Most Beauty Stuff from a Non-Beauty Blogger

A few weeks ago I tweeted a throw back post and asked if anyone would be interested in seeing the products I currently use. At least three people said yes so here we are.

Everything here is cruelty-free (doesn’t test on animals). If you’re unfamiliar with animal testing, you’d be surprised to find out many cosmetic companies do it. China requires animal testing on products sold there so some companies make a disclaimer along the lines of “we don’t test… unless it’s required by law.” Sorry, assholes- that’s still testing.

Anyway, these products have pulled out of the Chinese market and, therefore, don’t test for any reason. Some even champion against animal testing. Also, the majority of them are less than $10!

No one pays me to say pretty things about this stuff- I just like it. *no affiliated links*

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer*
I don’t use this stuff every day, but sometimes I feel the need to conceal my under-eye bags or an especially brutal zit. Cue this baby. I use it under the complexion rescue.

bare Minerals Complexion Rescue*
I think Lindsay put this stuff on my radar. I love this product. It’s a lighter foundation-type cream that can be worn alone or under another cream/powder. It’s also spf 30. I wear this every day and I love that my face is always protected!

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation
I wear this almost every day. I’ve suffered from acne for years and I now have scars to deal with but this stuff covers everything flawlessly (ha). It’s light, so inexpensive, and it’s got some sunblock in it (spf 15)! Some makeup doesn’t blend well or co-exist well with other make up, but the e.l.f. foundation goes perfectly atop the complexion rescue.

e.l.f. Prime & Stay Finishing Powder
I think this stuff recently changed its name… I use this as a powder over the liquid concealers. It helps tone down the shine and keeps everything in place, plus it’s a little extra coverage for those pesky scars 😉

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
I don’t use bronzer often, but when I do it’s this stuff. (Thanks again, Lindsay!) Also, it smells like a beach vacation.

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick*
Again, I don’t use this stuff every day but when I do I looove it. I use it on my cheek bones and it makes me look so fresh and awake! Plus, it doesn’t make my cheeks breakout and that’s always a win!

IT cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder*
I didn’t believe in finishing products until this little compact walked into my life. I use the translucent powder and it keeps everything matte and in place all day. It’s not necessarily cheap but I love this stuff! I use it every day on top of whatever face-makeup I’m using .

[I know that seems like a lot of stuff, but I’m working with 14 year deep acne bullsh*t so I don’t mind putting some effort into my face. Also, it comes together really well and doesn’t appear cake-y or overdone. ]

e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick
I love this stuff. It goes on nicely, stay on for a relatively long time, and doesn’t dry out my lips. My favorite shade is Wine Tour. It’s a good fall color but I wear it all year long!

Burt’s Bees Lipstick*
It has a fancy name, right? Ha. This stuff is the bomb [dot] come. I accidentally left mine in the car & it melted so I’ll be stocking up on this soon! I had Ruby Ripple but I can’t find that shade online!

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colour
Guys… that price in unbeatable. And this stuff is great for a night out. It’s not quite as harsh as lipstick, but it stays on pretty nicely. I usually put on lipstick before I leave the house, then put a megaslick shade (that matches) in my purse and use it to touch up my lips. (Lady and the Vamp goes well with e.l.f. Wine Tour.)

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick*
I rarely wear this one, but holy cow does it stay on! I just wore Kitten Heels to an Incubus/Jimmy Eat World concert and it stayed on all night. I didn’t reapply once and it was holding strong when we pulled into the driveway that night. It’s a little drying and slightly waxy, but it’s lasts forever.

NYX Suede Matte or Slim Lip Liners*
Awesome staying power and a plethora of colors! I have 4 different shades.

