Fall Film 2017 Update #1

Since I’m almost through the first month of Jenn’s Fall Film Challenge I wanted to share an update/movie review. I believe someone is doing a link-up for these updates, but I’ll amend this sentence when I figure out who/where it is… lol.

So this month I checked 8 movies off my list.

Sing | PG | 2016 | 108 minutes | IMDB
Summary: In order to save his beloved theater, a goodhearted but floundering koala puts together a musical competition, sure to bring in crowds and money. He assembles a cast of talented but distracted performers and does his very best to make his (and their) dreams come true. This movie has an all-star cast (…er, voices).
To see or not to see… If you have children or you enjoy animated kids movies, yes. This is an adorable, uplifting little film.
*a movie about hope

The Founder | PG-13 | 2016 | 115 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A dramatic biography that details Ray Kroc’s discovery and building of the McDonald’s corporation. Spoiler alert: Ray is NOT a nice guy. The original McDonalds brothers didn’t imagine or want the franchise as large as it is today… but Kroc had other ideas.
To see or not to see… Unless you love McDonald’s or you have an interest in shady business men, you can skip this depressing film.
*a movie about greed

Best in Show | PG-13 | 2000 | 90 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A mockumentary that follows five (I think) dog owners in their quest to becoming the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show winner. Sadly, though it be a mockumentary, I fear that I am one of these crazy dog-obsessed people. Ha.
To see or not to see… If you love dogs this is probably a good one for you. Be ready for weird humor and a Modern Family/The Office kind of characters and filming.
*a movie about pride

Coraline | PG | 2009 | 100 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Based on Neil Gaiman’s book, this story follows Coraline Jones as she navigates her new home. When her parents don’t have the time for her, Coraline discovers she has another mother just on the other side of the wall. It’s almost too late before she discovers everything she thought she wanted isn’t everything it seems.
To see or not to see… This movie was actually quite creepy for being a kids film. Still, I thought it was enjoyable enough. A perfect fall or Halloween movie without any gore or horror.
*a movie about temperance

Alice Through the Looking Glass | PG | 2016 | 113 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Finally the savvy and confident captain of her own destiny, Alice returns to England to find that her freedom isn’t celebrated by everyone. At the same time, in Wonderland, Hatter is fading fast and it doesn’t appear Time is on his side. Alice must confront Time in order to save her future and recover Hatter’s past.
To see or not to see… Don’t bother. I think it had potential and there were some chuckle-worthy moments, but this film was dumb and poorly made.
*a movie starring Alan Rickman

The Magnificent Seven | PG-13 | 2016 | 132 minutes | IMDB
Summary: A remake of the 1960s classic, this film throws together a band of murderous but good misfits as they assemble to save a town from a malicious and violent capitalist. A film that confirms Chris Pratt can play any role and be brilliant.
To see or not to see… Despite my distaste for violence, I loved this movie. (I also love the original.) I’m ok with the generic guns are fired/people fall over scenes, and that was a large part of this movie. Sometimes the characters are a little tough to understand, but this film does the original justice in my opinion. I’m a sucker for westerns.
*a movie released last year & reviewed here

Mr. Holmes | PG | 2015 | 104 minutes | IMDB
Summary: Aging, irritable, and increasingly amnesic, the 93 year old Sherlock Holmes returns to his countryside cottage hideaway after a short trip to Japan. Haunted by an unsolved cased, Holmes cautiously welcomes the investigative skills and friendly companionship of his underappreciated and widowed housekeeper’s son, Milo.
To see or not to see… It was a slow moving, sad but sweet, beautifully directed English movie. If that’s your kind of thing, then yes. I don’t have anything bad to say about the film except seeing stars like Ian McKellen age is incredibly disheartening. (Although he’s still 110% brilliant!)
*a movie starring Ian McKellen

Iron Man | PG-13 | 2008 | 126 minutes | IMDB
Summary: After escaping captivity in an Middle East terrorist camp, genius weapons tycoon Tony Stark feels compelled to change his tune and invent a new “weapon” to save the world from evil.
To see or not to see… This movie was a little darker than I expected. Also, I felt like Pepper could’ve been a stronger character but they were probably basing her off the comics. The villain was certainly hate-able. But I digress… Yes, this is a movie worth watching. Especially since RDJ got jacked for this movie. It’s not not enjoyable to watch…
*a movie starring Robert Downey, Jr.

