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On Monday night I watched the CNN airing of RBG. And since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it or her. Without knowing much about her, I already had massive respect for Justice Ginsburg. Now, having a little background on her life, I'm just blown away by the determination, strength, convictions, and… Continue reading RBG


I am a strong independent female, but I don’t…

...mow the yard, whack the weeds, or edge the driveway. I'll admit that 95% of the housework falls on me. As such, I don't know how to mow and I never want to learn. That way, I never get stuck with that chore, too. 😉 ...change my oil. Let me just say that I know… Continue reading I am a strong independent female, but I don’t…


Catty Women & Aggressive Men

Recently I've noticed that it irritates the hell outta me when women say, "I don't really like to hang around other women. All my friends are guys. I like to hang with the men." I used to say these kinds of things myself. (I bet I still do sometimes...) And maybe you're a female and… Continue reading Catty Women & Aggressive Men

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Help Wanted and Friday Favorites

Guys... We have a lot to cover today. But first and foremost: Happy Friday!! Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day yesterday? With the exception of wearing some green, I did not. I also have no plans for my weekend. And I'm totally OK with all of that. Before we getting into my favorites for the… Continue reading Help Wanted and Friday Favorites