Happy Halloween!

Welcome to my favorite day of tricks and treats, little goblins! How people hate Halloween, I’ll never know. I love the mystery and spookiness and trickery and deliciousness of this day! This weekend we hosted our 4th Annual Halloween Party! This is the fastest event-to-blog turnaround time I’ve ever had, but I wanted to share our party in honor of Halloween! ICYMI, our theme for 2016 was Back to the 1990s!

If you’re new(ish) here check out previous years: (I didn’t document 2013) | 2014 | 2015

Essentially it’s a photo dump with some commentary  🙂


I always invite guests via Facebook, but there’s just something about a tangible, festive, mailed invitation. This year I used ’90s font & TV characters.





I did some really simple foods this year. I figured ’90s meant high fructose color syrup and other goodies we all used to find in our Lisa Frank lunchboxes. The Fruity Pebbles Treats were a simple rice crispy recipe (1/2 cup or a stick of butter, 6 cups of mini marshmallows, & a box of 11 0z-ish fruit pebbles) and the Dunkaroo Dip was half a cup of yogurt, half a cup of cool whip, and a box of funfetti cake mix! I also had a bowl of fruit roll-ups, gushers, and fruit-by-the-foot!

Now for the best part: ’90s Costumes!



Lylee wanted to be Ariel (even though The Little Mermaid came out in ’89) and Enzo decided to be a Ninja Turtle- Michaelangelo to be exact. I had a different costume planned, but K asked me to be the Dottie Hinson to his Jimmy Dugan (A League of Their Own).




Per usual, our guests were amazing. Our friends Dana & Jamie came as Chuckie Finster & Tommy Pickles (The Rugrats) while Kayla and Daniel kept up the Nickelodeon theme as competitors from the Red Jaguar team (Legends of the Hidden Temple).  Our friends & dogsitters, Elizabeth and Daniel, showed up as Jessie and Woody (Toy Story)!




My brother is a DIY Halloween guru. He and Christina showed up as popular ’90s games (even though Operation came out in the ’60s… ha). Xtina was a Sky Dancer– she even had a string! My friend Kayla came as herself… from 1990. Ha! She had a hospital bracelet that stated her name, d.o.b., sex, and birthplace, as well as a pacifier and bib! My in-laws also fit the theme and showed up as a perfect Peggy and Al Bundy (Married with Children).

We had a handful of other guests that didn’t dress up, too. I love getting all our friends together and I’m so glad our friends could make it- especially the ones that were party-hopping that night or drove +1 and a half hours! (Thank you so much, guys!! ❤︎)

After the party we usually have one or two people stay the night; this year it was Fred, Christina, and Kayla. The following morning is always one of my favorites. I make some kind of pancake breakfast and then people lazily make their way out. K and I spend the whole afternoon snacking on leftovers, napping, and watching the race. It’s a perfectly cozy day.


Did you do anything fun or fall-ish or Halloween-y this weekend?


Halloween Costumes | Part 1

Happy Wednesday, ghouls and goblins! Are you enjoying the crisp weather? I might’ve overdone it and left the windows open too long… my poor little munchkin was shivering this morning! Oops! Good thing I had his sweater all clean and ready to go! (Yep, I’m one of those people…)


Since there are only three and a half weeks until Halloween, now is the perfect time to create a costume! You’ve also got enough time to find a partner or a date or convince your significant other/best friend to dress up… so today we will zero in on partner & group costumes! (This is one of three costume posts, so stick around for more ideas in weeks to come!)

Quail Man & Patty Mayonnaise
A little 90s love for your Wednesday pleasure. You really only need a belt…


. . .

Soap & A Luffa
This is a costume I’ve never attempted, but look how cute my in-laws are!


. . .

A cat lady & her cats
Yes, we really did this. Yes, those cute little kittens are my husband, my brother, and our friend. Yes, it took a long time to live this one down…


. . .

Rosie the Riveter & Pilot
Technically this can be a solo costume, but we had the coveralls, the flight suit, the bandanna, and the glasses so we made it a couples costume! This is one of my favorites!


. . .

Inside Out Emotions
I’m so excited to see some of our friends decked out as emotions for our Halloween party this year!


This year will be another couples costume for us, but I’m not going to spill the beans quite yet! My husband and I are hosting a PIXAR themed Halloween Party on the 31st so there’s your first hint!

Have you ever participated in a group or couples costume? How did it turn out? What pair or group would you go as if you had unlimited resources??



My Favorite Holiday: Halloween!

Alright, let’s say my favorite non-religious holiday. I love Christmas Eve A LOT so they might tie…


For Halloween this year I threw a party and invited all the coolest people! (Last year we had a murder mystery party, but I was a little less dictator-like this year and allowed my guests to dress as they pleased… as long as it was a costume.)

So who showed up?

A biker dude (this is my mother... see where I get my Halloween spirit from?)
A biker dude (my mom)


. . .

A preggo zombie (IRL) and a zombie hunter
A pregnant zombie (IRL) and a zombie hunter

. . .

A witch
A witch

. . .

Kitty cat
Kitty cat

. . .

Gru and his minion (us!)
Gru and his minion (us!)

. . .

The milk man & a house wife (she's really pregnant, but he's actually her hubby).
The milk man & a pregnant housewife

. . .

Grandma, complete with a walker and catheter

. . .

The Kennedys

. . .

A homemade lighthouse with a working light! (my brother)

. . .

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull couple

It was a pretty fabulous event. We also had a bunch of yummy foods!

Lady Fingers [sugar cookies with chocolate icing lines and an almond slice]
Lady Fingers
[sugar cookies with chocolate syrup lines and an almond slice]
Caterpillar Grapes [Grill skews, green grapes, a dab of frosting, and candy eyes OR mini chocolate chips]
Caterpillar Grapes
[grill skews, green grapes, a dab of frosting, and candy eyes OR mini chocolate chips]
Puking Pumpkin [I carved the pie pumpkin, but cheated and bought store guac... Sorry!]
Puking Pumpkin
[I carved the pie pumpkin, but cheated and bought store guac… Sorry!]
I also made my signature Jell-O shots.


(Here’s a HOW TO with the Jell-O syringes.)

Look at these good sports!


It was a great night! How did you celebrate Halloween?