|one| starring Anthony Hopkins: Thor
|two| listed on nathan bransford’s best hundred movies challengeThe Big Lebowski
|three| about charity: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
|four| starring Robert Downey, Jr.: Iron Man
|five| about envy: As Good As It Gets
|six| about faith: War Room
|seven| about greed: The Founder
|eight| about hope: Sing
|nine| starring Jeremy Irons: Casanova
|ten| about justice: 12 Angry Men
|eleven| starring Kevin Bacon: Crazy, Stupid, Love.
|twelve| about lust: The Virgin Suicides
|thirteen| starring Ian McKellen: Mr. Holmes
|fourteen| set in a castle: Gosford Park
|fifteen| about fortitude: Les Miserable
|sixteen| about pride: Best in Show
|seventeen| starring Alan Rickman: Alice Through the Looking Glass
|eighteen| released last year & reviewed hereThe Magnificent Seven
|nineteen| about temperance: Coraline
|twenty| about prudence: Driving Miss Daisy
|twenty-one| starring Val Kilmer: At First Sight
|twenty-two| about wrath: X-Men: Apocalypse
|twenty-three| set in an exotic locale: The Darjeeling Limited
|twenty-four| about gluttony: The Bling Ring
|twenty-five| set in space: Star Trek Beyond


I usually can’t sit and watch a movie but summer was so crazy that I welcomed the relaxation. Also, much of our house is packed up so I really only have access to Netflix and my library books. Not mad about it.

Did you watch any fun movies this month? Have you seen the new Magnificent Seven?

Nothing But Bloopers

Technically it’s an India Monday… but I’m going to mix it up and share some laughs with you instead!

Last Wednesday I posted about my favorite movies from the 2000s. One of those movies was Talladega Nights, which led me to a random Youtube search which led me to a bloopers reel. And then I spiraled down the long dark tunnel of bloopers.

Some of these are so funny I almost threw up laughing. #NotKidding

A lot of these are crass like the movies/shows from which they came… and all of them curse… so if you’re not into that kind of comedy then you should probably skip today’s post. (I totally understand- some people just don’t like it!) If this is your cup of tea then please enjoy a few giggles on this fine Monday!


Best part: The little kids face at 1:37.

BRIDESMAIDS blooper reel

Best Part: Anything with Jon Hamm, especially 2:27. He looks like such a funny man.

CHRIS PRATT (Parks & Recs)

Best Part: All of it. I cry through this entire video. It’s just plain gold.

Ok. My abs are so sore now. Back to real life. (You’re welcome!)


The Best 2000s Movies

I am one of those lucky bloggers who has a husband that critiques reads all my posts. After I shared my post on the best 90s movies my husband asked when I was going to do one for films from the 80s and the 00s (2000s? How does one abbreviate that…?). I hadn’t planned on doing another, but he insisted.

Keeping that in mind, these films are a culmination of my favorites and his favorites. We have pretty similar taste, though, so my name is Audrey and I approve all these movies:

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
Ok… not everyone is going to agree with this pick. Some people find Will Ferrell to be dumb and unfunny. (And in the case of Semi-Pro, Elf, and Blades of Glory I 100% agree with you.) But as a NASCAR fan, this movie cracks me up every single time I watch it. I swear a member of my family quotes this film at least twice a week. Yeah, it’s dumb, but it’s a comedy and I think it’s crazy funny.

The Incredibles (2004)
This is my favorite Pixar movie. (I’m unnaturally excited about the rumored sequel.) I think this movie appropriately sums up the frustrations and trials of every family (plus some superhero drama). I love that the men and women are equally kick-ass and flawed; I think it’s a super balanced movie with a very important message about family and friends, and being yourself in a world that might not always like you.


