with that. Maybe we both turn into 7 year olds….

Freddy the Frog

So we came to Target for one inexpensive thing and ended up spending $150. How does that always happen??! We did find some neat artwork for the bathroom and the dining room, so I’m not upset about it. Also, we grabbed some snacks for the NASCAR race (which we missed the start of because I lost track of time).

Another plus to the afternoon? I got my last star at Starbucks and I am now a GOLD CARD MEMBER! Yessssss!

photo 2

My excitement level is embarrassingly high.

We headed home and turned on the Daytona 500 to find we’d only missed 7 laps! Woo! As I mentioned recently (25 Facts About Me), I am a huge NASCAR fan. It’s the only sport my hubby & I watch regularly. The race was sooo good (except the final lap- stupid caution)!

Race Day SNACKS!
Race Day SNACKS!

The race ended just in time for K to head to his church meeting. I put the cuddly pups away and drove to my grandparent’s house for Sunday Supper. (It’s a weekly thing.) When dinner was finished I scrolled through Facebook and saw friends of ours lost their dog. My mom and I decided we’d drive out to their property and make a few passes calling for the pup. We didn’t have any luck, but we’re all still holding out she finds her way home.**

K and I arrived home at the same time so he went downstairs to his office to do some work because I flipped on the Oscars. (I’ll catch up with Downton Abbey tonight!) I love, love, love that Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel won so many awards! He’s one of my favorite directors!!

I was tweeting about the Oscars and about Downton Abbey. PetSmart favorite-d AND replied to my #PetParents tweet and DA re-posted my tweet! That’s never happened! I was/am pretty excited!!


We ended the day by going to bed at the same time and drifting off to the end of the award show. It was a simple day, but it was a happy day!

What’s your favorite day of the week? Do you like lazy days or do you prefer the busier ones?


**The lost dog has been found & is now safe and warm at home!

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