Things I’d Like to Learn to Do

On Tuesday Stephanie posted about vintage skills and it got me thinking… there are a handful of things I’d really like to improve or learn. And since I’m a blogger I figured the next step in my education would be publicly sharing those things with you.

Grow a garden.
My parents are awesome at growing and tending to vegetables and flowers. I hated the outside chores when I was a kid so I didn’t bother learning anything from them. But now I’m feeling that grow-it-yourself vibe and I’ve decided I want a gorgeous garden.

I’m going to start small. I’ve planted some indoor seeds already (and they grew!!) and soon K is going to build me a table garden like this one for the backyard. Right, dear?

…these are called seedlings, right? Pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, & peppers!

Learn Improve my German.
I have a very basic understanding of German. I took three years of it in high school but the only words/phrases that have stuck over the years have been the things my mom taught us before we went to Switzerland when I was 7. Numbers, yes and no, please and thank you, hello, goodbye, I love you, etc. (well, not the word et cetera…).

Play an instrument.
I spent 4 years playing saxophone and then five years behind mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone). And then I stopped playing music. I don’t know that I’ll ever get back into it, but I wish I had some piano skills- and it’s depressing that my ability to read music has suffered since I stopped performing.

Improve my sewing.
I have ZERO excuses. My aunt owns a fabric shop, offers different lessons and retreats and workshops multiple times a week, and she BOUGHT me a sewing machine. She’s amazing and she can literally make anything out of anything. I need to tap into that resource and spend some time with her.

Last time I went to her weekend retreat she (and my mom) helped me make this Halloween apron!

Decorate cakes.
My grandma and my husband’s cousin and my mother-in-law’s best friend are all star cake decorators. I’m not shy when it comes to baking or cooking new things, but the last step- the decorating- almost always frustrates me.

Down the street from my house there is an adult education building where they teach cake decorating. This one feels like a no-brainer…

Five seems like a good number to end on, right? Considering I’ve been trying to make ice cream for 9 months I think learning these skills will carry me into retirement. Lol

What are some new skills or hobbies you’re hoping to try? Any tips for me on these five??

My Political Profile

Last Tuesday I took it to the polls and voted, and that means that I’m allowed to be political because I actually do something about it 😉 Actually, I’m allowed to be political because I live in a democratic country where my voice is not stifled due to my sex, religion, or race. Three cheers for America, y’all.

Anyway, I rarely get political or too serious here, but since this is my platform and I am the author, I think it’s ok to speak about passions. I’m not endorsing a candidate or party (though I may mock someone’s hair or limited knowledge of history), but I think there are some serious qualities and stances I’d like my next political leader to have…

  1. Higher Education needs to be affordable. I’m not saying that college should be free (honestly, I’m not), but I know that my friends and colleagues will be paying their student debt for a long, freakin’ time (especially since many of them are teachers who make a deservedly low income teaching the future doctors, leaders, artists, and authors of the world *cough-sarcasm-cough*).
  2. Parental leave. It’s comical to me how poorly we treat the people in this country that take care of children: parents, teachers, social workers, etc. The little Jenner girls have more money in their purse than I will ever see in my life and my best friend can’t afford to take off more than 12 weeks to raise her daughter. Like, what the hell? But at least there is maternity leave…. I mean, paternity leave is a joke. But that’s because we’re an advanced nation with equalist beliefs where the woman is supposed to take the time to raise the children- oh wait. Seriously though, why haven’t we figured this out yet?
  3. Affordable Health Ins. And I mean the kind of healthcare that small business owners who bring in more than +$40,000 a year need to sustain life and stay healthy. For example, we are two working, thriving, self-employed (K) middle class adults and we don’t qualify for any government assistance (which is good, because that’s the goal in a democracy, right?), but our monthly payment is disgusting. And I got a letter in the mail last month letting me know that the payments are increasing and the yearly deductible just went up by $1,000. Hope our parents don’t want grandkids because we can barely keep ourselves alive. I’m about to see if the vet will take human patients.
  4. Marriage. Actually, this is one thing I don’t want my president to mess with. Two consenting adults are free to marry each other. Good job, America. Now leave this alone and go debate pot.
  5. Encouraging small business. Did I mention we own a (fairly successful, national but small) small business? You know what would suck? If we were taxed so heavily that we folded because gov’ment. That’d suck.
  6. Minimum wage. My husband and I differ here (mainly because he shells out the moo-lah for  his employees’ paychecks- which he requested I mention are above minimum wage), but the current minimum wage is laughable. Laughable in a maniacal, crazy, borderline-tears way. And I know because I work full time and earn a decent wage but I also work part time and make just cents above m.w. I guess you could scold the cashier at McDonald’s and tell her to go to college (and bury herself in debt) and get a job or start a business (and pray to the health ins. gods for a miracle), but then you’d bitch because there’d be no one to serve you an egg mcmuffin. Guys, the US minimum wage is $7.25 (Ohio’s is $8.10). $7.25 is $290 a week (40 hours) and $15,080 annually. That’s gross (both numerically and emotionally), so take taxes and stuff out of that. And that’s what we’re promising to the budding youth of America post-college as they search for their “career” which is sure to be promising unless they’re a woman, in which case get a few good years in before you have kids because good luck balancing all that.
  7. Compassion. This isn’t really a front runner in the debate format, but I’d like to have a clear idea of my political leader’s opinion on compassion. How do they feel about Syrians fleeing for their lives from a violence-ridden country and risking their lives (and their family’s lives) to reach some sort of refuge? I know D. Trump is all about the Great Wall of Texas, but is everyone good with grabbing undocumented immigrants by the scruff and stuffing them into a canvas sack, bound for the river? I need a president that fully grasps the idea that people are people. Like, short people are equal to tall people. And people with male anatomy are equal to those with female anatomy. And regardless of where you were born, you deserve love, compassion, and humanity. Is that weird? I was gonna toss in my hat for President 2020 but I feel like I might be off my rocker.
  8. Animals. For the love of God (or Buddha or Allah or Mother Nature), outlaw animal testing for cosmetic purposes. It’s that freaking simple.

Alright, I think that about sums it up. Am I too demanding? Am I a liberal? I’m pretty sure I’m not a conservative… What are politics?

Guys, I know that there are government assistance programs. But I want this stuff to be affordable so there’s no need for assistance.

As promised, I will not be endorsing any certain candidates here, but let me say this: If Donald Trump makes it to the White House I am invoking my duel citizenship and heading to the Swiss Alps.

Hope you’re still my friend after all that political garbage!!