The Italian Job (2003)
This is an favorite in our house. We’re big fans of heist movies and fast cars, plus the cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham, and Chalize Theron. It’s also easy to hate Edward Norton because he’s so bad you want to punch him… Right, Charlize?

Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Oh, Leo… how did you JUST get an Oscar? I think this film is incredible and has an all-star cast (include some people that weren’t huge in 2002, but have skyrocketed to fame now). It’s a clever movie that makes you laugh and cry and shake your head and totally gives you mixed feelings about who to root for and who to despise. If you haven’t seen this film, I highly recommend it.

catch me

Ocean’s 11 (2001)
Oh look that that… another heist movie. This was back before Angelina ruined Brad. This is another one of those movies that made me fall for Julia Roberts. This movie has a great cast, too, and once you’ve fallen in love with Ocean’s crew you have two more movies you can watch with them! (Plus the 1960s version.)

We had a few runner-ups that didn’t quite make the cut, but I’d still recommend any day: Pearl Harbor | Inglourious Basterds| Cars

This list was tricky… I think the 90s had a lot of fun teen comedies while the 2000s were action-packed. You’ll never find super violent films on my lists (except I.B.) so it was a little tough with this decade. Chances are someday I’ll make a list of top 80s movie, too, so stick around.

What are some of your favorite movies from the 2000s?


2016 Movies I’m Looking Forward To…

I have quite a few super serious posts in my drafts folder, but I’m just not feeling it today. (If you’d like to see my opinion summed up in the words of others you should check out Mattie’s post and Steph’s post!) Instead of ranting about real world issues I’m going to focus on the make-believe world of film. Join me, won’t you?


I think 2016 is going to bring us some incredible blockbusters (and a few indie gems). Here are the movies I’m most looking forward to!

X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27th)
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne
I love super hero movies, but I’m so far behind with The Avengers (read: I’ve never seen any of them except Cpt. America). The opposite can be said for X-Men. I love these movies- the old ones and the newer ones. I can’t wait for this film to come out!

Alice Through the Looking Glass (May 27th)
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman ❤︎ , Helene Bonham Carter
When the first film came out I wrote the date in my planner a year ahead of time, bought tickets for the midnight premier, and forced K to go with me. I was disappointed. Honestly, I don’t like what Tim Burton’s done to the classic… It was just the right amount of weird without Burton’s psychedelic colors. But I am an Alice fan through-and-through so I will give this one a chance.

Bad Moms (July 29th)
Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith
I just saw the previews for this one yesterday. It looks hysterical. You can watch the preview here.

Star Trek: Beyond (July 22nd)
Starring: Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, John Cho, Zachary Quinto
I have never seen a TV-episode of Star Trek, but I am so in love with the new films. (The first one is my favorite.) I love the chemistry between with cast and there’s a delicate, perfect balance of humor and action in these films. We had a viewing party when the second one came out- maybe we can do that with this film, too!

Secret Life of Pets (July 8th)
Starring: Ellie Kemper, Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet
It’s no secret that I love kids movies. (Here’s my review of Zootopia!) I also love my dogs. So logically I think this movie looks so cute and funny!

The Founder (August 5th)
Starring: Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, B.J. Novak, Nick Offerman
I had no idea this movie was in the works until I started browsing 2016 releases. I love films about real people- and this one is directed by the same guy that did The Blind Side (which I LOVE). And Michael Keaton is one of my favorites. Plus, I have no idea about the history of McDonald’s so this movie seems really interesting!

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (November 18th)
Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller
What kind of Potterhead would I be if I didn’t include this film?? Actually, in all honesty, I’ve never read the book that this film is based on… Fortunately the film isn’t out until November so I have plenty of time!

Ghostbusters (July 15th)
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth, Bill Murray
Apparently there are people out there that don’t approve of this female-cast remake. To that I say: Whatever, dude. The first one didn’t entertain me (I haven’t even seen the whole thing) so this film will be my introduction to the Ghostbusters. I’m in love with this cast so I have high hopes for this one! (I cry laughing at the trailers already!)