[Obviously I don’t use all these at the same time…]

NYX Two Timer Duel Ended Liner*
This pencil has a felt tip liner on one side and kohl pencil liner on the other. This is my first experience with liquid eyeliner and I really like this one!

essence Lash Princess
I put this on first for length…

essence Rock n’ Doll
…then put this on top for serious volume.
But they’re great on their own, too!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray w/ Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
I use this for two things- sometimes I spritz it as a finishing spray (on dry winter days) and sometimes I use it to moisturize my face before touching up my foundation.
We also used this on vacation to help with facial sunburn!

*Indicates that a parent or sister company might not be c/f. NYX & IT Cosmetics are owned by L’Oreal. bare Minerals is owned by Shiseido. Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox.
Sometimes it takes research to figure this stuff out- that’s why I got ya started. Also, these aren’t all vegan brands. If that’s important to you, you’ll need to do some extra research 🙂

That was longer-winded than I’d intended… I guess I wear lots of make-up, haha. If you have any thoughts on these products, suggestions on new products, or questions about cruelty-free stuff, let me know!!


Beauty Picks by a Non-Beauty Blogger

We are halfway through the week and almost totally done with January. Is this how 2016 is going to be? Because I totally lost track of this month and it flew…

Anyway, today I’m talking about the products I use every day. Everyone else talks about this stuff and I really love their recommendations. I am 110% lazy and I don’t spend much time taking care of my face/skin/hair… but these products have made the prepping process more enjoyable. Lately I’ve been putting serious effort into my morning/night routine and these are my staples, so if you’re anything like me and you’re looking for easy-to-use products check these out 🙂

Bonus! Everything on this list is cruelty-free because I like my rabbits fully-furred and my dogs un-caged ❤︎
Also, no one asked me to say these nice things- all opinions and selections are mine.


Lush Cosmetic Lad | This weekend is the first time I allowed myself to get sucked into the Lush world. My only purchase prior to my Saturday morning splurge was a canvas bag that proudly displays their anti-animal testing logo. This weekend I let a very nice girl named Amanda cleanse and hydrate my hand with an array of products. Her pitch worked because I bought this creamy moisturizer and I’m loving it so far.

Lush Ultrabland | Obviously Amanda was super convincing because I went in for an herbal scrub and walked out with the aforementioned cream and this cleanser. It’s a little waxy, but winter does a number on my sensitive skin so I’m all about sealing in the moisture. Additionally, my face breaks out if I just touch it, so when I find a product that’s gentle (and effective) on my pale cheeks I stick with it!

e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Mineral Infused Face Primer | After reading all the expert beauty blogs I decided that I needed some primer in my life. I love how satin-y and light this stuff is. I can’t even tell it’s on my face but I really do believe it keeps my scars and acne at bay under the make-up. Also, it doesn’t make me breakout which is huge. I love all my e.l.f. cosmetics.

Yes to Coconut Curl Defining Hair Smoother | When we ran out of shine spray (which we loved, but was a gift and an alleged animal-testing brand)  I went on the hunt for some cruelty-free frizzy control. While most of the “Say Yes to…” face products irritate my skin, this hair smoother is such a light, effective, greasy-free life saver! I use it all the time; it doesn’t matter if I’m gelling my hair, curling it, or straightening it. It’s also affordable- score!

Big Sexy Blow Dry Volumizing Gel |Up to this point all my picks have only been used by me… but in our house we tend to share products (mousse, shampoo, some face wash, etc.) and this is one product that K and I both love! Similar to the primer and curl smoother, this stuff is weightless once it’s in your hair. After I towel dry my locks I just put a nickel-size dab on my finger tips and comb it through my roots. I add my smoother, some gel, and then blow everything into place. This stuff doesn’t hold your hair in place, it just give you great body and volume!

[* Big Sexy is a European brand and, therefore, doesn’t test on animals; however, the company was bought by Henkel which owns a variety of other companies, including Dial, which have been known to test their products on animals. Just an FYI.]

Admittedly this is my second beauty-centric post (see my first attempt here), but it’s the first time I’ve gone into great detail on tried & true products that I really, really love.

What brands or products would you suggest? I’m always in the market to try something new!