Then there are the movies that look good… but I’m not totally sold on:

Storks (September 23rd)

Masterminds (September 30th)

Lion (November 25th)

Assassin’s Creed (December 21st) …yeah, this one has a lot to do with Michael Fassbender

And there’s my attempt at keeping things light and airy on this glorious Wednesday. (HOW IS IT ONLY WEDNESDAY!?) What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?


The Best 90’s Movies

Sadly, my husband and I rarely go to the movies. There are new releases that I’d like to see, but the movies are expensive and K gets fussy about sitting in a theater for +2 hours. I think the last movies I saw were Inside Out/Minions at the drive-ins with my little cousins last summer…

On a totally unrelated note, I am a 90’s child and I grew up with 90’s cartoons and toys and the lingo… but since I was so young I missed out on some of those great 90’s teen-targeted movies. Since I can’t recommend the latest superhero movie on the big screen, I offer you 6 movies from the 90’s that you should see:

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
If you haven’t see this movie then I’m shocked. I feel like this film (and She’s All That) totally exude 90s culture- plus Heath Ledger *swoon*. This film is based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and it’s just a really cute, clever movie. Bad boy likes uninterested girl… he woos her… romance ensues… You get it.

A League of Their Own (1992)
K would’ve refused to marry me if I didn’t like this movie. He loves it and quotes it at least once a week. We’re not big sports fans in our house, but we really enjoy baseball movies. I find Geena Davis to be a stunning actress and this movie has other big names like Tom Hanks, Rosie O’Donnell, and Madonna!

A League of Their Own

Batman Forever (1995)
We just watched this on Monday night & I am such a sucker for the 90’s Batman movies! While Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman- sorry George Clooney/Val Kilmer/Christina Bale- I love all the actors in this film, especially Jim Carrey as the Riddler.

Batman Forever

Se7en (1995)
I feel like I’m progressively getting darker with these movie suggestions… This film is rated R, but it’s due to strong language (they say the f-word 74 times…) and graphic crime scenes. As far as I can recall, there isn’t brutal violence. This is back when Brad Pitt was so cute it hurt. I don’t usually like thrillers, but this is a good one.
“What’s in the box?”

Notting Hill (1999)
Back to light and airy movies. This is another favorite of my husband’s- solid proof that he has a soul. I kid, I kid. He’s the one that introduced me to this film and brought the glamor of Julia Roberts into my life. I used to dislike her for no reason, but this movie turned all that around for me.

1 2 3

Hook (1991)
Anything Robin Williams did in the 90s is gold (Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Aladdin), but this film has the best message about growing up and family and what’s important in life. And it also has Maggie Smith, which automatically makes it great.

You’ll notice that some big 90’s films are missing from my list (The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, American Beauty)… that’s because I hate those movies and I’ll never recommend them. I know I’m in the very small minority here. They make me feel sad and anxious, so they’re forever on my “no” list.

Since we rarely go out to the movies, I’d love to hear what your 90s suggestions might be! Have you seen these films? What would you recommend?


End of September Movie Update

HEY! It’s almost October! (In other words, THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!)

Remember back in August I decided to do this movie challenge? (Here’s the original post.) Well, to keep you up to date I will post about it at the end of each month. (It ends November 30th.) I’m fairly confident I can get through more than half of these movies. I love reading, but it takes energy that I just don’t have on weekday nights after spending the day typing/staring at a computer screen. Movies are actually an easy way to unwind and I can pause them to change the laundry/cook dinner/let the dogs out!


Alright, here’s what I’ve watched so far!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (September 1)
I picked this movie because it’s a movie about something miraculous (Ferris never gets caught). I think it’s weird that I’ve never seen this movie. I also think the name “Ferris” is weird. I also had no idea that he breaks the 4th wall or that it is a such a crude movie! My favorite characters were definitely Jeanie, Cameron, and Grace (the secretary). Honestly, I thought Ferris was a bit of a jerk. Then again, we were all jerks in high school. I loved that the high school students in this film look average- they had zits, they had on clothes that normal teenagers would wear, and they weren’t models. Overall, I give it 5/10 stars.

Roman Holiday (September 5)
Audrey Hepburn is so darn cute. Can you say #eyebrowgoals? Gregory Peck ain’t bad looking either 😉 I loved this movie and I didn’t think I would. I love how Peck has a change of heart and I love the confidence Hepburn has in him the entire time. I read this is the film that made Audrey a star. So glad to have finally watched it! I give it 8/10 stars!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (September 4)
I managed to catch this one on the BBC so I didn’t have to dig at the library. K even joined me for the second half (whoa!). Honestly, I didn’t find this movie as entertaining as I thought I would, though I loved Morgan Freeman. I never thought I’d say this, but I absolutely prefer Prof. Snape- Alan Rickman was so easy to hate as the sheriff! The movie was entertaining, but it was long. Overall, I liked the twist on an well known story, but I prefer my Disney fox-Robin Hood, haha. I give it 4/10 stars.

Tangled (September 5)
I’m so ashamed that I hadn’t seen this movie. Even K has seen it before! (He still watched it with me, though! Yay!) I thought it to be a cute Disney movie and I love that Rapunzel fought to make her own decisions and ended up figuring everything out on her own. Maybe it’s because I watched them on the same day, but I saw so many similar trends in this movie and Roman Holiday: A girl just wanting a day of freedom, a boy with less-than-honorable intentions that has a change of heart, two people blindly trusting one another (and falling in love). I give this movie 7/10 stars.

Chocolat (September 10)
When people read my list they all said how much they love this movie. Well, make room, folks, because I’m joining the fan club, too. I loved the messages in this cute little 2-hour film. I loved how heavy and light this movie was, all at the same time. I love Judy and Johnny and the little girl. The idea of personal struggle and healing and forgiveness is such a timeless message. I really, really loved this film! I give it 10/10 stars for sure!

Aloha (September 26)
(I made a switch and this is my new twenty-four: any set in a country you would most like to visit…*state, in this case) I really wanted to love this movie. I love the actors (and their characters!), so I had very high hopes for this one. I watched it on vacation with friends and they just weren’t feeling it… and neither was I, sadly. The movie moved way too fast and the non-romantic story-line was really hard to understand and follow. I enjoyed the romantic plot and the lessons learned, and I think I would’ve enjoyed the military-esque plot had it been more clear, but I just didn’t think it was a good movie. Really disappointed, guys. Ugh. I give it 4/10 stars.

I am seriously having so much fun with this challenge!! I thought I’d have more crossed off my list by now, but hopefully October brings some downtime to watch more movies! Checkout what I still have yet to watch/review:

one: any set in new york city | One Fine Day
two: any incorporating hot air balloons in the story | Mysterious Island
three: any featuring a child as the main character | The Sandlot
four: any Disney film | Tangled
five: any set in Egypt OR that has an Egyptian character OR that stars an Egyptian actor/actress | Death on the Nile
six: a close friend or family member’s favorite film | Crazy Stupid Love
seven: any with the word great in the title | The Great Muppet Caper
eight: any starring Harrison Ford | Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
nine: any featuring an idiot as the main character | National Lampoon’s Vacation
ten: any mentioned in levis strauss’ list: Denim in the Oscars: A Look at Jeans in Cinema | Rear Window
eleven: a film about a knight | Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
twelve: a love story | Chocolat
thirteen: a movie about something miraculous | Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
fourteen: any starring an actor/actress with the same first name as yours | Roman Holiday
fifteen: a film about the Olympics | The Cutting Edge
sixteen: a film on Time magazine’s list: The Top Ten Newspaper Movies | All the President’s Men
seventeen: any with a question in the title | How Do You Know?
eighteen: any with a score of ninety percent or greater on Rotten Tomatoes | The LEGO Movie
nineteen: a film about a superhero | Antman
twenty: any with subtitles | The Lunchbox
twenty-one: any incorporating unicorns in the story | Inkheart
twenty-two: a film about a personal victory | The Grand Budapest Hotel
twenty-three: a film with black or white in the title | Dear White People
twenty-four: any set in a country you would most like to visit | Aloha (formerly The Queen)
twenty-five: a film set in a zoo | Zookeeper

Points so far: 60/250 (each movie is 10 points)


Watch any good movies this month? Tell me about them!